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Another Perspective to Romance and other Internet Scams


I want to tell you this from the bottom of my heart.

In informing people all these years about romance scams, my motive has been to help people to avoid losing their money and other assets plus having their emotions hurt.

In offering an e-book to those who need it, the reason has been to provide a means for any reader to be educated,and avoid being scammed.

It’s not about making money. Not at all.

Can anyone get rich on a book of $12.95? Not likely.

My thinking is that this amount is too tiny when compared with the thousands of dollars that people lose when they are scammed.

People have lost sums of $3,000 or more to romance scams. Now ,what is that compared to a small book like the one I offer?

I think more people should see it in this light.That will help them to understand why they should see the book in a different light–as getting an education, rather than a commercial venture,which it is not.

But I am not writing this in order to hype the book to you today.

I want to share with you a very important point that I have noticed with respect to romance scams.

It’s a religious issue,and no matter your religious persuasion, please hear me out on this.

Prayer is very important in dealing with romance scams.

From all I have learnt so far, I think the issue is not just an issue to be solved with threats and the like.


It also has a spiritual side to it.

I researched over a long period of time, and I found out that many of the scammers use the power of the occult or what is called’juju’ in scamming people.

They visit shrines, herbalists and medicine men in order to cast spells on victims, and conduct other forms of occultic rituals.

This may seem far fetched and so unreal, but it is the truth.

Quite a number of the scammers readily attribute their success in scams to the fact that they conduct occultic practices before they embark on scams.

This issue can only be dealt with by prayers and not by mere physical efforts alone.

In my next mail to you, I will  be telling you more about this issue.

Like I said, you may not agree with me, and you may not believe in such things as these.

But you should just permit me to give you an insight into this issue before you draw your conclusions.

I’ll be in touch.


alan prince


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  1. Is anyone out there writing a Sweeny Yeboah in Accra, Ghana? Or a Akosua Nyarko? thanks for the info in advance…

    Comment by larry brinkley | March 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. I did not write the above message… I have NOT found Sweeny Yeboah to be a scammer…

    Comment by Larry Brinkley | November 30, 2009 | Reply


    Comment by Larry Brinkley | November 30, 2009 | Reply

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