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Woman conned into marriage to a scammer wants to divorce

Hi .

Here is a news item from one of the papers in Nigeria.

It is a pathetic story, but also interesting .

We can only hope that more people will not fall victim of such scam cases as this.



                               Divorce Problems

How to solve problems with prayers. This year incidentally marks the end of an administration and hopefully the beginning of another. But the stage seems set for a continuation of the drama witnessed last year, except this time around, the personalities involved may be different.

I watch almost resignedly, as am sure most fellow countrymen are doing, the current drama acted by politicians, but I hope we have not given up praying that power-drunken leaders, bent on ruling to satisfy their selfish interests, do not eventually truncate the whole democratic process.

That apart, a letter written to the Nigerian Tribune website by an American woman who wanted to know whether she could file for a divorce, informed my decision to visit the issue of divorce once again. Since she wanted me to answer her question, as well as share her story with readers so they could learn from her experience, I have decided to publish her story and put her under anonymity.

Her story: “ I am an American married to a Nigerian. My question is whether the Nigerian courts would grant a divorce or an annulment when fraud was perpetrated.I met a Nigerian man via the Internet. We began communicating daily through this medium. I fell in love. Six months after our on-line meeting, we got married.

“The wedding took place in Lagos two months ago. I have since discovered that I have been deceived in so many ways. For instance, he said he was 29 years of age whereas he was 22. He claimed to be a football player when he was in fact unemployed. He also claimed to have traveled all over Europe when his passport doesn’t even have a single entry. I am not sure the passport that he provided for my visa was even a valid document.

“During my visit to Nigeria, I discovered that the man drinks like a fish, hangs out in bars and is a chain smoker. Prior to the wedding, he kept me isolated from his friends, I didn’t get to meet them until we got to the reception. They were also a bunch of swearing beer- drinking men.

“After the wedding, I returned home very depressed about the situation.Almost immediately, I began to receive despondent calls from my husband with one life threatening crisis or another that required me to wire monies.

“When I refused to send money and challenged him, he became verbally abusive and threatened violence against me if I did not comply. I still refused and he told me I was an unfit wife for not trusting him. I then began a research divorce or annulment options.

“My research led me to your site and an article discussing divorce.” Divorce is one of the issues in which the grounds for allowing it are strictly adhered to in Nigeria. The law, however, provides cruelty as one of the grounds on which a person can file for a divorce. In this situation, a divorce could be filed in Nigeria. The law provides that when a spouse is so cruel to the extent that the other cannot be reasonably expected to stay in the marriage, the aggrieved spouse could file for a divorce.

Many people fall victim of Internet-arranged marriages, which end up being a farce.The law however provides grounds for dissolving a marriage. There are, however, strict conditons contained in the Matrimonial Causes Act.That is why a lot of people get into marriage and find it so difficult to get a flimsy divorce. Marriage is treated seriously under the law which is why its dissolution is also handled with equal seriousness.

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