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Love success story after a romance scam

Jane (not real name) is a forty-seven year-old lady, divorced, living in Austin, Texas. She has three grown-up children, who are all married. In 2006, she lost some thousands of dollars to a scammer from Nigeria.

She refused to be deterred by this experience and again signed up with one of the popular dating sites to get a probable date. She also joined some online groups in order to meet and make friends.

It was on one of such sites that she met Dave (not real name), a forty something year old man living in Abuja, Nigeria.

They seemed to get on well, and began to communicate with each other regularly.

What struck her most was the fact that he was very plain with her, and told her all she wanted to know. He made no pretences and made no false claims, as scammers typically do. Months later, she came to Nigeria and they got married. And from all indications, they really love each other. This time around, not one dollar of hers got missing neither was she asked to cough up any money or any such thing that scammers normally do to get money from their victims.

At long last, Jane was able to successfully put the sad episode of the scam behind her and find her lover. This is a true story as told me by Jane herself.

If you have been scammed or you are scared because of someone who has had the experience, you also can still find true love on the Internet, even from Nigeria, if that is what you want. You should not because of one bad experience shut out every new opening or opportunity that comes your way for getting a date.

Jane chose to still date, even with her experiences. She decided to learn from what had happened to her, and move on. By now, she had enough experience to prevent anyone from scamming her again, and as such she had her eyes open wide.

Scams do happen, but love also happens too. And more and more people are finding love by the day. You can also find your own love today, if you are willing to take the risk.

Alan Prince writes from his interactions with hundreds of men and women who have been through the romance or dating scams. His research work and advice has been the basis of unraveling most of the methods of operation of how the romance scams operate.You can learn more about the scams at or


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  1. This is great. After a recent break-up, I am glad I read this; very good insights on dating and scamming indeed.

    Comment by Carol | June 27, 2008 | Reply

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