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HELP! Ritualists trail nursing mum

In recent time, it came to my attention that many people in the Western world find it difficult to believe that ritual kilings are real and that they happen in Nigeria.

Here is a story from one of the National dailies in Nigeria giving you details of an attempted ritual killing. I leave you to draw your own conclusions as to whether rituals are real or not.



HELP! Ritualists trail nursing mum
Sunday, May 28, 2006

Trouble never rains for Bilikisu Lasisi, the 23-year-old Abidjan, Cote d’Voire-based patent medicine seller, who cheated death earlier this month, when she narrowly escaped from an evil abattoir in the Ikorodu area of Lagos where some devils allegedly slaughter pregnant women for rituals, and whose story we reported in our May 7 edition. It pours. Her husband, Laide, reportedly tricked heavily pregnant Bilikisu into the satanic enclave of the daredevil ritualists on March 14, this year, and almost had her bulging belly ripped open before the almighty hand of God saved her.

Although she escaped the evil butchers’ knives and had a bouncing baby boy, her nightmares are far from over. Following the publication of her story in Weekly Spectator, and on popular Lagos television oddity programme, Nkan Nbe, the ritualists trailed her to her temporary abode in Lagos, last week, and left a scary package for her, to convince her that they were not only monitoring her, they were indeed on her trail.

The programme anchor, Kola Olawuyi, had provided sanctuary for mother and child pending their return to base in Cote d’Voire and appealed to public-spirited Nigerians to help rehabilitate them. And gifts are said to have been pouring in ever since. Bilikisu received the evil visitor in the process.

But she never knew until she began to unwrap the gifts.
While sifting through the gifts brought to her last Tuesday, Bilikisu found a beautiful bundle she thought contained something precious. But she was dumbfounded by what she saw. Neatly packed in the beautiful bundle were the personal belongings she left behind at the horror camp. Shocked at her finding, she raised an alarm. Her shout attracted the people around who asked for an explanation.
Bilikisu showed our correspondents some clothing, which she said, she brought with her from Abidjan but that were wrapped in the package.

“These clothes are mine,” she said. “I brought them with me from Abidjan. My father gave some to me. I left them in the room where Laide kept me at that ritual place. I know these clothes very well. They are my clothes.”

Asked how she was convinced that the clothes were not mere semblance of hers, the nursing mother snapped: “ Check them, they are my exact size! They are mine. I am not mad. I know what I am saying. These people now know where I am. They sent this to tell me that they know my whereabouts. They want to kill me and my baby.”

Bilikisu then appealed to the police to protect her in Nigeria at least till she leaves for Abidjan.
“I beg the police not to allow them to kill me,” she pleaded. “ Please protect my life and my baby’s life. I need policemen to guide me till I leave for home. These people are very dangerous.”
Speaking on the issue, Kola Olawuyi, Bilikisu’s guardian said the lady’s issue is getting more mysterious by the day.

“The matter is getting stranger and stranger by the day,” he said. “ Since I spoke with you last, more intriguing things have happened that I can’t tell you now. But it is true she said she found her personal clothing among the gifts. She even identified the said clothing.”
Meanwhile, Bode Ojajuni, the public relations officer of the Nigeria Police, Lagos State Command, urged Bilikisu or her guardians to report the incident officially to the force so as to help the force plot its strategy to unravel the case and take appropriate steps.

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  1. It’s most interesting to see that something newsworthy is happening in Nigeria other than the famous 419 get-rich-quick scams.

    –Jack Payne

    Comment by Jack Payne | July 15, 2007 | Reply

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