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Employment Scams from Nigeria–news item


it’s been a while since i was in touch with you. I’ve been travelling around some towns in Nigeria for some months now.
I’ll be letting you know more about my trips and what has been happening later.
Meantime, here is an article from one of the newspapers that I think you should read, as it will be of much interest to you.
It’s about a new scam that many are falling for, known as employment scams.
hope you find it interesting.


Nigeria issues warning on Internet scam

LAGOS (AFP) — Nigeria’s new government Monday alerted the country’s 140 million residents against falling prey to conmen promising fake jobs and contracts at the country’s top government hospital.

The warning was the first by the government of President Umaru Yar’Adua, who took power in April and has pledged to clean up the reputation of Africa’s largest democracy which is tarnished by endemic corruption and fraud.

“The federal government wishes to alert the general public about the activities of some unscrupulous people who have been using the name of the National Hospital, Abuja, to defraud unsuspecting individuals and organisations,” a statement by the information ministry said.

It said the fraudsters were promising “huge contracts and employment” in the emails, adding: “Anyone seeking authentic information about the National Hospital can get it from its official website.”

Nigeria is notorious for Internet scams with fraudsters bombarding computer owners with emails, seeking to trick them into handing over bank details or making advance payments on non-existent money-making schemes.

Experts say that the so-called 419 fraudsters — named after the relevant section in Nigeria’s criminal code — steal hundreds of millions of dollars every year from unsuspecting victims.

The fraudsters send emails all over the world promising the recipients quick financial gains from a make-believe inheritance or fictitious lottery wins in exchange for ‘processing fees’ of several thousand dollars.


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  1. To Whom This Concerns.
    I am hoping someone can contact me as I haven’t wanted to admit that I have been involved in a on-line romance scam with someone posing to be from Woodland Hills California and actually has been living I suspect in Benin, Africa. I want to speak to someone in Benin to try and see if there is anything I can possibly to do to bring justice to this situation. I have sent a great deal of money and will never tell anyone this in my family because I am frought with shame. I was at the airport this week the day before thanksgiving to pick up the man that I thought was coming homne to be with me after him giving me the time and day and airline to pick him up and not only did he never come off the plane or the next plane from British Airlines, I have never heard from him since. I hope upon hope that there is something I can do. My name is Melissa and above is my email address. Thankyou so much in advance.

    Comment by Melissa Marx | November 30, 2009 | Reply

  2. melissa please dont be ashame honey as we are all victims of romance scammers we are here to help and support each other your story souns a lot like mine my scammer never showed up either and I was truly devestated got scammed out of some money this scammer has hurt so many women with his so called british accent he is in fact a nigerian romance scammer I cant wait untill this guy gets everything he deserves will look into some information for you take care of your self melissa I know it hurts but it will all work out comment by lisa

    Comment by lisa | February 5, 2010 | Reply

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