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Eight in EFCC net over internet crime

 Hi everyone.Been a while since I was around here.It’s been the usual
stuff here in Nigeria.Nothing much save for the political scandals flying
around.the leaders are just too greedy.Can you imagine the house
speaker renovating a house for $5million, when a new house costs
less than 20% of that sum? Pity that she’s Nigeria’s first female
speaker,but I think she’ll be the one with the shortest reign,cos
she’s been indicted by the probe panel.More on this later, cos it
raises serious moral questions related to scams.
Meantime, here’s this article for you to read. It’s from one of the
Sunday papers here in Nigeria.
hope you all find it interesting.

Eight in EFCC net over internet crime
Eric Ikhilae, Lagos – 23.09.2007

Although they vary in appearance, background, motive and age, a common trend currently binds them together as they reflect on their actions prior to their current detention at the Lagos facility of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).
From the youngest, Sheriff Balogun, to the eldest, Kingsley Atere (46 years), their journey to the commission’s detention centre was informed by allegations that they were involved in cyber crime.
The suspects, eight in number, were arrested some days ago by operatives of the commission who had acted as undercover agents in a cyber cafe owned by Mr. Atere and allegedly caught the other seven in the act.
As gathered by Sunday Tribune, Mr. Atere’s undoing was that he allegedly provided a turf (the cyber cafe) for the other suspects to play their game of crime.
An EFCC source said the suspects’ arrest was made possible by information provided the commission via a petition alleging that Mr. Atere’s cybercafe located at 4, Wilmer Street, Awosika Bus-Stop, Isheri, Lagos, “is a shielding haven for notorious yahoo boys and other fraudsters.
“Our men were later sent there under cover and they were all arrested while sending scam letters on the internet,” he said. Those being held include Oyibo Ebuchulam, Sheriff Balogun, Okechukwu Obieshie, Abubakar Jubirl, Ikenna Ogbonanya, Isaac Onyekwere, Ebele Chukwu Dibor and Atere.
Sheriff, said to be an undergraduate was allegedly caught sending letters to his internet lovers, requesting for money from them while posing as Joel.
Okechuckwu, who claimed to be an electronic dealer, was discovered to have over 500 e-mail addresses in his inbox and to which he had allegedly sent scam mails.
Jubril on his part was found to operate a site with someone else’s picture and name to send mail demanding for dollars from the unsuspecting lovers. Ikenna, who deals in clothes, was said to have confessed going into the trade to raise funds for his business expansion plan.
Ebele was said to have been caught sending a mail to a Taiwanese firm to which he had earlier sent a business proposal for the manufacture of television antenna.
“The firm actually replied asking for specifications. This was why he went to the cafe to perfect the deal when the law caught up with him,” the source said.
However, the cafe owner, Mr. Atere, has denied allegations against him. He said he was not always at the cafe and that it was strange for him to have been accused of shielding criminals.
“It is my staff that monitors the activities in the cafe. I am hardly around. I hardly stay there,” he maintained. The commission has said it would soon arraign them in court.


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