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Woman Detained on Suspicion of Forgery

This is from the news today, this time, the news is from the USA.
read on and give your comments.

A Springfield woman detained on suspicion of forgery Tuesday afternoon was released after investigators determined she was involved in a Nigerian Internet scam.
Police were sent to Williamsville State Bank, 1748 Wabash Ave., about 1:30 p.m. after the 48-year-old woman tried to cash six postal money orders totaling $5,400. Bank employees realized there was a problem with the money orders and notified police.

After being questioned by investigators from the police department and the U.S. Postal Service, the woman was released. A police report on the incident did not elaborate on why she was let go, but it did say the woman told police she had received an e-mail offering her a job cashing money orders that would be sent to her, and that she could keep 10 percent of the money if she sent the rest back.

Detectives apparently believed the woman, who is unemployed, did not understand she was participating in a scam and released her.

source–Springfield state journal register
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  1. Hi, I recently had someone show me interest on a date site( I’m subscribed to, within a week the woman was telling me she loved me and was in love with me, but yet she didn’t want to give me her tele number. I was told by her that she was an art dealer/collector in her own business from Flint, Michigan, but she was out of the country in Lagos Nigeria doing business and would return in less than 3 weeks. We communicated during this time through e-mails and the chat line. I was suspicious of her when she spoke words of love so soon after viewing my profile(never having laid eyes on me). I kept being persistant about a tele number, I noticed other things, like when she would write it seemed as if she didn’t speak good english(like she was a foreigner), she told me she was from England and the Netherlands, but had lived in the US for 18 years(I think that is more than ample time to learn how to speak and write english very well), and there would be different styles of text in her writings to me on the chat line(like someone else was taking over the conversations). In almost 2 weeks of my asking her for a tele number(I mean if you were in love with someone and couldn’t see them for a while, wouldn’t the next best thing be, to hear their voice? I even have a web cam and when I asked her to turn hers on, she said it wasn’t working! Ha!) she just stopped communicating with me. I thought she realized I was on to her and she stopped while she was ahead. Approximately 1 week later she found her way onto my chat line and tried to explain that her internet services had been turnded off for awhile(I guess she didn’t have any victims to get money from and ran low on cash)LOL. She finally asked me for money(I was waiting for it)she asked me for $300.00, after messing with her head for a while like she did with mine, I flat out told her no I was not going to give her any money and mentioned on line dating scams and explained(lecutured her about the consequences of committing fraud as far as the law goes). She then asked me if I could help her client get some money to her, I suggested a prepaid visa, and she had the nerve to ask if I would let her client mail me a check, and at this time she was talking $30,000.00 to get a prepaid visa to her! I told her no! I would not accept a personal check, and that I was not getting my bank account involved period! I told her, her clinet could send a money order, cashiers check or travelers checks and I would buy her all the pre paid visa’s the money could buy,(and yes I did mention to her that her client could do what she asked me to do, but this scammer didn’t have the answer and just side stepped it) but under no circustances would I ever put my personal finances at risk over a possible bad check, I know how those scams work!(no I’m not a scammer, but just like I told her, God has truly blessed me with good and common sense). Needless to say, she was annoyed because she abruptly got off line. The next day she logged on to my chat line again, she wrote a couple of sentences and hung up on me!LOL. I guess it made her feel better(or who ever this person was, I think it may have been a man)that she got to hang up on me to get the last word, or maybe she was hoping I was going to have a second thought about letting me help her(rather let her scam me), I don’t know, I didn’t appreciate her playing games and wasting my time, but I felt good knowing I didn’t fall for her crap and beat her at her own game!

    Comment by shehue | January 31, 2008 | Reply

  2. Who do u report scam to—-in Lagos Nigeria—I want a email plz or emails 4 authorities as this is a “big one” and I have docs/pics etc to prove.Arrest them….plz—-criminals worse on net i think today

    Comment by Kelli | March 14, 2008 | Reply

  3. I am presentally chatting with 4 beutiful wemon from nigeria, and think it’s a scam, do you have any pictures of these wemon that are involved in these scam so I maybe able to match them up.
    Also I have kept there e-mail addresses in case you are intrested. Please reply to
    Thank you

    Comment by Brad Hartsoch | May 31, 2008 | Reply

  4. I am currently talking with someone claiming to be stranded in Lagos, Nigeria, is there anyway to confirm what she is telling is true, she is stating right now that she is bascially being held at a hospital after an accident on her way to the airport to fly back to the States where she claims she is living. here is the first of the doctors email he sent me
    “Dear Mr David
    This is Dr seun osumare of Saint Andrew Hospital here In Lagos Nigeria, We had
    an Emergency in our Hospital today at About 7:25pm.”

    this is where she says she is at, at this moment but can’t leave without paying at least $100.00 for bill to keep contact, via IM or email to contact client here in states for her business. I would like to know if there is anybody that can confirm this from there. Her name she claims is Jessica Collins
    thank you in advance if there is anything anybody can do

    Comment by Dave | June 18, 2008 | Reply

  5. I have tryed to find a lady to be with since I have bought a computer, I have found that if they are not from the USA, get rid of them. If you have any questions about there loyalty, have them send you a picture of them holding a picture of you and also a picture of them holding a news paper of where they are at the present time. If they reply that you don’t trust them, it’s a scam Report them, they are theives

    Comment by Brad Hartsoch | December 3, 2008 | Reply

  6. I am thinking I have been Scam it started on a Daing site
    she told me she was 30 her name Jane Thompson this is
    a part of her Email that she had change she told me she
    love me she told me her Dad’s name and her Mom’s name
    and she was from Blton in the UK and was going to Obafemi
    Awolowo Universty and her Dad was passaway back in the UK
    and she living in Nigeria with her Mom and going to Universty ask for money so she can have a phone she snent
    me pic of her so yes I sent her money so she can have a phone as time whent she was asking for more money she told
    me to use WU and send it to her Lawer in hade ID for Nigeria
    befor that when I sent her money for the phone it was sent
    to her Mom’s name as it was her mom that had Nigeria ID
    she was to come to me the frist time but got in a car accident was in Hospital and need money then it was her Mom
    sick and was diying and needed money the she was on her way
    to me and it was her Mom she had passaway time whent on three year looking for Jane to come this time she was to come in time for my B-Day now I have Email from Jones Tunde and he is telling he has Kidnap Jane
    and is asking for money but I have olny had three Email from
    him and he has not told how much money he wants from me
    and he say he will let me talk to Jane to Date he told me
    Jane will be calling me and no phone call so you see way I think this is a scam all the time she tell me she is on her
    way to me sometim comes up the kidnaper put at the end of
    all his Email to me is bye for now so tell me what do you think

    Comment by John | July 8, 2010 | Reply

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