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Woman scammed out of $2,400 on MySpace site

This is from the news today, this time, the news is from the USA.
read on and give your comments.

austin daily herald
A 44-year-old Austin woman was scammed of $2,400 from someone she met on the social networking site MySpace, according to Police Chief Paul Philipp, who said cases like these are ”next to impossible” to solve.

The report said the woman met Michael Collins, also known as Michael Collins Nathan, in September, and had been having daily conversations with him for about two months when he asked her to help him send money abroad. Collins claimed he needed help with a transaction to Nigeria, one of many places he alleged he did business worldwide.

The woman agreed to help, according to the report, and sent $2,400 via Western Union at Cashwise to a Tom Watt in Denver, Colo., after receiving six $500 traveler’s checks.

She was informed by her bank the checks were fake, she said, after she attempted to deposit five $850 money orders from a Steve Williams in Bartow, Fla. The report did not indicate where she’d again agreed to send money.

The woman said she’d worked out an arrangement to repay the $2,400 in installments of $50 a month.
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  1. huh? Nigeria again? Duh.

    Comment by Bryan Wong | January 9, 2008 | Reply

  2. This sounds all to familar, I met a man online in myspace and had been talking to him for about two weeks he claimed that his name was Stanley Banks he has a yahoo messanger chat of and was from Oak Harbor, Washington he claimed that he was a business man working in Lagos,Nigeria building a bridge working with Engineers and sometimes with the government. He was supposed to pick up a pay check on Saturday Jan. 12th and head back to the States and we were supposed to get togeather and meet for the first time when I got an email from him saying that he had gotten stopped by the authorities for a traffic light violation and they had seized all his documents, paycheck stub and business papers and he wanted me to send him money to get back to the states. This just sounded a bit to suspious to me. Seizing all his documents for just a traffic violation. Me not being quite so gullible had my doubts about what he was telling me I sent him an email back and told him “NO” that I would not send him money. That I didn’t know him from adam and just because I had been talking to him was not reason enough for me to fall for this type of scam. Sense then I haven’t heard one word from him. This is when I checked into the internet dating scams online and found this websight. And also found that there are a lot of scams coming out of Nigeria and in Lagos.

    Comment by Debbie | January 15, 2008 | Reply

  3. I started communicating with a so called Steve Wooten from, he said Mississauga. He was heading for London to see his son who studies there. Then he was off to do business in Ghana, supposedly supplying machinery for oil drilling. He was very attentive and over zealous in his attempts at getting close to me thru email. I started to get a sinking feeling as he mentioned money a little too often in his emails. I went with my gut feeling and did some research. His stories were matching up a little too closely with the ones I saw on line about similar scams.
    When I was just about to tell him not to email me or phone me anymore, he told me his son had taken ill and needed to be hospitalized. All of a sudden somehow he need me to send him a credit card. I told him not to email me or call me again or I would call the police. He did not email me again so far, although he tried to phone me earlier this morning. I didn’t pick up. His profile is still up on eharmony, although I did report this to them earlier today. I believe they will take it down. I just wonder if the photo and the name are fake too, more than likely.

    Comment by Pearl | January 19, 2008 | Reply

  4. Well at least I know I am by no means alone! Gee! I actually hadn’t heard about Nigerian love scandals until I talked to 2 friends of mine about this seemingly very sweet/romantic man who found me on MySpace, calling himself Bryan Williams, who, after awhile of emailing and chatting with me and professing his love to me, asked for money for me because his daughter had broken her leg in their home of Massachussettes while he was still in Lagos, Nigeria on a business trip, and he had no way to get the money to the hospital in time and no family and stuff like that. Because I was dealing with my own familial crisis involving my own girls, I was a ripe target for his story, and I gave him the little money I had [I’m kind of poor so I don’t have much anyway]. After he finally got that, he chatted with me again, briefly asked me about myself, said how much he loved me, and then said he had to talk to me, that he needed more money and could I get a loan for him over the Net, or get my friends to lend me money to give to him, and when I said I couldn’t do these things, becasue of the advise of my 2 friends, he then found out from me that I had a debt card and wanted my info. That was it for me at that point, realizing finally that with that information he could control my account and do identity theft and all kinds of things. So I told him I had to go from my chat. Then I sent him an email that will hopefully get him off my back! I was dissapointed that he wasn’t for real, but at least now I know I am not the only one to fall victim to something like this. I probably wouldn’t have given him any money at all if I wasn’t dealing with a bad Seperation and all… And as someone else mentioned, I’m sure the nice photo of the sexy man he was happily holding a beautiful daughter probably was either not him, or was him, but his name wasn’t Bryan Williams…

    Comment by Rasciana | May 14, 2008 | Reply

    • can you tell me more about this Chris Austin .. my sister has gotten over her head with a Stanely Thompson from Ghana.

      Comment by Peggy Humber | January 26, 2010 | Reply

  5. Oh mannn… has anyone dealt with a “Chris Thompson” supposedly from Austin, and doing business in Ghana??? A girlfriend of mine is just torn to pieces over what now appears to be a scam. I’m trying to see if anyone can send me the pictures of the “men” they thought they were talking to, just for comparison.

    Comment by Becky | May 20, 2008 | Reply

  6. I had an encounter with a Philp M Williams, he claimed he was italian. We talked since May 9 and met on Yahoo personals. This man never said my name in any e-mails. Called me Love, Honey, Beloved, his wife, Darling and ended every e-mail with a rose. He asked me for 10 grand several days ago which for a engineer in the UK working on commodities and living in a 350,000 house in Orlando, I thought this was peculiar. I was humiliated, devasted and low and behold he took his profile off Yahoo and I am sure I am out at least one hundred dollars in phone calls to UK.
    Anyhow, I am very hurt and ashamed that I continued my conversations with this man in a way that people who care about each other would. I sincerely hope he gets caught very soon. I am reporting him to yahoo.

    Comment by laura | May 28, 2008 | Reply

  7. I found this site after emailing a man on for 4 weeks. He would never call me even when I asked. Now for the past 10 days he is in London for his job (he is a real estate developer and architect). He has sent me numerous photos of him and his daughter. Pay attention, cause its about to get interesting. Last night, I got a email from that trustedlover1234 winked at me. When I went to the site, It was him, in one of the pictures he sent me, new city, different age and now divorced. I forwarded the email to my supposed “love of my life” email. He called the next day. This person is the same guy that I had talked to in the spring that had gotten too pushy. Here are all the names that have been used on me: Richard Morgan (engineer), James B. Morgan (architect/developer) the number he called from is +233207536754. P.S. one of my girlfriends has had the same problem. They usually talk about having to travel to London and the Ukraine a lot.

    Comment by Robbie | August 18, 2008 | Reply

  8. Yes I fell for that love trip myself he is still talking to me telling me how he loves me and will be together I to sent this man money 2500.00 and he still wants more I am not giving him anymore I wish i knew where to turn him in at.Very handsome and has a daughter and his wife died and he has no mother she lefted when he was young. bs story.

    Comment by Kathy | August 25, 2008 | Reply

  9. I am gay. A guy named Michael Onas, age 47, allegedly from Florida, winked at me. So I replied. Things began with him telling me of the intense love he had for his wife who was killed a year ago in a tragic accident. That situation, supposedly, made such an impact on his psyche that he went from being straight to gay, and in need of male love in his life. Of course I was suspicious, but you get so embroiled in the drama that you forget your senses. Well throughout the month of August, he was talking to me from Nigeria where, as a high-paid accountant for the Mammoth Oil Company, he was closing a deal on a new operation. He was set to come back to the USA on August 27th, but had to stay a little longer to close some loose ends. On Sunday, the day before Labor Day, he takes a taxi to go to the local store to (ahem) buy me a new watch as a present and the taxi is involved in a major accident. Michael communicates with me on Labor Day through Yahoo Messenger as usual, and tells me about being in hospital. I was alarmed but something did not seem right. He said he was unconscious for hours, lost a lot of blood and his left leg was broken and knee joint mangled. Monday night he was talking about boarding a plane back to the USA so he can let American doctors in Florida take care of him. My job was to help him convince the strict Nigerian doctor, Dr. Ita Stanley, to release Michael the next day to board a plane to USA. Tuesday comes and flight is booked for 9:30pm Nigerian time, and $3000 ticket is paid for. Just one problem. IN order to board a plane in that part of the world you must carry a basic travel fund to buy food and necessities since you will be en route by air for about 22 hours, picking up various shuttle flights throughout the region until the main one to the USA. So, Michael had to board the plane with no less than $1275 in cash or he could not take the flight. And this is where I come in. haha.
    I asked why the Mammoth Oil company would not wire the moneyh to him, and he says his boss left for Canada. It did not make sense that there were no other corporate contacts. Then I asked why the bank he has his accounts with in America could not wire the money to the Nigerian embassy after he proves his identity, and he claimed it was impossible. So I called the Wachovia bank, which he allegedly said is his bank and they said they could work with the embassy. Now I call Michael back at the hospital and he’s not taking my information to well.
    Another thing is the phone he uses is supposed to be a cellphone, which means, once it goes to voicemail he should not be able to interrupt that process like you can with a standard answering machine. Well, twice the phone would ring and I’d hear this Muslim-type chanting sort of like what we saw on TV back in the Iraqi war, and in the middle of the chant, Michael would pick up and the chant would stop.
    Michael never got the money and I ended up confronting him on the phone and through several emails.
    I later discovered through the Christian site that he as also gone by the name of Michael Collins from Chiswick, London.

    It’s good we have this site. More people must hear about it. I hope this helps someone.

    Comment by Gomez | September 3, 2008 | Reply

    • Would you please tell me more about this guy Micael

      Comment by bubbles | May 13, 2009 | Reply

    • I too fell for this and got me for 2200.00 same story as everyone else, except he goes under “Paul Alvarado” or “Joseph Avery” and is quick to move on. He has been keeping in touch with me but knows I have caught on to his lies so he is being careful. I can’t believe no dating sites are doing something about this. I was scammed on Christian site. He is handsome, but too good to be caught.

      Comment by Touchette | July 20, 2009 | Reply

      • Yes, very charming, and I had to ask him several times what his real name was, as he used it mistakenly several times in different ways: Paul Alvarado William, Paul William ALvarado, Paul Alvarado. The red flags went up several times, but we all wish we could trust people more than we should!!! My story was, he sent me gifts, then went overseas with his son to get a check for some past engineering work, and left his 7-year old son in the hotel and he was robbed, and they beat up his son for his Playstation, took his papers, wallet, credit cards. We all know the rest of the story, although I sent only a small amount to pay for some medicine for his son, I feel like an idiot. He sent me a copy of the check he was picking up, promised me he would give me his car in exchange for help, and he asked time and again for money, but I just didn’t have it to give. He needed to pay for his internet, he needed money for his “blood medicine”, James had a cold, they were starving from not having money for food. But they were staying at the hospital over two months? At the end, he said I would have to answer to God for what I did….. Excuse me??? I have exposed him to both Facebook and Singlesnet today – he will be running, I’m sure, but please be cautious. I think he and a lady friend are doing this together – there are too many similarities!

        Comment by Charmerps | August 3, 2009

  10. Well, I suppose I get to join the group of statistics. Nothing is worse than the sinking feeling that this person that you have opened your heart up to has scammed you. The one that you thought was too good to be true.. was.

    I met this fellow on lavalife. His pic was indeed adorable. I fell hook line and sinker.. We IM’d on the yahoo for about 2 weeks and I wanted to be patient about meeting him. He supposedly lived in Surrey and his name was odd, I should have known: Collins Mali Collins – email

    At about 2 weeks, he said he got an email from his doctor about his sister who lived in Nigeria who was dying. He travelled to Nigeria to help her in the hospital and the hospital expected him to pay 9200 in surgery fees. He was short 612$ and apparently sold some jewellery to cover some of it. Of course.. he said that if we did not pay, his sister would not get the surgery and die. So he asked me for money, and I was thoroughly upset about it knowing that all I had was an email.. So I asked for more recent pics.. So he sent some, that showed same person over time..

    So I felt more comfortable.. So I sent 350.

    Then he paid for the hospital bill but was about to leave the country to return to canada, when he had to all of a sudden take medical tests before flying home. These tests cost 530 and he needed 60 to change his flight because he missed his flight. I knew in my heart this was wrong, but sometimes the heart takes over the brain. So I sent 850 canadian to cover costs.

    He was to fly this morning on a flight to Vancouver from Nigeria and this morning while checking my email at work, I got an email from a supposed Dr. Andrews at St. Andrews hospital in Nigeria (it was a yahoo address) saying that this fellow was robbed on his way to the airport and is in the hospital in Lagos. I immediately knew this was the scam.

    So I emailed the Dr. back asking which hospital he worked in and what the phone number was.. and I have not received a reply yet. It was very difficult to get information on hospitals on the web.

    All I can say is I join the group of feeling really let down and disappointed in the human race that we are part of. I am so embarrassed about this I have not told anyone.. I feel soooo stupid. But, obviously I am not alone. I will earn the money again, but I really could not afford it and most of all, I have learned – once again.. if it looks too good to be true.. it probably is.

    I suppose I am also angry with myself for believing in someone.

    Anyway.. I feel better leaving a message for others to know about this.


    Comment by Bonnie | October 17, 2008 | Reply

  11. correction to above.. his name was Collins Mali Robert

    Comment by Bonnie | October 17, 2008 | Reply

  12. I too fell for this jerk, however, he got no money out of me.
    We have been mailing each other and talking on the phone for 4 months now. I am glad I found out before he tried to get my money. I found him on James Baah Morgan, archetect, went to london, then to ghana africa. his phone is 233207536754. He was suppose to be building an orphanage. He said his daughter name is Sandyetta.

    Comment by Sandy | October 20, 2008 | Reply

    • Hi

      Does anyone have a picture of this James Morgan??

      Comment by grace | February 17, 2010 | Reply

  13. There is this woman i had meet on a dating site, Match dot com. An american she claims to be and happen to fall in love with me so sudden.

    It was quite surprising as i really didn’t love her as my choice of woman because she wasn’t my choice. All of a sudden she started telling me about her problems with paying bills for her children and stuffs like that. I think she wanted me for her scam games but i pulled out very fast. Sandy Williams is her name and her phone is :419-969-4331

    Comment by James Morgan | October 20, 2008 | Reply

  14. That last comment by James Morgan is so not for real. He is so upset because he got caught and I confronted him. When he was mailing me, in which I have keep every single mailing, he was so very sweet never swore nothing. After I confronted him his language drastically changed. What a jerk!!

    Comment by Sandy | October 20, 2008 | Reply

    • hey Sandy! YOU are a very stupid woman and selfish as well. You aint real… you are a scammer Sandy, you are a theif. You Pig, you cant make a fool out of me Sandy Williams

      Comment by James Morgan | September 12, 2009 | Reply

  15. Hi everybody,

    Below is a message someone sent me on myspace today. Also check out his page, so you all can see his picture. Someone else, a so called Steve, tried to do something similar to me. His mother “died” in Nigeria, blah, blah, blah. He actually sent me a check (I gave him an address where no one lives by the way) so I could cash it and sent him the money.

    To make the story short, I didnt so such thing and reported him.

    Hello Angel,
    How are you doing?Impressing is what i describe your captivating profile as a near perfect description of what i desire in a woman ,even your profile goes a long way in describing the quintisential underlying beauty any man would seek for in a woman.I express to you my faithfulness, not forgetting that God gave us his son Jesus Christ, in perfect love. Miss every man has a preconceived thought or wish for a special woman to spend the rest of their life with. From reading your page, everything about you exceeds my expectations. I know for now this may be a dream for me, however, I hope and I wish you would put fourth the effort to get to know me and make it reality for me. So, tell me what do you think?my Name is.John and i am just as simple as u want…Well i am a mixed, African and Mexican Born and Raised in the States…i lost my dad when i was 10 years ..old.
    My.. Mom later moved back to Africa where she is right now..i stay in Orange Park FL but currently out of the states currently in Africa visiting my sick mum{hope you are not discouraged} but i will be back in the states as soon as she get better.” singleman1000john” Is my Yahoo Instant Messanger you can Im me through.You can also Email me on “” Or whats your email address so i can email you on there…Thanks for being patient enough to read..I will be expecting your response Hope to talk to you soon!!!
    Love John.

    Comment by Eli | January 29, 2009 | Reply

  16. Wow! Just reading all these comments makes me realize how lucky I am that I did not let myself be suckered into sending money! Back in November I was contacted through myspace by a man name “Jack Bloom”, an Architect from Newark, NJ, who said I was very pretty and he wanted to get to know me. He wanted to communicate with me through YahooIM. I never used Yahoo so I created an address and immediately started to conversate with Jack. I noticed that he took his profile out of myspace and when I asked why, he said because he found the love of his life and did not need to look further (red flag #1). On November 18, 2009 I got an email from Jack saying that he had to leave for the UK because his daughter “Nicole” had a heart condition and needed his immediate attention. Days later he emailed that she was getting better. After a month he some how ended up in Lagos Nigeria, claiming to be staying at a hotel. I then get into a chat about how he was robbed in this hotel and they took all his money. That is when the 2nd red flag went up for me. I offered to help to see what he would say but he said he was fine. He was hurt but fine. I then asked what he was doing in Nigeria and he said he was going to purchase jewelry because he was planning on opening up a store in Jersey. A few conversations later he tells me that the manager of the hotel was letting him stay there for free but now his boss found out and threatened to fire him. Jack could not have this over his head but did not know what to do. I asked how is it possible to stay at a hotel without paying? He said he owed for 9 days at $280 a night. I suggested he talk with these people that he was now working doing a project for, to give him an advancement and of course he had an excuse for everything I suggested. I then asked if the hotel would take a credit card and he said no, they were not advanced to do so. A HOTEL THAT CHARGES $280 A NIGHT DOES NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS? Yeah, ok. I had enough and told him I needed to get off the chat with him and, that is when he asked if I could do him a “favour”. And by the way, Jack said he was English and German but when I spoke to him over the phone, he spoke broken english and did not sound white or educated. His writing was horrible as well. I chated with Jack up until recently. He asked for his “Favour” five times and every time I would say “NO”, that my dad had a saying “Lending out money is like lending out your wife” (he didn’t like that). He would try to romance me with words and then start up with the same thing oh, and would try to make me feel guilty! He would say how he has no money and I should be able to trust him. I played him just as hard as he tried to play me. Bottom line, he got zero from me. But I can’t help but wonder how many others he is doing this to and how many allowed themselves to give in. Jack like to chat for hours, mind you, there is a 6 hour time difference and if I’m right, he wasn’t sleeping if he had to go work on this project the next day! Ladies beware!!

    Comment by Maritza | January 31, 2009 | Reply

  17. there are people on yahoo scamming a friend of mine one is felicia williams of nigeria and also lisha campbell of lagos. If anyone knows of these two individuals please let me know..It has involved large sums of money. Thanks

    Comment by Brenda | February 18, 2009 | Reply

  18. Here is the name of a person claiming to be of Spanish decent: Alvarado, Paul William, Jr.. He used 2 phone numbers: 234-803-768-8863 which is a number from Nigeria. He also claimed this to be the same number he had phoned me with: 973-438-3624 which is a Newark, New Jersey number that must because he used while in Nigeria. He did ask for money after only speaking to him a few times via email exchange. He claimed to be from Madrid, Spain; has a brother in Iraq and a son, James who is 7 and who lost his mother in a tragic accident.

    After talking to him once for 30 minutes, I thought his dialect was more Arabic sounding. I asked him what ‘gave hallock’ (sp)meant and he laughed saying it sounded arabic. It means, I believe, How are you in Arabic. He also sounded like a smoker and spoke very fast and was evasive in his responses as though he needed time to think. His entire conversation was based on words shared in his emails as though memorized.

    Comment by Karen | March 13, 2009 | Reply

    • You got that right. He is still going by that name and using the same tactic. I wish I had known about this site earlier and it would have saved me from grief.

      Comment by Touchette | July 20, 2009 | Reply

      • yea this tessarex krimm is a scammer for sure i thought there was something fishy with this my love bullshit. anyways this person i found while browsing for some ladies hell i thought it was weird from th beggening…

        Comment by luis | August 27, 2009

      • THIS Tessa Krimm has multiple dating spages so be who ever the fag is behind this ….

        Comment by luis | August 28, 2009

    • this man is also a scammer ladys beware from newyork working in africa big hotell he is doing big contract gonna make big bucks moving here to me in a short while then wanted money for his internet service i was to smart for that but he sure did make me love him these guys are smart all these storys are so alike,i was lucky.,cindy

      Comment by eric ckarke | January 31, 2010 | Reply

  19. I almost got scammed from a woman claiming she was from texas but visiting her Grandmother in Nigeria. Her name was Samanthan Perkins. I knew she was fake when I asked her stuff about Texas, that she should have known if she was from their.

    I also got another email from a woman named Tessa Krimm. She stated she bought art work for Nigeria and we communicated a lot until she claimed that her passports and documents were seized for a bill she could not cover at the hotel in Nigeria.
    I did not fall for any of them ,but the pictures they sent sure could temp a man.

    Comment by Sal | April 18, 2009 | Reply

    • well,i’m currently talking to a Tessa krimm from i found her profile thru…she sound legit but i questioned her pics from time to time… but when she told me she needed money because in order for her to see me here at ft.hood texas(bec she claims she is from ft.worth,tx thus kinda expensive to get connecting flights and shipping her artworks fees went up)but currently at west africa dealing with paintings,beads and such…i almost fell for it until she asked me to send her money thru western union to a manager’s name(and he is guy i believe;Kappo Goldj something…) in lagos,nigeria…and she continues to reason but when i told her that i know how the whole western union works…she stops for awhile and still begs to pursuade me..i even challenged her to call me but never did…

      Comment by thesaint21 | July 8, 2009 | Reply

  20. Beware of Fred Williams. He claims to be from Washington, D.C. with a 10 year old daughter, named Alha Lisa. She will be 11 years old April 22nd. He is supposed to be an electrical engineer with a master’s degree. He is working in Lagos, Nigeria for the next 6 weeks. Believe it or not, his daughter is with him and I asked how can she miss so much school. Never got an answer. I already told him I don’t believe a word he says. He found my profile on MySpace and plastered a picture of himself there, too. He has asked for $350 for an internet connection, but I researched and the connections are cheap. I told him that I would NEVER send him any money. He is a liar and a cheat. Ladies, don’t fall for this man. I just got an e-mail from him and I’m getting ready to burst his bubble today!

    Comment by Elvee O'Kelley | April 20, 2009 | Reply

  21. here’s the info of which Tessa Krimm( me to send the money to:(and right now trying to cmvimve me that it’s because of the money that’s why i don’t trust her and believe her)

    Name : kappo jide gold

    Address 76 broadcast street

    City : lagos

    State : lagos

    Zip code : 23401

    Country : Nigeria

    baby that is the hotel manager info ok ..send it by western union darling…

    and now here’s the email she just sent me as i am posting this….since i asked her a pic of her cryin since she is heartbroken after i told her i saw her name here and the story she is trying to sell to me….

    From: Tessarex Krimm
    Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 16:31:51 -0700 (PDT)

    I sent you my pictures could call me here but what I was told by the hotel manager is that right now the network is bad that i am not be able to hear waht the person is saying..i dont have a cam i told you this before..i hate arguing over money …i am really ashamed of myself now

    Comment by thesaint21 | July 8, 2009 | Reply

    • Ha ha, same thing is hapening to me, she says she needs $500, and I can Western Union the money to her. I started recieving E-mails from her on July 11th, 2009… here is a cop of her last e-mail to me, I just got it yesterday, July 21, 2009. Like I’m going to send that kind of cash to someone I just met. Same E-mail Address, Good looking out, thanks man.

      Hi sweetheart !

      Honey why i haven’t had from you today?the more I read your words, The more I can feel your heart, it makes me feel sad that I didn’t have the courage to approach you in person right now, because of the distance between us, so I hope you consider my letter. I have so much inside my heart that it keeps me from breathing sometimes. I know we just met but these feelings that I have for you keep glowing and growing every day. Now that I am with you, I sleep thinking about you and the next morning I wake up smiling….Sweetheart its always a blessing reading from you . I receive an urgent call from the port regarding the shipping of my goods, I am still at the port , my goods are on hold by the Customs Service here in west Africa. I was told to make a payment of $4000for the Custom`s charges which is very compulsory .Honey all i have here with me is $3500. Darling i will need your help about this and i promise to pay it all back ..All I need is just $500 .The easiest way you can get this accros to me is via Western Union . I will appreciate your urgent response so i can get out of here.The early the better i can get the payment across to them.Let me know the information you will need to get the money sent.Will you send it on the Hotel Manager’s Details .let me know so i can forward it to you quickly.
      Sweetie I will be glad if you can be of help to assist me with the Custom`s charges , i promise to refund you upon my arrival .
      I will be glad to read your positive respond.
      I Miss You,
      Your Angel of Mercy,
      Your Princess.
      Tessa Krimm..

      Comment by 2bitComet | July 22, 2009 | Reply

  22. and she continued to send me pics…eventhough i am asking her a pic of herself right now at this moment sad and evrything whatever…and she is playing the guilt trip and making me feel bad since she is gonna be my future wife…as what she claims…

    Comment by thesaint21 | July 9, 2009 | Reply

  23. oh and my bad her email add is

    Comment by thesaint21 | July 9, 2009 | Reply

  24. “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” I know that, but you always hope you can really trust people. Anyway, I think I am dealing with one of these people now. His name is Robin, and he supposedly lost his wife four years ago in a car accident. I met him on yahoo personals where his username is “Sunshine Man.” He is a “building construction consultant” and is in Lagos, Nigeria to finish a project (a Galleria, i think he said). Two days ago he started talking about how there was problem with a supply order he placed before leaving on this trip. He says the company he placed the order with cannot deliver and will not reimburse him until the beginning of next month. In the meantime, he has to place another order and it will cost $17,000 but he only has access to $15,000 because he puts a hold on his finances while he is away in case something happens. So after only speaking to me by IM for about three weeks, he asks me (a single mom with four kids, what makes him think i have any money? lol)to lend him the other $2000 until he gets home to Berkeley, CA at the end of next week. I have been suspicious anyway, and knew of these types of scams so I was already anticipating him asking me for money, yesterday he confirmed my suspicions.

    Comment by b | July 16, 2009 | Reply

    For those of you who has an interest in Paul Alvarado William and have a photo of him, he is now on Facebook. He is the same guy I spoke to, take a look and see if you recognize him. He claims to be from Fresno, California; Spanish decent-Madrid Spain, has a son James, a brother in Iraq-Charles Fernando and Paul’s wife died in tragic accident. He is Lagos Nigeria, due to an accident on the way to the airport and his son.

    Comment by Touchette | July 21, 2009 | Reply

    • With me, he appeared on SinglesNet, claiming to be from Illinois, had some pics there, and I also was able to see him on Facebook last night, but he has taken himself off of Singlesnet and Facebook as of tonight. I think he is working with this woman people are describing above, the stories are too intermeshed to be any other people. In my case, the accident was in the hotel, when he left his supposedly 7 year old son alone while he went for a meeting??? I freaked about it- his son was supposedly beat up after they arrived in Nigeria, in the hotel. And when I would ask sometimes what time it was there, he stupidly would say it was only an hour or two different than my time. I think he has been in the US all along, and funneling funds into Nigeria. His English isn’t good enough to let him pass as an American businessman – it’s hard to understand his typed messages sometimes. How do we get this out there, other than what I have alerted Facebook, Singlesnet? He says he is a Veteran – can anyone find out within their realms if he really served as a serviceman in any of the services in the US? I have saved all the e-mails.

      Comment by Charmerps | August 4, 2009 | Reply

    • I too was contacted by the same man, but his name was Paul Alvarado Jr., with a 5 year old son name James and he claims to live in Toronto and is looking for a government contract because he is a scultor. He even sent me pictures of some of his work. It was huge scultures of Jesus and angels. It was way too good to be true. He said he was born in Madrid Spain and had lived all over the world and most recently in Fresno California before moving to Toronto. He said James’ mother was an alcoholic and he received James in the divorce and had not seen her since. He is obviously lying which is why I did a search on his name and came upon this site. I asked him never to contact me again. He never asked since it was only a few emails from Yahoo. I am sorry to those who actually sent this scammer money. When it is typically too good to be true, it rarely is. Good luck to you all!

      Comment by KJ | August 28, 2009 | Reply

  26. his is funny I’m actually talking to Tessa Krimm right now lol…. The is where we’re at right now, havent got to the money part yet.

    Sweetheart your letter keeps chilling me up with hopes and thoughts of a future plans .At this very moment I am sitting here dreaming and fantasizing about how nice it would be for you to be near, where I could do what I enjoy most and that is being able to romance the special one I have in my life…

    My heart is the biggest part of all that attracted me to you, from the first day I saw your profile and getting to know you more I have a true feelings for you which I hope to develop to a great and higher place where we can settle down as one with a happy home blessed with beautiful kids.

    In me sweetheart you are going to find the most passionate, loving and romantic woman you have ever met. There are very few promises in life but this is one of them!. ROMANCE is the key to my happiness and to my heart and soul!. It is the single biggest reason I am single today is because I have yet to find a man who will romance me with the passion of there heart and be a giver of there love, and not just a taker. I am a woman who is very committed to the special man I am sharing my heart and soul with. I totally dedicate and devote my life totally to this person 24/7, for he is my King and it is my belief that as long as he is my King, God would want me to treat him as such, by putting him on a pedestal that is reserved only for a King and showing him with an endless amount of affection, attention, passion, and unconditional love. It is my duty as a followez of the(word of(God to je his provider, providing for his emotional, mental, and sexual needs. It is my responsibility as his Queen to take any problems and stress that he has in his life and put it on my shoulders to free him of it, for I am a woman and his Queen!. My shoulders are bigger so it is my obligation to carry the burdens he has in life on them, allowing him to have a healthy mind, body, and heart and soul at all times. I love and cherish this role sweetheart, and it is because I love it so much, that I feel God has a role for everyone in life, and his chosen role for me is to be a excellent wife, mother, and family woman, because of the way I live my life, and because of my passion to be a great lover and family woman, in addition to the passion I have for children. I believe children play a big part in my life.

    Sweetheart I am through with my business here and I will be arriving at Texas City, on Next week at Noon.Baby what do u suggest about meet each other?.. Dear I believe by the time we see face to face, your doubt will fly out of the window and I want you to know you are really going to be in for a big surprise as you get to know and understand me as my words mean nothing compared to my action.
    Your Angel Of Mercy.

    The second email I got from her I knew she was a scam, I asked a few questions and none of them got answered. So when I kept asking her the email was bad like a 8yr old was writing it. I’d like to put my foot in whoever’s A$S this is and all the other scammers doing this. Its sad…..

    Comment by This a good site | August 14, 2009 | Reply

    • Ok, I am seeing lots and lots more scammers on-line, and so far, 95% are from Nigeria. Is that the local Hobby there or something?

      People that have started contacting me, I start all of my e-mails with “Ok, first off, I never send money to anyone I haven’t met in person, so don’t ask.” After that, I continue my letter like normal. Funny thing is, so far, I haven’t gotten a response from anyone I sent that to. And for some reason, they start their letters with “I am visiting Nigeria right now…(etc.)” Is this some code for Nigerians ?!? Do they all start off saying something about them and Nigeria, so that they won’t waste their time on each other? I also see alot of them being “Native American” even if they are white, black or what ever. Perhaps they should spend more time taking english, or better yet, they should give up, and find a JOB!!! Totally agree with the 8yr old writing comment too.

      Well, I said my 2 cents worth. Hope this helps someone else somehow too.

      Comment by 2bitcomet | August 29, 2009 | Reply

  27. Hey.I am glad I found this site..I would like to know has any one here had any emails from a david goldsmith( says he is from Salt Lake City Utah..has two sons one 18 and the other21…wife died in a car accident coming from her mothers.He saya he is German.If you have please let me know I also have pictures of him.right now he is asking for money to pay his doctor(James Simpson) for pills he needed for his kidneys problems 300 hundred dollars.I haven’t sent any because I had a feeling that this is scam..oh by the way he is in africa now building a filling statoin…

    Comment by barbara | September 20, 2009 | Reply

    • hey im have the same david golsmith too email is says he is from cottonwood heights has two sons kelvin and mark his wife barbara died in a car accident he says hes german i also have pictures of him and he tells me james simpson is a friend who he was staying with in nigerian he says hes out of nigeria now and stranded in amsterdam he told me he is building a police station, there is more ill tell you later.

      Comment by colene | July 7, 2011 | Reply

  28. this tessa krimm also tried to scam my son as well. she called herself my sons queen. she told him she needed money for a flight home as she was in africa collecting gold and art work. she said she lives in southlake tx. she even emailed a copy of a plane reservation and told him what day to expect her.she wanted him to meet her at the airport. he didn’t fall for it as his dad and i were suspicious and found this site and how she tried with others.thanks for the warning. i just hope others don’t fall for it.

    Comment by marlyn | November 5, 2009 | Reply

  29. I know now that i have beem scamed i meet this guy on my space first and when he said he was in africa i did not reply but he kept seending me e-mails and he talked about GOD so much that i started to beleive him his name was Miceal Leon or ( Linton ) we talked online and on the phone for three months when he first asked for money he said he was on a contract job and needed 200 to add to what he had to get his good released from seaport so he could finish his job and come back to the states I sent it to he . The next month it was the same thing except he needed it to coe back to the states he said his was paid his money for the job he finished but they sent the pay to his account in the state and he neede to come home to access it I beleived again and sent him 150 at add to his money .He went as far as as telling me his minute by minute goings on ,on the day he was suppose to come home he never show . But it continues i got a phone call from a doctor saying he was in an accident on his way to the airport and he was in a coma that was it i don’t beleive that . this was all in Lagos Nigeria .

    Comment by karen gray | November 24, 2009 | Reply

  30. Most of this scams aren’t actually the doings of nigerians. It is all these americans you travel to nigeria for a job or something that try to scam people abroad for money and spoil the name of nigeria. Nigeria is a very peaceful and religous country and the people of nigeria don’t even know what the internet is. So stop all this bullshit and stop forming that you’re tried to be scammed by a nigerian because it’s not true. And nobody should ask me anything because i won’t the fuck reply. I am also from the USA and travel to Africa for research.

    Comment by Alex | December 13, 2009 | Reply

    • Alex, if you believe what you wrote here you are the biggest fool of all. Almost all of the Nigerian scammers SAY they are from America but they are actually from West Africa somewhere, which has been proven time and again. They claim to have been born in America, UK or Canada and all of them end up in Nigeria building bridges. Does Nigeria really have 40,000 bridges? Before continueing to spread stupidity, learn what you are talking about. Bunny

      Comment by Bunny | December 19, 2009 | Reply

    • here is something for the scammers head office economic and financial crimes commission no 5fomella stree off adetokunbo ademola crescent wuse ll abuja e-mail info@efccnigeria,org also legal unit 1 lbrahim taiwo road aso rock villa pmb 166fct abuja also contact the nigerian police force federal high court in lagos

      Comment by melissa | January 27, 2010 | Reply

    • you are a fn liar, if you say your from the usa and travel to africa for research??? research what? I am forming my opinion now, you see i was scammed by a fn nigerian actually two of them, He talked to me for two years everyday lying his ass off about everything,, even had a lawyer who claims he was from london, I have since been hacked by this idiots and unfortunately because they change names it is hard to track them, he is now scamming under my ip and emails and taunts me all day long. I have spoken to several nigerians from lagos and they all agree that nigeria is a terrible place., full of filth crime and scammers….. so you much be a scammer sticking up for yourself. stop already get a life and get a fricken job your all losers.

      Comment by jo winter | February 18, 2013 | Reply

  31. Here’s another…a woman, allegedly. I’ve been playing along, it’s fun actually. I Googled a phrase from her latest email, was led to this site. Apparently the guy running this scam has a series of increasingly passionate (but God-fearing) emails. Hasn’t asked for money yet, but I know it’s coming. Here’s the eddress she’s writing me from…maybe you too! Add your two cents worth.

    In this incarnation, she is Sherry Kingsley ( ), a plausible name, but this gal/guy/syndicate is elusive, always changing names, stories, etc. She is apparently now in Malaysia on a gold-buying (digging?) business trip. She is Austrian born, lives in USA, etc…blah blah blah. She always completely ignores my questions about her life, which is an obvious tip off of a scam in the works. It’s fun stringing them along, though…

    Comment by Thos. | February 2, 2010 | Reply

  32. you know what someone got in contact with me over a month ago claiming to be the greast guy ever. i figured it was to good to be true anyway but i kept talking to him to see what he was about and i reconized several of the same emails you all received. his name is “roland smith”. he contacted me on myspace. does this ring a bell to anyone???

    Comment by anonymus | January 16, 2011 | Reply

    • i forgot to mention his email address was i had all the emails saved from myspace and a couple on yahoo should i turn them into tom?

      Comment by anonymous | January 16, 2011 | Reply

  33. Well i guess we all have somwthing in great common I also befriended a man by the name of Pete Smith from Dallas Texas ,,suposably was goin to Nigeria ,,to work,his supposed position was an enginner for the oilwells out there ,,yep after 2 weeks he started giving me this story he had no money to get back a\forth to the jobsite,,so i kept delaying telling him would try and ,i relly had a gutt feeling something wasnt right ,he commented if we were gonna make this work,i was supposed to help him out if i cared for him,,so i logged out of my chatt and googled the scam articles on Nigeria Lagos ,,cause that was the address he wanted me to send the money,,and all was ther ,,to ya ladys and men who were not lucky to catch on time i feel for ya ,,I almost fell for that ,tooo..we gotta learn from what just occured to all,,his web addrress is < also goes by more ,,they are decievingly tricky,,,beware out there

    Comment by Maria | June 3, 2011 | Reply

  34. A man named Alan Smith invited me on FB.He sent me pics of him and his 2 daughters named Jenny and Clara.First he ask for money for Jennys scoolfees.I didnt have.Then he said hes going to do a project in Kuwait.Then he email to say he wants his salary transfered to me.His bank(UBA) sent me an email to say i need to open an account with them so they can transfer his money to me.They said i need to deposit $750 into their account in order for them to process everything.Unfortunately for them i dont have any money and i will never allow someone to scam me and im not that desperate for a husband.If any one has info on Alan Smith from UK(he said he grew up in Jamaica).Very good looking and sweet,sad face and sad history,if its ever true.I suspect its a scam.Whats your opinion?He said he owes his bank money and they wont take it if he transfer it to me and he wants to buy an apartment in SA.

    Comment by Patricia Lotriet | August 23, 2011 | Reply

  35. is there any one has talk to a women name tessarex or on face book and she tells me tht she moves alot around and tells me she wants me to send her money cause she get stucks in alot of places like montona ghana ?and she tells me tht she loves me and sends pics of her so do i thk tht she real or fake cause i ask her and she tell me tht she not fake and i dnt know wht to do about this cause i have gone and did some work and found her on site tht you must see tht her cause of the tatts so wht do you thk i do about this i did not send her money cause i dont fill tht she yrue or fake?

    Comment by dale | January 30, 2012 | Reply

  36. My scammers name is Chris Watt, a design engineer from Clearwater, Florida. He is a widower of 3 years with a 9 year old son “Matt”. He went to the UK on business and claimed to be robbed . I felt bad and to make a long story short ended up sending him about 950 pounds. Now his lines are all disconnected. I had a feeling that he was a scammer, but he always made me believe in him I met him on “MeetMe”.

    Comment by Jacqueline Lake | November 25, 2012 | Reply

  37. Have you ever considered about adding a little bit more than just your articles?

    I mean, what you say is valuable and all. But imagine if
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    • videos now all you can.

      Comment by alanprince | August 30, 2013 | Reply

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