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Yahoo Suspect Nabbed


here’s another news item from the newspapers in Nigeria on scammers being arrested. Please read and leave your comments. regards


By Astro Jewoola

Two years after he was involved in a $200,000 scam, operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Lagos zone have finally arrested Mr. Blessing Ezeh Chinasa, 34.

He allegedly obtained the money through Western Union Money Transfer and MoneyGram in April, 2005 from the United States of America and the Netherlands through Miss Linda’s accounts in those countries.

According to the petition sent to the anti-graft agency by Linda, “Blessing contacted me saying that he was a member of a charity organisation soliciting for assistance, either in cash or kind, which he claimed would be transferred to the poor and physically challenged persons.”

She stated further that Blessing solicited for large sums of money to process certain funds and, “I gave him what he requested for, through the Western Union Money Transfer and MoneyGram.”

When the anti-graft commission questioned Ezeh, he made some confessional statements. He said: “I am an auto parts dealer but equally neck deep in Yahoo-Yahoo business. A Togolese introduced me into it. He also introduced me to Linda.

“However, Linda did not know my true identity, I introduced myself to her as Barrister John, working for Nafis Law Associates.

“My e-mail address is with phone No. 08037232304 and 01-474362.”

Trouble emanated between Ezeh and his Togolese friend when he played a fast one on his friend.

An EFCC source told Mid-Week Crime Watch that at least $5,850 has already been recovered from the suspect.


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  1. I believe it’s safe to say…Turn down any proposals coming from Nigeria…Unless they’re willing to come to a police station for a background check…


    Comment by C W | January 15, 2008 | Reply

  2. I would for all to be on the lookout for TRENT GARCIA FROM BELEN NEW MEXICO..He is actually from nigeria..lies about father needing surgery for kidney..only has 3500 out of the 4000…on yahoo personals…lies about bieng a widowed..lies about 7 years old daughter tina…says lovely..romantic..things but wants money sent via money gram..told me his afthers doctor told him to ask me for the rest of the money so the operation can take place..Beware of this email to see his and other scams

    Comment by Rose | March 7, 2008 | Reply

  3. this is a Nigerian scam artist…..stay away..he targets
    dating services

    Comment by timothy brugger | March 13, 2008 | Reply

  4. There are a lot of these guys on

    They prey on women and men who are looking to meet someone.

    I don’t understand how people are willing to send money though.

    I’m chatting with one right now, who claims to be a herbal doctor in Florida. The second night into the conversation he asked if I could help his client out, he lives in the US and can’t pay him directly in London. He wants me to put in on my credit card?? I asked him if I can do it why can’t his client do it for him the same way. I know he’s scamming, but I decided to have some fun with him and waste his time. I’ll keep him begging for a while until I get bored with him. Lol. All that time and effort why don’t they just search the help wanted section, sheesh.
    Their game is really weak, so just be alert.

    Comment by Sarah | March 18, 2008 | Reply

    • Hi Sarah,
      I’m from nz, holy heck am just laughing at you Ive resorted to the same tactics Ive been thru the acusation,the how dare you,the makeing him aware of scammers,in the hope he will know am onto him,But derr not registering with him so yeah take em 4 a ride i say back at yah a mate

      Comment by bell | July 19, 2009 | Reply

    • The same exact thing happened to me, the guy that I was talking to wanted to marry me right away acted like he was so in love with me and I have only been talking to him since October 23, 2010, he told me he got robbed at gun point twice, that his house got into a fire and that his mom needed help with her rent then he asked me for funds, I said “I don’t have any money to send you.” I am a widow with 4 kids and I told him what kind of man ask for money from a woman with kids, then he said he does not need anything from me after asking me for money several times.

      Comment by Talya Richard | January 5, 2011 | Reply

      • this same guy has been talking to me for some some time now dont believe anything he tells you tells me how much he loves me calls me his wife basically all is wants is your money this is business for him take it from someone who knows

        Comment by melissa | February 3, 2011

    • sarah hope you read this.I was fooled for 4 years by a con artist moved in with him,divorced my husband of 30 years, and hung on every word he had to say. Felon,did not have a regular job,alcoholic,abused as a child,addicted to porno,ED,plus a 65 yr old gay room mate that always came first.I excepted all that used me to sell his cars,tried to always get my paychecks.he would do nice things for my family, I really was fooled.He could kick me out lock the doors,draw the curtains shut, watch his vulgar porno and not give it another thought.Than when he needed me or got bored he blocked out his wrong called me like it was a sunny day and made his requests.Like a fool thinking this time it will work out,or change I would go to him.Funny how that works human nature,human reactions to hopeful love or acceptance.Its because the con knows how to work the victim,knows the needs of love security,shelter,money whatever the Con Artist can use they will. First they get you to trust them, so you open up and tell them your past life. Then they take what they learn and use it to their advantage.The only way you can rid yourself and gain your life back, is let the well run dry,stop being so giving, believe me they will move onto the next victim. Usually vulnerable females that has been abused in some way thats weak and needs love or security.Sad but true, so if you have been a victim of this in your life,or suspect it,RUN as fast as you can to a quiet place.Alone with a pen and paper and write down all the good things about yourself, that you have lost along the way.Get your self worth back by no contact,and space. Do not be scared to break away then do not think about the good times with him think about and remember the hurt and heart ache he caused. The ones you forgot and forgave.This will allow you to heal quickly,no good memories NONE!! they will fog your judgement in whats good and healthy for you.Besides most of it was fake on his part if he is a con artist because you can bet he has some form of mental illness, and thats a sure sign that he was incapable of really loving..Sociopathic brains usually do not have the ability to love because there feelings part of the brain is sizzled out and really can not be repaired without a dr s email is dixiedeb1964@ ifyou want to send me a email or question, I have over 34 years of experience with relationship studies,and experience. It is my life mission to help others that deal with con artist,narcissistic,gigolos,manipulation,and heart ache due to creeps that use love as a tool to get what they want from woman. I have talked to hundreds of woman, and men that have been conned and taken for a ride financially,emotionally,and spiritually. Cheers to you,Dixie Deb P.S. Do not waste your life and time on a dead end road,if it seems like a dead end road once! You will never turn it into a road that TRAVELS THROUGH To A GOOD FUTURE : )

      Comment by Deborah | December 22, 2014 | Reply

  5. Be aware ladies… There are several men on there who are as sweet as can be. They will tell you all the things you want to hear and spend lots of time chatting with you…but listen close. If they mention Africa…in anyway S T O P chatting. They are trying to scam you. No matter what, they will learn as much as they can by asking lots of questions…and then playing on the areas that you are most sensitive to.
    It’s hard to believe that these preditors would choose a faith based website to snag you…but then again, a lot of women are generous, caring, and hungry for attention.

    Comment by Marilyn | March 21, 2008 | Reply

    • I agree to warning women, unfortunately, iam a victuam, he played the Christian role, How can I or who will help me.
      He lives in Ghana but told me he lived in New York. He is also a member of black planet.

      Comment by Pamela | July 16, 2009 | Reply

      • Just NEVER NEVER SEND ANY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Comment by Talya Richard | January 5, 2011

    • Well, even if they don’t mention money or Africa, there are still plenty of perverts, married men, liars who try to take advantage of lonely women, online. Just different kind of predators in my book.

      Comment by Nor | December 18, 2014 | Reply

  6. hi Mr.Prince , i too am a victim of internet scam some 3000, before western union brought it to my attention, and found your column.thank you foradding some integrity to your country, they have such a low opinion around the world for corruption. let me share what i know and hopefully you will publish this. i was seeking a wife, asian people meet , said woman was from pensacola florida not far from where i live so we began conversation ,was revealed her mpther was dying of cancer, ladies name used is sandra francis ,have seen pic alredy in atlanta this time. suddenly says they are in nigeria broke from treatments of cancer could i just bring her over, i sent money of courese then came the stall with a picture of an accident ,later a forged passport as authorities here pointed out and forged documents from immigration.of course immigration wanted 4500 dollars to let them out of england ,i did not give. they used a lot of guilt and manipulation. this group faked a kidnapping and demanded a 10,000 dollar ransom, when did not pay of course the inevitable escape came .i called your police and no kidnapping had been reported ,yet said 2 police were outside door.their computers can easily be tracked . they committed fraud, immigration and i have the name of the individual, and address, and a pastor and i have his pic and address, they also crossed international lines by faking a kidnapping and trying to extort money from an american citizen breaking our agreements under international law,not just local they have forged documenrs and defrauded money. i donot need pity, here iswhat i learned since , to keep their freedom they are turning in other scammers, politicians, police ,drug dealers prostitutes ,90 were arrested ,judges they have pics of with prostitutes names of immigration officers used to coerce money diamond smugglers married officials
    they are using the same fraudulent techniques to evade jail. turning in their own kind with bribes ,i wish you would print atleast part of this. how long will nigeria allow its sons and daughters be lured beaten drugged ,taught it is ok to lie cheat stel from others . how long will nigeria let its official protect these people because they are lured by money not just from frauds but oil money. mothers and fathers lose their sons and daughters to this lifestyle,governments that become so corrupt eventually implode and now u have frauds using blackmail from prostitutes and otheres to turn in their own kind. where does it stop. let it be known these frauds are selling out their own kind and blackmailing all levels of officials . they are all connected through the banks and moneylaundering. open this up to their own kind and let them know why they are being watched and arrested and offials being held hostage by pics of them. lrt your public know this extends far past their borders and sooner or later if nigeria cannot stop these thugs someone will have to!!!!!

    Comment by Tim Battle | April 2, 2008 | Reply

    • @ Tim, You’re full of crap or incredibly stupid. Maybe both. Do the world a favor…don’t reproduce.

      Comment by Anonymous | October 26, 2010 | Reply

  7. The comment left on March 13 by timothy brugger is hysterical as he is involved in the on line dating scams. If anyone is smart they will run very fast in the other direction if he contacts you.

    Comment by Karin | April 4, 2008 | Reply

  8. I believe we are being scammed….A young model in Lagos Nigeria is going to come to florida and meet my wife and I…..What should I do?????

    Comment by George P | April 20, 2008 | Reply

  9. I wish I could of heard about this website before I got scammed by someone claiming to be working in nigeria, but has a home in alabama with a son.Please be aware of a guy named barry smith, he has 2 profiles on democratic people meet. com. His first profile is barry snith, his second profile is handsomeone bright, he claims to be a fashion model. his email address is Please be aware of him

    Comment by cheryl | April 26, 2008 | Reply

  10. George P , do not let him come to florida, I hope his name is not barry smith. Please read my story

    Comment by cheryl | April 26, 2008 | Reply

  11. My bank account stayed safe, but my heart was scammed by this alleged Spaniard banker from Madrid for the last 4 weeks. He NEVER mentioned Africa and I verified his IP address coming from Madrid. He found my expired profile on a dating site and sent me a wink.

    I sensed something amiss but my heart was dazzled and so my logic was put on the backburner! The things he wrote me were very well written in English, but some were obviously copy/paste jobs. Within a week or our initial email contact, he professed he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me! He gave me his address (I Fed Ex’d him gifts of CD’s I burned plus a clock), both his home and his cell numbers (I suspect his home # was a cell as I compared prefixes in Madrid and none matched it). We talked on the phone everyday …

    Just this past weekend, he was proposed marriage. I thought it came too suddenly. Then “wham, bam!” He told me he wanted me to help out one of his banking customers whose construction company received two contracts. This customer/friend wanted to transfer some of the “mobilization funds” abroad and so he needed “our” help. He wanted me to open up a non-resident bank account in Madrid, then provide him with the account number so his friend could deposit money into this Madrid account of mine, then I would instruct the bank there to wire the money over to my account here in the US. This smacked of money laundering to me (I figured it was kickback money since corruption with municipalities and construction firms in Spain is very rampant. I was to get 25% of the money. I did not suspect in the least it was a typical Nigerian romance scam, although it did sound a little familiar.

    Although I adamantly was opposed to this scheme, it wasn’t until I researched online about these kind of scams that I realized perhaps he was a fake persona and the fellow actually Nigerian and using some innocent man’s photos. The photos he sent me were of a very handsome, dashing Spaniard. The man I talked to sounded Spanish and spoke fluent Spanish but I could never match his voice with the images of his photographs. And I have to admit there were times on the phone (his evening) he sounded like he was under the influence of marijuana or Valium …. he claimed he didn’t like to drink.

    He stopped emailing me after I accused him of this illegal scheme and using me. He claims he was never motivated by this scheme when he befriended me. It was all just too contrived in hindsight.

    Now I wish I had definitive knowledge this was indeed a Nigerian scam artist. It would help ease the hurt I feel over being deceived and having fallen for this fictional loving man in Madrid. It could be worse, I could have been stupid and naive enough to go along with his scheme and forward him my bank account information which I would never ever do.

    Comment by Judy M. | May 2, 2008 | Reply


      Comment by Talya Richard | January 5, 2011 | Reply

  12. I was scammed by someone from Madrid who sounds just like the person the above(judy m) was scammed by. He also claimed to be a banker and had many of the same traits she mentioned

    Comment by sue | May 22, 2008 | Reply

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    Comment by webdesdev | May 28, 2008 | Reply

  14. I must say that these stories are very interesting. And I found this site because I was ALMOST scammed. I thank my lucky stars that I was suspicious from the beginning and didn’t fully let my guard down. Said his name was David Adams and was a petroleum engineer originally from Spain, living in Atlanta, GA…going to work in Nigeria for 4 months. It took about 30 days before “the story” came about getting robbed and needing money to come back home the US Georgia. No legitimate resolution I had seemed to suffice (US Embassy/consulate, etc.) He was GOOD…stories about a son (even had a picture of him and this kid on the site), the ex wife, etc. Even gave me his address in Georgia. Turns out the name matches the address…but it was a apartment complex for seniors and disabled people. If I could find that info easily….so can they. Please be on the lookout for I’m trying to get yahoo personals to take his profile down so no one else can get duped. And I will go on romancescams and add him to the ranks.

    Comment by Kay | June 6, 2008 | Reply

  15. I was contacted by a gentleman in Nigira here is the message he left me

    “I am luken peter,I am passing by and i came across your profile,I really like what i say on your profile and it look nice and cool and i will like to know you much more better,I am on Bp to look for a woman on my life,I am looking for a woman that will be Gentle,Loving,Caring,Honest,Loyal,and a woman who is ready to have a serious relationship with me in life,a woman that will love me for who i am in my life,A woman that Fear God and Believe in God as well,I will be happy if i can meet my soul mate on here and i will be out of this site,I am so much lonely and i need a woman in my life,A woman that is ready to settle Down,if you want to know much more about me you can contact me or mail me at …]I will be glad to hear from you



    When I started asking him question the converstation became fuzzy and unclear…Ladies please beware of where you place your trust…There are alot of man out here looking for more than love.

    Comment by Lenora | June 10, 2008 | Reply

  16. Here is another…..

    Sex: Male
    Location: Phoenix, AZ
    Age: Age Private
    Last Login: Yesterday

    Subject: Thank God I Found You Today

    How are you doing? I cant help but saying you are beautiful, you are a pure duplicate of an angel, I am really amazed at your beauty.I am Matthew Collins 52 years old a retired from the US NAVY (HOLY LOCH/DUNOON, SCOTLAND ), i just visited online in regards for a real search on a very reliable and honest WOMAN which I look forward to cultivate a relationship with,I saw you profile and i think with GOD both of us can work out things because i can see that you and I are mature enough to handle things in regards long lasting relationship that would lead to marriage.I am originally from the Barbados but a Us Nationality, have the Caribbean trace.

    I really don?t have much to say about my self except I am being asked. Dearest, I will really love to know you better, maybe to get to reach GOD more easily, knowing an angel is like knowing the personal assistant of GOD. Please endeavor to send me a reply to my personal email.

    I have been a lonely man for ( TWO YEARS), after my ex wife betrayed our love . I had been lonely don’t know where to get a good woman from because i work too much and I have just been advised by my daughter to come on here and look for another woman, I am a happy man here, I had view your profile and it looks great.

    I am new please don’t be shy to talk to me because life is too short to play games.I had planed to relocate to the location where you are as i had retired ,I am currently in Scotland now but i will be in States very soon to start my project I had been working out side the States for a long time as serving military but ready to come back home to States so i can go start my own business . Contact me on my email: it will better you reach me back with this address so i can tell you more of myself , Send you more pic .Until them may bless God you Amen.I will respond to your email from my personal email.

    I get a dozen of these a week…the portal is black planet….PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Lenora | June 10, 2008 | Reply

    • this man Matthew Collins is a fake he’s a romance scamer he also has a profile up as Mathew Atkins 49 from Gary,Indiana he is a nigeria scam artist speaks nigerian always asks for money via western union ladies please be aware of this nigerian scam artist has one profile deleted for being caught being a romance scamer caught thirteen times some how he managed to set up another fake profile please be careful he has scammed my sister and is still scamming many more women

      Comment by donnie french | October 8, 2009 | Reply

      • Please be careful with a certain Ryan Abram Washington aka Ryan Noah Washington,Ryan Mark Schwarger. his email addresses are,,,,,, telephone numbers he used were 07024027773/07045722270 He claims to be a petroleum engineer working in the USA either in Texas or in Maine. He claims to be British who grew up in the USA, and on his new one he said he is American. He started to ask for money when he got robbed in Nigeria(enugu) he was there to buy some equipments for his job in Shell oil Maine. He needed the money for getting new documents and airline tickets. He sounded African. He posted good looking photos of someone on eharmony,myspace,chemistry,facebook. Please be careful he is a romance scammer and asked for money through western union.

        Comment by mae | February 17, 2010

      • He is also using the name Cristian Adams and maybe using Jonathan Adams these names are both listed on facebook..these two guys Eneh Richard Ikenna and Daniel Umez maybe involved in scams also as they are his friends on facebook
        This is the phone # Cristian Adams gave me to call him says it’s a Scottland #447045732078.I don’t know if it is and I’m not going to waste my time in checking it out. These guys are very good at what they just has to really pay attention and always, always ask a lot of questions…they seem to forget what they said previously to you…This guy Cristian says he works for a World Health Organization on Wildlife conservation as Vet…it’s funny cause he says he was born in Spain,but raised and went to school in the UK but his facebook account says he went to grad school in the USA…he has not asked me for money yet..I’m gonna play him like he plays everyone else..I just want to see how long it will take him to ask me for money..oh and I did call him out about all this..he says he has no idea who or why someone would drag his name through the dirt like this..

        Comment by Rose | December 20, 2010

  17. From john chuks
    I am writing to seek your partnership in the investment of my inheritance fund USD $6.5M from my late father who died mysteriously on 12 july 2006.
    I will like to further introduce myself to you. My name is Mr john chuks, I am a 20 years old boy, the only child and son of my late parents Mr and Mrs Toure chuks.
    It was very evident that he was poisoned to death. I lost my mother when I was barely a year old and my father refused to re-marry another wife because he felt solely responsible for my mother’s death. This is so because he concentrated much on his businesses that he rarely pays attention to domestic affairs.
    He was always travelling taking care of his businesses that he did not notice when my mother took ill. He thought it was a minor illness and was ignorant of this. My mother on her own resorted to self-medication.
    It was not until the illness degenerated that my father took my mother to hospital where she was diagnosed to find out that hypatitis had eaten deep into her blood stream. She didn’t last long before she died. This happened when I was barely a year old. Based on this, my father could not forgive himself easily because of it and said he was responsible for her death as he could have saved her if only he had paid attention to the things at home rather than concentrating much on his businesses.

    Despite all entreaties by friends and relatives, he refused to remarry but ensured that I had everything that I wanted. It was as a result of this that he made me the next of kin to his fund deposit with the bank here in my country, I should have a direct access to the fund,only when I am 28 years of age otherwise, I should have a guardian/partner intercede on my behalf for the release of the fund to me. Unfortunately, he died on 12 july 2006 and I am 20 years of age currently.
    This is why I have contacted you to serve as a guardian to me and as my foreign partner for the investment of my inheritance fund overseas My uncles does not know about the funds because they had already taken my father’s houses and other properties and they are looking for a way to kill me. They have requested to have my father’s file where all the documents that proof the existence of my inheritance fund in the bank where kept but I simply told them that I do not know where he kept them.

    Talk to you the more.
    John chuks

    Comment by From john chuks | June 12, 2008 | Reply

  18. i am one of the scam victims i paid around $1000 so this is their emails and their messages.


    +225 08109535

    5.( of the fund

    and a lot of information that we have been exchanged beware this thiefs.

    thank u

    Comment by weeldiin | June 13, 2008 | Reply

  19. I wish I had read the comments on this site about personal ad scams. I was contacted by a beautiful man names “Chris Peak” says he is from Los Angeles, Ca. He said all the right things and I enjoyed the first couple of emails. I began to feel a little suspicious when I asked him to call me. He made excuses and then said he was off to West Africa to bid on a construction contract. After a few more emails he asked for my help. He needed to have funds wired to his account to cover start up cost of labor for these contracts.
    As soon as he starting typing those words, I started to feel like a real fool. I didplay along, long enough to find out that he needed $500.00. I then told him that I was going to report him for fraud. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if I was talking to man at all.Anyway, be careful of Chris Peak at

    Comment by Carly | June 15, 2008 | Reply

    • Hello gurrrrrrrl…. I just meet this man, and all he talks about is shopping and wanting to come and see me…. so tell me about him cause im about to STOP him first…,
      thanks for posting…..i just meet him so i can stop now.

      waiting to hear back


      Comment by lisa | July 29, 2009 | Reply

    • Through the Yahoo personals site, I was introduced to an Abby Shepherd. She said all the same and right things and I really started to fall for her.

      If it weren’t for the googling of the poem she sent me, I would have never known. Oh, and one of the first and only indications of a scam was the doubling of the same e-mail sometimes 3 times. I became suspicious right there.

      Anyway, I feel really heart broken and made at the same time. This is very disturbing on many levels and I am VERY thankful that all the detail I gave her was my first and last name, that I had a book published with it’s title and which college I am attending for my Masters.

      Again, I feel violated and disappointed. Damn these scammers to HELL.

      Comment by Gary Wack | October 22, 2009 | Reply

  20. Be careful if you are on and chat with a man named Donald Searcy at, who claims to have recently retired from the military and now lives in the Van Nuys, California area. He appears as a “God-sent” to single, African-American Christian women ages 40 to 50. Donald is a fast-talker with plenty of tall tales to share about his days as a Delta Force Commander in the Army. He even claims to be the father of a current NFL football star. Donald is a dapper dresser and pretends to be an architect who makes between $120,000-$200,000 per year, he really makes his money as a “gigolo” with the women he seduces by telling them that his company recently failed or that his mother died and he needs money. He has profited thousands of dollars off of his looks, seemingly wonderful personality and impeccable charm for the past four years. Don’t believe any of his lies. His profile says he has three kids, but he really has 11 children!! Numerous women have been swooned and heartbroken by this ruthless, man. If you must date on, then do not date Donald Searcy!!

    Comment by Penny | June 17, 2008 | Reply

    • Hello, I have been scammed by a man called Paul Edom, i look up for his profile on google andit led meto this webpage, i am surprised for all i have discover. As i read the different comments on yourcolumn. i am schock! to seehowpeople use others to fullfil their lowest desires. I waslookingfora serious relationship andoneday i entered a webpage FAITHMATE.COM there i met a guy by the name of PAUL EDOM he caught my attentionand we spent alot of timechatting, he called me more than i wanted,i wasso involved, i didnt understand what was taking place. He toldmethestory about his sick mother in London and hissick father in Ghana he started to ask for money,i had no money in the momentprobably ifi had it i would send it to him, he said hismother pastaway, and he went to africa for two months he called, he wrote,i was convinced and pitty him. i sent him almost 1000 dollars for his fatherwho was accordingtohiminthe h ospit al. via western union to USHE PAUL AND TO TETETH JOHN I thought it was true, after he sent me a check for3500 us dollars tobe changed. icouldnt get it changehere,i tried with a merchant who was traveling to PANAMA. He changed it in panama b ybuying his merchandise and was to give methe money when he return. He came back with the copy of the check its afraude itsa duplicate ofan original. i aminbig trouble,i may end in jail. my full name is on the check. i was demanded by the merchant. I want some type of justice. I can not believe peopleusethe nameof Godto commit these type of illicit acts. I am from an island where mostpeople are not aware of these internet strategies to use and abuse ofpeoplejust like me! Whatismy worry i am amother of two children,single and dont know how will this end.

      Comment by zoraida fiquaire escalona | April 30, 2009 | Reply

    • I too have been used by Donald Searcy.I meet him 2008 in he said all the things that the last victim.And he has met a destroyed alot of women from the dating sites.He has a way that he gets u to feel sorry for him,give him money with the promise to pay it back, but in fact he has no such intention on ever paying back your money.he said that joseph addai from the indi colts is his oldest son and that roll from th az cardinals is his second son, both are out right lies.Donald has been caught i have spoken to numerous of women that he has frauded.He has fathered alot of kids between cali and atlanta.The last post said that donalds mother had died in 08 well hell she must have come back to life.Because he told me that she recently just diedon Dec 25 09. what kind of man would lie about the passing of his own mother,Women plz take heed this warning , Donald will deny all of his wrong doing and say the is a christian,what kind of christian would live a lie and have evrything that rolls off his tongue be a lie.Is there some kind of law here being broken cuz if not there should be.He also denies all of his kids accept the ones the he didnt father,He is very dangerous and can be very deadly BEWARE!

      Comment by vickie | July 25, 2010 | Reply

      • these guys are not christians. they will use anything and say whatever to get money off you. the same guys will appear elsewhere as moslems, gays or whatever is convenient solong as money is involved.their motive is to win your heart first and then your pocket. be warned

        Comment by alanprince | August 3, 2010

      • I was talking to this Dude the same time you were I guess. I met him on black in April 2010 and am still cmmunicating with him right now. I am glad that I saw your post

        Comment by Sandy | August 10, 2010

      • I haven’t given this fool any money, but the story he told you about us just meeting is false. He is supposed to be going out of town mid sept to Atlanta and to play softball in St. Louis. Have you met his family? Let’s chat. My email is

        Comment by Sandy | August 10, 2010

      • I am having a hard time responding to your Yahoo email Shaunda. He wanted me to take him to the airport. You say that you are traveling with him. Why ride out seperately and why am I responding to the comments of a woman named Vicki? Better yet, why are you still with this dude especially with all of the bullshit that you know about him. Serve his behind a 30 day eviction notice. Better yet, if he is abusive like you say file a domestic violence restraining order and have his ass thrown out the same day. Put your safety first

        Comment by Sandy | August 10, 2010

      • I prefer to talk to you privately, but when I try to respond to your email it tell me that the email address is no good.

        Comment by Sandy | August 10, 2010

      • I met Donald in 09 on his name is MRDORIGHT818. man is a freakin fake ladies plz do no waste ur time on this fool he is a cheater user and will play on ur heart. he has no respect for himself and has even less respct for the women he meets on these dating sites…..he has a longer list of women and i just met his current girlfriend and he is a loser and a socialpathical liar..he has a mental problem and is addictd to the internet and meeting women on the site goodlooks not….very bad sex…yes no emotion nor remorse for what he has done to all the women he has encountered….if u meet him ever rather the net or in person….he cant be trusted.

        Comment by angela | August 26, 2010

      • This fool donald is a strait up loser….lying cheating…playing like he is sick…but is mentally ill mannnnnnn i am glad i saw this post…He still owes me money that sorry azz s.o.b…..he will get what his demise.

        Comment by angela | September 23, 2010

      • Miss Vicki; where is your proof? And why you naming people [children?] can you be putting people in jeopardy? Where is the proof? If you dated him and got burned; why not report to Police?

        Comment by Harris | March 16, 2012

      • Vickie I to met Donald on a dating site recently about 2 months ago. Funny he is ATL right now because his mother is in the hospital with fluid around her heart and he just called to say that she is having surgery tomorrow. I guess she never died or once again a lair, wow lies about their mother.

        Comment by Cocoa | November 23, 2012

    • I’m talking to this guy Donald now. His story sounded fishy. When did you end your relationship?

      Comment by Sandy | August 10, 2010 | Reply

      • hello sandy i am currently living with donald and have been for the the past 2 years.i am the one to whom u r responding to i really didnt want to put it out there but i am going to. Donald has been playing with u women from jump.You came over to our apt. before i dont know what he has said to u but it was and still is all lies.Donald is not a man to be trusted i want him out of my home.i will not be played with and i just want woman to know. all the things bout his mother dying and have sons in the nfl.lies if u have given him any money best believe he has lied to u about what he needs it for. I am way too old for this or any other type of games. he has used me and lied. he said that he just met u three weeks ago and ur just friends.Its a game girl really all i can say is get tested!!!!!!

        Comment by shaunda | August 10, 2010

      • I recently met Donald on Blackpeoplemeet and he told me the same stories. i kind of figured he lived with someone cause he was always on a time schedule. We have been talking for about 2 months. I have red flags from the beginning. He claims he has several cars, lives in riverside. Wow this crazy, he is ATL as we speak because his mother is in the hospital and having surgery tomorrow to remove fuild from her heart.

        Comment by Cocoa | November 23, 2012


        Comment by isayit143 | November 23, 2012

      • wow I kind of figured because there were so many red flags in the very beginning. I noticed all the posting were from 2008 – 2010 so wasn’t sure if he turned his life around, but he told you his mother died in 2010 and he is supposedly in ATL now visiting her in the hospital
        I never been to his house, but met him for lunch at his job. I never given him money, he drives a comfortable right now and told me he has a fully loaded Kia Optima he bought cash. I notice all the other stories are all the same. He did tell me that he has two sons in the NFL, he is retired from the military, and make over $120 at his current job, along with other things. Are you still dating? Wow he is good, but I new he was full of his self I just got a bad vibe in the beginning. He has been to my house and my cousin even said something wasn’t right about him day one. I have him a chance, but stated guarded, her recently I was done and he sore he wasn’t dating or living with anyone, which I still don’t believe him. I have a 12 year son and I really can not and will not have a loser around my son especially a man. I guess that what you get from a dating site, Thanks

        Comment by Cocoa | November 23, 2012

      • Hey drive an optima but makes 120 hr at his job…yet you havent been to his house….ummm hello….i found out that he was messing around with his ex while we were dating…donald lived with me for two yrs girl..i know..check his phone….u will never see it out in the open…check the car..if the glove box is locked,its not his car he locks the glove box see that u wont see who the registered owner is..i left traps in my car when he used it and he fell for i every time…….check on the players he say are his sons…Joseph Addai for the colts/Allen Rowe for the Cardinals….dont even have the same last name…Red FLAG!!! just lock them both online,not one time will you see DONALD SEARCY LISTED….Addai is a junior named after his father,and both parents are from Ghana Africa…he is crazy and needs help…he also will tell you that he has a son name Ashton/who lives with Donald’s mother because Ashton mother died,thats a lie…not only is Ashtons mother not dead either,but Ashton is a Girl 3 months after i kicked his lying ass out i received court papers for Donald stating all of that info…he is sick…he is a scam artist girl…….he has about 11 kids not 4 i am a friend with the mother of his 5 yr old daughter that he deny….so he is a trick girllllllll

        Comment by isayit143 | November 23, 2012

      • Girl I believe everything. im not

        Comment by Cocoa | November 24, 2012

      • girl I’m not dating him he is a big lair I smelled bullshit from the very beginning, she calls to tell me otherwise, but the lord that I server knew the type of person he was so he removed him immediatly. I’m sorry so many women have beenscammed bu him my heart goes out to them. I don’t need a man that bad and don’t have a problem getting one. Good looking out sis, we have to do that for each other. We went out on three dates and i new he was full of himslef. I’m surprise no one has turned in him or filed child support or something. Well I can say he never got a chance to scam me because I figured him out before he could. I wish you well and glad you removed yourslef cause no one deserves to be mistreated or done wrong. good luck to you.


        Comment by Christina Harvey | November 24, 2012

      • He lives with his fiance. He was not in ATL

        Comment by rene | November 25, 2012

      • Renee…..he is a loser period..Fiance hahahahah heard that before any real woman would not even bother with this fool once found…He gave me 2 rings that he stole from a woman who was his fiance..and i didnt know until i pawned them…he doesnt have the money to travel so much…he is on unemployment which they garnish by the way to pay support for his 5 yr old daughter,that he flat out denies,but she looks just like him..hhahahahaa he had a fiance when he me the childs mother..hahahahaha…I hope that whoever is with him..gets away from him and fast…take care

        Comment by isayit143 | November 25, 2012


      Comment by Harris | March 15, 2012 | Reply

      • Please every woman Donald had come in contact with has proof….one even has a child..Donald has lied and played on the emotions of women….I was with him for 2 yrs and i Have proof…monies that he owes me…property that he has stolen from me….either you are Donald or you are just another woman who has been this lying cheating stealing man….By the way “slander” is when the things that are said arent true…Do you have proof that he is an honest man?????? hell no you will have a harder time trying to prove that..

        Comment by Really | March 16, 2012

      • Donald has even been telling people that his mother is dead..since 2008… and you sit here asking for proof…..Donald is very ill and needs to help…why you sit here trying to defend him…..before he cons you too..make sure he get the help he needs…..

        Comment by Really | March 16, 2012

    • Although, above women are angry. Its not Christ like to place a scandal like this, the next woman just knows you were angry. And she knows her man cheat. She took him after you posted. And the next time it won’t be you ! Thank GOD. But his professional life is not a refection of this website, Alan Price.

      Comment by Harris | March 28, 2012 | Reply

      • harris if you knew how stupid you look you would stop posting……is it christ like to lie cheat and use women??? donald lied and used numerous of women at the same time…..he is lucky that he is still able to walk…he should be sure its a crime… it christlike to lie and say that your mother is dead????? you apparently dont know donald and all of the women that are posting obviously knows exactly who donald is….a liar…cheat and most of all a deadbeat dad……

        Comment by Really | March 29, 2012


        Comment by Really | March 29, 2012


        Comment by Really | March 29, 2012

  21. As a mother of 7 I have teenagers who are on many dating websites. I wanted to get involved with these sites to see what they are about because I had heard many stories about how parents lose their children to internet predators, but I found something different. Scammers from Ghana, Africa. I began chatting with a scammer that went by the id Paul Edom. His yahoo id is or or maybe it was, I can’t remember. I don’t think that was his real name because I went through a website that check for legitimate id’s and this one never was found. He found my profile on Blackplanet 15 minutes after I set up in the website. He said he was looking for his soulmate at 40 years old and was ready to marry. He told me to delete my profile out of Blackplanet. I did not do it. He told me he had a sick mother in London who needed blood and he had ran out of money. He asked me to send his landlady in Florida $210.00 for an old light bill he left by western union. I didn’t do it. He asked me to send him $300.00 for a ticket to come back into the states. I did not do it. He asked me for my address so that he could pay my bills and for him to send to a friend that was buying something from him so the friend could send the check in my name. I game him an address to a cemetary. I asked him for photos of him, I got 3 different photos. He asked for my phone number, I did give him that but everytime he asked for money. I did not give him 1 dime. I told him I have children and I am a single parent. He asked me to get money from my family and friends and he would pay me back. I told him I refuse to get money from family and friends to give to a total stranger. I asked him questions like does he have a webcam and he would not show himself by webcam. The last time I attempted to chat with him he was angry and asked me if I would help him, I told him I Can’t. He told me do not contact him again. I showed my teenagers the chats we had because I saved them in drafts and I showed them what was said in the last chat to let them know to beware of scammers. Especially if they say they are from Ghana, Africa. I went on a website that showed photos of Ghana and showed my teenagers what it looks like so that they could be aware of scammers through dating websites. This particular scammer was the first lesson taught to my children. Blackplanet has lots of scammers that seem to be from Ghana. They get fake pictures, id’s, and use different cities and states in the United States to get money from our citizens to get a ticket to freedom. I am glad that I decided to partake in the decision to patrol sites that scam people so that I could warn my children and others to be careful of who looks at your profile and decides to run games. If someone asks you for big amounts of money, DO NOT SEND IT!!

    Comment by Karolyn | June 23, 2008 | Reply


      Comment by Talya Richard | January 5, 2011 | Reply

    • can you please email me if you have any photos of this paul edom, i think he is trying to scam my mother… or i can email you photos of him first if you would like, thank you so much…

      Comment by concerned son | August 4, 2011 | Reply

      • Hi the trouble with these scammers is that they go by alot of names and different stories so not sure if I know him..

        Comment by Nana | August 4, 2011

  22. This is one of the emails I received from a scammer from interracial people meet.

    How are you doing and i hope you are in the best condition of health?I have been really too busy making arrangements and shipping down my supplies and accessories for my new project.I will be leaving for Manchester Uk tomorrow evening because work is going to commence on Thursday.Tony is 14 years old and i take him almost everywhere i go cos i don’t want to let him out of my sight..I will send you some pictures of him later in my next email.. as you have well put it, life is not fair but then God never said it would be fair. Each element in our lives is meant to test us and it is the depth of your faith that keeps you strong. Some want to yell and scream and blame God for His failure to control the incidents that have confronted them, yet they forget that from the garden of Eden and Adams failure to trust God..he has given us free will..we all have a choice and we all will have an outcome…not everything will be good but that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love us… but shows a lot about whether we love Him!

    I have not enjoyed everything in my life, for sure but I know that much of what has happened to me was brought on by me or the results of something I initiated. I love God and will always turn to Him when I am weak… and when I am strong I will thank Him for being with me and giving me strength. There is no one else that is always at my side and watches everything I do..except Satan and he is always trying to lead us the wrong way…and being human, sometimes the easy thing or the apparent good thing looks enticing…not always so and may lead you the opposite way from God… but life on this world in a testing ground and we will eventually see the right and the wrong and opt to go to His love. I pray that I am wise enough to see the difference and to make the correct decision.. I do not always do so..but then isn’t that why God came to earth and His word took the form of man and we call him Jesus… so that we would have a way to redeem ourselves of the mistakes we make. And He knows we make many… the best of us and the worst of us are but a small fraction apart when measured to the goodness of God and both are a million miles from being any where near His ability to love… which is why we are not judged on our deeds but rather upon our faith. That faith keeps us covered with the blood of Jesus and hides all our sins from God… and all sins confessed are gone and forgotten…never to be remembered again. isn’t this a wonderful feeling.

    I commend you on your faith and I am hopefully looking to finding a person of great faith and love and the ability to share closely with each other and make that faith the king pin of our happiness. I am not the missionary sort but I would love to be able to use the talents God has given me to help others…maybe one day I will have that opportunity.

    I hope you are feeling much better and it sounds as if you are. And yes I do hope one day to be able to meet you, talk and smile and laugh with you and see if we have anything that would bind us together forever.. words are nice and I enjoy sharing them with you..but it will take reality and closeness to develop that true inner feeling of passion and caring.. hopefully one day we can share that. Until that time I am just biding my time and praying that I am headed the right direction for finding the love of my life. Stay with me and lets keep sharing these thoughts…okay?


    Comment by Elise | June 23, 2008 | Reply

  23. First email from scammer. His email address is:

    I will share somethings about me and my background,and then I would love to learn more about you,i will try to describe as best as best of my knowledge.Please ask me specific question so I can answer them and will not mind to answer.

    I am Marc Belluci,I was born in Browns Mills,New Jersey and was raised in London United Kingdom. Work took my late dad everywhere because he was a professional Mining Engineer and my late mom was then heading a team of Red Cross.She owns an Orphanage Home after she came back from an operation then in one of the 3rd world countries.I got married right after my Masters Degree. It took me a very long time to get over the deaths of my family,but i have to be strong,the situation got me very closer to God.I had to adopt a child after some years of loneliness and his name his Tony(will tell you more about him). I tried working it out with someone else some years after but to my surprise it was all a conspiracy with my best friend involved.I did everything at my reach for her,spoiled her a lot and just two nights before our planned wedding i caught her on bed with my best friend ever since then i have made up my mind never to allow anyone get too close to me because i find it very difficult trusting.I have been taken advantage of physically,mentally and monetarily. That is our hope of being reunited with the ones we love, but we are still living and we have needs and we need someone to love and feel special to here on this earth while we are still here.I believe in God and trust in him for my future so I would not end up in another disappointment.I Try to be decent and do not have any criminal background for the moment. Only received one traffic violation in 1992 and thank god for not getting another one so far.My concept of friendship is based on trust, sharing, and wanting what’s best for the other person-simply put. I haven’t dated as much as I probably could because #1 Finding Godly women is difficult, #2 I don’t spend time with a woman just to spend time, and #3 Haven’t come across many that really have long term potential (to be honest). I am direct but considerate of others and their feelings. I don’t play head games or act. Some things I’m good at,others I’m not but I’ll let you know either way.. I think God wants us to find that special someone and share this special life that he has given us.I feel now is the time to move on and see what is out there for me. I hope I have told you some things that will help you get to know me better and I am also interested in getting to know you better..I am ready for a new beginning based on trust. I have tried dating online a good bit, but do not like the dating scene.I am a giver i feel most women out here always want to take an advantage of me.I have always dreamed of a good and devoted christian woman who is very close to the lord. I pray for that “special” woman that the Lord will give me. I desire the most special marriage with the Lord being the foundation.I am not too keen about religion in find a soulmate though,all i am concerned about is who people are from deep down there heart….You don’t need to be a devoted christain or a everyday church goer

    You see, life is a journey. God opens doors and closes doors. I am to follow His lead…and He was leading me to talk to you. I don’t know if this could be long term or not….only God knows the answer to that. All I can tell you is this. I made a list of the qualities that I want in a woman. I prayed over that list. And the doors open and close…because God is leading me to that woman. You are a woman of God…I can tell that from your profile. I am looking forward to getting to know you better. I trust God with all my heart.This dating is hard, in the fact, some relationships SEEM WONDERFUL at the time, yet God closes the door, and each time the door closes, a piece of your heart aches….Just think of each closing as God leading you to THE ONE that HE has chosen for you! When we are in God’s will, then we will be happy with those choices.

    My church background is Catholic.I was converted to Christ at the age of six.My personal relationship with Jesus is what is important to me—not what church I attend. I could sit in a garage for years, but it wouldn’t make me a car and going to church doesn’t make me a Christian. I just know that Jesus Christ is the most important thing in my life, The lord’s grace and mercy have always been more than sufficient.

    Concerning my work,I am into Sales and Marketing and i work mostly on supplies.I work mostly on contracts and this entails a lot of traveling outside of the states Maybe this is a good start. I look forward to hearing and learning more about you.May your day be touched with sunshine. Your heart overflow with love and your souls sing with hope. May everything in your life sparkle with a radiance that comes only from happiness!I hope you have a GREAT day!…God bless you today and in all that you do! May His grace and love shine on you today and always!…I look forward to talking with you!


    Comment by Elise | June 23, 2008 | Reply

  24. Just like Lenora (comments from June 10, 2008) – I too get many emails that have the same “flavor”. I received these types of messages on, and Here’s an example of one I received today:

    How are you doing today?,I’m very happy we got to this stage on chemistry and I will be the happiest man on earth if i get to hear from you.My name is Jeff Wagner 43 Years.
    I have spent most of my life in london due to my late parents and i had a wonderful life.
    I will tell you more about me when you reply and i also want to know more about your interesting life because due to what i have checked and read in your profile and also our discussions before meeting to this stage, i think we have things in common and really match but we shall get to know more concerning that when we start talking.
    Am a widowed for 4 years now and I’m looking for my last love, someone i will spend the rest of my life with and who will indeed be my soulmate .I will like to meet you because you are like an Angel and also a dream come true. I never believed i could meet a woman like you online though its my first time on internet dating.
    I am an Architect i design structures for companies. I am a very open person. My clients introduced me to this site and said he found his true love here and is married with kids too and i think it would be a great chance if this would be helpful for me.
    Meanwhile, I will be travelling to West Africa before this week runs out to execute a contract which will take me less than a month to get back home(NJ).
    I do not have any problem relocating to meet the woman of my dreams and settling down there .I went through your profile and felt like we should be good friends who knows we might just be meant for each other and I believe everything in this life all happens for a reason .
    I am a very decent ,caring and affectionate man and romantic man.I know what it means to love a woman and i promise not to hurt or break your heart. ,Please E-mail me at yahoo and i will tell you more about myself.I am willing to relocate to anywhere for the woman i love,if only i find one..
    Are you single and ready to get married after an intimate relationship?Are you caring and to be trusted? I want someone who will show me real love, someone caring, honest someone i can trust with all the things i have .I need a woman who is down to the earth and also loves fun .I love going out to the movies, dancing, camping, fishing,like to ride bikes,i love animals too , play golf a lot, cooking,i love to watch soaps, and also spend time with my partner in the kitchen cooking, i love to cuddle and i like to surprise my partner and make her blush all the time ,i like to bowl,swim ,i really love to Tango learnt that when i was with a friend in leytonstone,London.I would love to know more about you and also want you to know more about me .
    I’m looking for a very serious relationship.Will we share the same secrets and loving? We can also chat on yahoo IM mine is (j.wagner65).
    Hope to hear from you soon. I will appreciate to hear from you soon. You can reply me on my private e-mail so i will know your response and know if you also have yahoo IM . ( )
    Jeff Wagner.


    Comment by Sharon | June 25, 2008 | Reply

  25. I have sent $88,000 to a man I though was opening up his own business in China, and who was then to come and begin a life with me in the U.S., and needed extra capital. I met him on e-harmony and he said the most wonderful things, I lost my heart, my head and my financial future to this man. He had me send the money bank to bank to a business in China so I thought it was on the up and up but when I finally learned to track the IP addresses, he is in Nigeria. Please don’t fall for this, the story usually is I’m a widower, custody of one child, perhaps an engineer, living in UK working on an oil platform, looking for someone to love and you seem to be it…I love you so much (gag). This man talked to me for months, convinced me, seduced me, and I am going to pay the price for the rest of my life. They always say they are from this country on e-harmony, but their english usually gives them away. I have been on the lookout since I was taken and out of 9 matches received this week, five were scammers so be on guard. They are getting better at what they are doing.

    Comment by Janet | June 27, 2008 | Reply

  26. Well, I’m thinking my case is going pretty close to the “Comment by Judy M.|May 2, 2008” his IP is from Madrid, work as a bank manager in Madrid. He found my profile on in May, now he is still keeping send me an email also give me a call everyday. He is a very sweet talker one as he calls me “his wife” “little pricess” “my angel” so on, he said that he will get his vacation in August then he could come to see me in my country..I’m alway be careful myself..he did show me how his house, bedroom, bathroom look like as the attached files through emails. Now, he has not say anything about money but he asked me once in awhile like how many property I do have..I’m just should I do???

    Comment by Tanya | July 4, 2008 | Reply

  27. Below is the email that I received the same day I met this guy online, his email is, please be aware, it is very strange…met him from it is a site like blackplanet, and he is romantic, thoughtful, white guys in the picture, but speaks funny like with an accent when he types, He has asked me for money to be sent to nigeria thru western union to pay the fraud lawyer on his case cause he was defrauded from $12,500 and he and his son recently got robbed of all he ownes, he claims to be originally form the US but the grammar is not right, his wife cheated on him and he has an 18 yr old son, wants a family and is so in love, which I find weird. talks about trust… he gives me the hibbie gibbies… sad that you can’t trust anyone to be a little truthful on htese sites, even just to meet ppl. He claims to want to put money in my acct, heLL no i say! you got the wrong sucker, but I did get mailing information which I will be sending to the FBI. Not cool at all, please be aware, his name on migente is whereareuhunny, and he searches you out. Here is the first email I got from him and It was also sent to a michelle that he claims is the one that scammed him from Nigeria.

    Everything you do for me reassures me that I am appreciated. I want you to know that you mean so much to me. From the xterday we met, you were determined to get to know me. At first, I was skeptical about you because of your persistence, but you quickly grew on me. I want you to know that every moment we’ve spent together since XTERDAY day holds a special place in my heart. I was afraid at first that if I let you in I’d regret it, but I haven’t regretted a single moment. I trust you, and I know you’ll be there for me no matter what. I trust that you’ll be faithful to me and that you won’t hurt my heart. You tell me how you want only the best for me. You tell me how beautiful I am. You tell me how you love every curve of my body. You just make me feel extra special; make me feel a sense of warmth inside. I want you to know that I love you for this! I love you for being so caring and genuine. I love you for everything you’ve done for me. I love you for the happiness and joy you bring to my life. I love you for you! We don’t even need to talk to communicate with each other. By just being together, holding hands, or cuddling, we can sense each other’s thoughts and inner feelings. I want you to know that I want the best for you as well. I want you to succeed and I want all your dreams and fantasies to come true. I know that in me you see a man full of kindness, understanding, and compassion. A young woman with an open-heart. A young man who puts a smile on your face everyday. I will be that man who’s there for you just as you’re there for me, the one who encourages you through life’s ups and downs. But ultimately, I want to be thAT man who is your everything. Not an hour goes by that I don’t think about you. You have brought so much joy to my life and you give me so much to look forward to when I wake up every morning. I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate you and I can never tell you enough that “I LOVE YOU!”

    Love alway………………………………………………………………………….PETER
    I don’t even know this guy like that. BE AWARE out there in cyberworld, and NEVER give out any personal info like bank names, acct, addy or ssn. They are swift if they think you are lonely and desperate enough. I hope he will leave me alone.

    Comment by Stephanie | July 11, 2008 | Reply

  28. Another funny thing, is when i read all of your comments, they all are either engineers, have relatives that have died or wives that have cheated and are desperately looking for trust and true love. oh and his address is typo above.

    Comment by Stephanie | July 11, 2008 | Reply

  29. I can’t believe people would fall for a scam like this; I’m chatting with a stephanie wilson right now – she claims her dad and mom has died and that she is the heiress of a large oil company in Africa. She’s in a mess though as she can’t get the money before it “matures” and she wants to get back home now. She’s asking me to send her money for the hotel bill (400 dollars) and the flight ticket. I’m laughing my ass off! I’m gonna have some fun with her me thinks! I’d waste their time so they don’t go fooling someone else! Bastards…

    Comment by Nocturne | July 13, 2008 | Reply

  30. i recieved e mail from london some people are claiming that they are

    Tel: + 447024015471
    Lewis Martins (

    they are asking me some money to send them else i will be arrested its surprise that they are directors they address are above so be ware this fuck scam dealers

    Comment by abdikarim | July 15, 2008 | Reply

  31. I want to share my experience about a scamer found in Match his name is Eddy Smith. We started chating two months ago. He was so nice. He told me he was a widower and had a child of 9 years old. He wanted to find a family and wanted to marry so fast. He told me he was living in Liverpool, U.K. and he had his own company. He said he was a gold and masterpieces dealer. He told me he traveled a lot. Last week he told me he must go to NIgeria to sign a contract. Also he was with his kid, called Kelly Smith. He kept telling me how dangerous was that country. He was afraid to take his son with him, but he had to do it because he can not leave him with the nanny. He called me when he arrived to Nigeria and gave a surprise that he was going to visit me in my country after signing the contract. He told me he had to hire a bodyguard and a car with a chofer, because that city, Benin, was so dangerous. Today, he called me in the morning to tell me he just came oot from the hospital because yesterday he had been attacked and robbery, he also told me that his bodyguard was killed in the attack, so he had no money to travel to go back to his country, to pay the hotel and the hospital and he was asking me for money and he would returned the money just when he arrived to my country. Of course, I told him I did not have money to help him. He was begging me for help and telling me that he loved me. Can you believe that? I did not. So, be aware of Eddy Smith, his cel number is 2348023350693 – 447045753745. His mail address are:, and Be careful of Eddy Smith.

    Comment by Techi | July 16, 2008 | Reply


    Comment by TOMMY HANSON | August 5, 2008 | Reply

  33. Wow, I’m glad I found this site. I have also been contacted by scammers on chemistry. I’m very suspicious so we never get to the request for money. They all want to immediately go on messenger to chat. I have been contacted by three of them: michealcooksonwilson and two of them claiming to be Maxwell Banson. One of them is now in Ghana fulfulling a construction contract. HA Thanks for the information.

    Comment by Nancy | August 12, 2008 | Reply

  34. This is in reply to Tanya (July 4th entry) — I have the same photos of this banker’s home. BEWARE, he’s a scammer, don’t let him fool you. Which photos of “him” did he send you? A dark, salt & pepper grey haired man who was very handsome? Or a blonde haired man? He’s used both as I caught him on another site. He was supposed to visit me in August, too. Instead of “princess” or “angel”, he’d call me “carino” or “mi corazon.”

    No matter what you do, give him no bank details!

    Comment by Judy M | August 19, 2008 | Reply

  35. I must say that the person who wrote this is a big FOOOOOOOL. (Be aware ladies… There are several men on there who are as sweet as can be. They will tell you all the things you want to hear and spend lots of time chatting with you…but listen close. If they mention Africa…in anyway S T O P chatting.)


    Comment by sunday | August 26, 2008 | Reply


    Comment by Anthony | August 27, 2008 | Reply

  37. Yes, I wish we could attached pictures to our comments. I was also connected with “Maxwell Banson” through Chemistry just last night. I also had suspicions almost from the start; his profile was written like someone who’s first language was not English (but I didn’t want to judge someone harshly due to poor grammar and spelling) and his given location was Lewisville (TX), but the body of his profile stated he lived in downtown Dallas, and when I got an email from him, I was even more suspicious. I googled his name and this site is the only hit I got. For everyone’s information and entertainment, here is the email I received…..

    “How is your day going on with you today…? Anyway i was Glad we where able to make it up to this stage and i will like us to talk more…How great it is to get to this point of communication… Honestly, I must say i really enjoyed the guided communication with you because it helped to learn a lot about each other… Am also looking forward for more and future communication with you. I’ve truly found a very great interest in getting to Know you… Who knows what the future might hold for both of us?…

    Anyway this my first time on this site and i think i really do like everything about your profile. I guess you are the Best and only one on here who fits what am looking for. So i will really like to get to know you more. Well what do you think about we talking instant with each other maybe using the yahoo messenger…? what do you think about that… Well i think we can talk instant and answer instant questions with each other over there… So please let me know weather you do have insterest in talking with each other over there ok. Will be looking forward to hear from you again and please take very good care of your self. Be bless and stay at Peace.

    You can reply me back on my private ID

    Any of the above sound suspiciously familiar? Uh huh…I thought so, so I reported this “subscriber” to and suggested they investigate him. I’ve also made reports in the past after being contacted through and yahoo personals by obvious scammers who are “in the import business, have lost their wife in an accident, have a young child, several from Young America, MN, although one was supposedly from London.” They all seem to talk about God, move things along very quickly, and are always overly enthusiastic about how wonderful they think you are, blah blah blah.

    Comment by Unimpressed | September 4, 2008 | Reply

  38. I am chatting right now with one who says he is Theophyllis Wilson a widowed 50 year old from Avon Ct. He is a gold and diamond wholesaler selling to retailers. After a few days of talking on the internet sent me a dozen roses, candy and a stuff bear. Like many of the others calls me Angel…wants someone he can love, trust,support and be with forever…Started talking love WAY too soon…Wants to come and visit as soon as he gets back from Africa, which will never happen as I am just waiting for him to drop his bomb, whatever it is going to be. Knew something was up with this guy from the get go due to the fact that I could not google him or find anything on him through research sites, but played along. When the flowers came it rather freaked me out. Asked for his number and he gave me an international number that he says he uses and will get him anywhere in the world…however when it came over my skype it is coming from Accru Ghana. the last email he sent over pictures of the jewelery he is suppositely buying and a pic of a big box of gold bars that he is suppositely buying. Says he is sending me a diamond necklace and ring to prove his love for me. YEP. Anyway just waiting for the rest of it to play out…I am sure the scam is coming soon.

    Glad to find this site it just confirmed what I already knew and that was when things are too good to be true, they probably are!

    Comment by shirleen | September 7, 2008 | Reply

  39. thomas green also goes by xterra 50 109 09 101 100 099 he has a lot of them watch out for him he is good got me for over 6000.00 in two months uses a church in nigeria and his supposed uncle michael blumberg in london england i reported him to then found him again on yahoo and

    Comment by claudia robertson | September 9, 2008 | Reply

  40. I have had the pleasure of dealing with women from Nigeria and Ghana, scammers who prey on the innocent and unsuspecting. Following is the last IM with one that I was playing with. She got really excited and rude at the end.
    She wanted my address to send a check to and then she would come to the U.S. and cash it becaus she didn’t want anyone to know there because she would be in fear of her life. This last effort from her for money she immediately started sending revealing pics.

    cindydingle: but pls i will need some help from yoiu

    cindydingle: pls i told you need some thing from you to get food and you didnt even care

    cindydingle: sime time i feel you are not caring

    ellisa200327: Cindy if you are looking for financial I am not in the position to be able to give money right now and if that is why you don’t think I care you are mistaken

    cindydingle: ok

    ellisa200327: if I could give you money I would

    cindydingle: pls try all you can and get me some loan

    ellisa200327: tell me what the money is needed for

    cindydingle: i want to get pay for my motel bill andget food to eat

    cindydingle: havent eat some days now and my soin too

    cindydingle: pls wish and want you to understand me and bet will give you back everything when i come back to the state

    ellisa200327: I am feeling that you don’t care about me,
    but are just trying to use me and I am probably just one of many you are doing this to, I think you are not being honest and sincere with me, these are my feelings, and I am sorry I feel this way but You are thousands of miles away and there are just to many people trying scam on others, Preying on the innocent and nieve and you need to understand that trust is earned and not given until it is earned especially to strangers or near strangers that I have not even had the opportunity to meet in person and that makes it even harder to not have these feelings

    cindydingle: no

    cindydingle: i bet will seen me in person soon

    cindydingle: i want you to have trust on me so much

    ellisa200327: you are a beautiful young lady and I wish I felt that you cared but what is there that convince me of this, the only thing there is that I can think of is that someday we meet in person and that can only happen if you come here and then I will know you are sincere and being honest with me

    ellisa200327: can you understand this from my perspective and not think it is not that I do not care because I do but have misgivings about you caring and being sincere

    cindydingle: ok

    cindydingle: i unbderstand

    ellisa200327: do you truly understand

    cindydingle: yes

    ellisa200327: are you upset with me?

    cindydingle: nop

    ellisa200327: I am an honest and caring person but sometimes I have learned that people do not hesitate to take advantage of that and that hurts

    cindydingle: is okay

    cindydingle: i undertand

    ellisa200327: i wish I could see you in person and get to know you more

    cindydingle: yes soon

    ellisa200327: you would then see I am sincere in what I say and really do care

    cindydingle: ok

    ellisa200327: I feel bad that I cant help

    cindydingle: its okay

    cindydingle: i understand

    ellisa200327: I really do hope and pray you do get to meet me

    cindydingle: yes same here

    ellisa200327: your beautiful in your pics

    cindydingle: ty

    ellisa200327: I might not be good enough for you it makes me feel

    cindydingle: u are

    ellisa200327: how do you think this pls

    cindydingle: yes

    ellisa200327: explain

    cindydingle: how

    cindydingle: i cant

    cindydingle: you know im usming internet bills to chat with you and you like to chat with me and you cant help me

    cindydingle: pls excuse me

    ellisa200327: im sorry

    ellisa200327: I apologize that you had the bad luck of connecting with me

    cindydingle: you saying bulshit

    ellisa200327: not at all, why do you always think i am not being sincere

    cindydingle: no

    ellisa200327: I feel terrible about not being able to help you

    cindydingle: you can send me just money for my bill and you telling you noonsincence

    ellisa200327: i dont understand what you just said?

    ellisa200327: are you getting upset?

    cindydingle: yes right

    ellisa200327: sorry I am at a loss for words because I have upset you and you have hurt my feelings

    cindydingle: ok

    cindydingle: you are fucking playing

    ellisa200327: excuse me

    ellisa200327: i am not playing and the thought has never crossed my mind

    ellisa200327: i now see that it is all about money and not caring and I don’t play games with peoples feelings, because I would not want them to play games with mine. Is that what you have been doing.

    end of conversation and I have been talking to her for a couple of weeks and she was saying she was in Nigeria picking up money that her father, who just died, had earned aas a building contractor, but needed to have the check sent here. They will lie and pretend to not understand and will having excuses for needing $$$$$$$ even when you confromt them. This is just one of several I have played with,knowing they were scamming. Some will ask for $$$$ immediately. Beware or have fun whichever you choose, they deserve to be toyed with for their scams.

    Comment by Ellis Allison | September 10, 2008 | Reply

    • yes you are absolutely right! I am going to have fun with them, I know that I will never ever send any money 🙂

      Comment by Talya Richard | January 5, 2011 | Reply

  41. hi iwas scammed by a guy in nigeira very charming
    sent flowers and candy
    took thousands of dollors fr me
    well after i ckecked him out
    he was a scammer so goodbye to all my money
    he stoled this very hansome model s pic from models ,com
    named sergio c
    his screenname is
    his cell number is 0112348024986130
    i feel bad for these models they are victums too
    nigeira should do something about these scammers they are makeing there country look bad just be awear ladies comment by judy pineiro

    Comment by shamrock | September 11, 2008 | Reply

  42. Watch out for a guy named Dennis Benson on He`s also known as Typical scammer in that he eventually gets around to asking for money, but may take up to 6 months or more to do this. I recently received mail telling me he was dead and I had been left $25 million USD by my “husband” and to send bank details etc. Then another e-mail to say I had been randomly chosen to win a lottery and to write to him giving my bank details etc. All scams. Luckily they are well publicised in Oz!

    Comment by Lynne | September 15, 2008 | Reply

  43. #36 Holy Shit – when I saw your blurb – I almost fell for it too – Beautiful Italian woman, civil engineer finishing up a contract in Nigeria, husbnad left her for her best friend, came from Newark NJ,son named Mark, $45,000 check – needed $850 money for hotel room – exact same script – just minutes ago, I was just about to try and call the hotel mananger – she told me she loved me and was going to stay with me and I beleeved it We’ve been emailing and IM’ing for a week – I’m glad I found this website. I’m so pissed – glad it didn’t cost me any money this time. I asked if I called the hotel, could I get transferred to her room to talk to her. She said no phone in room and front desk would not call her up there if I asked for her – now what kind of hospitality is that for a hotel. She even scanned and emailed me pics of her supposed passport and check that the hotel manager allegedly confiscated. should have known it was too good to be true – She told me I was the best looking man she had ever met (I’m not even average looking) and lots of her emails seemed to be pre written scripts that rarely responded to any of my questions- even at beginning – I tried to trip her up – I had to ask her repeatedly to answer questions. She said her parents died in the same car crash in Floida. I guess we didn’t get to the point where her son goes in the hospital yet. I’ll cut and paste your story from above and let her know I knwo she’s not real and tell her to F-off

    Comment by Bob Fray | September 18, 2008 | Reply

  44. The name my woman used was Deborah Cole, son named Mark Cole – even had the “airline” email me copies of her receipt for teh plane tickets – she was supposed to be coming into Philadelphia on Saturday 9/20/08 – and for all this I almost told my housemate he needed to look for another place to stay because she was going to live here with me forever

    Comment by Bob Fray | September 18, 2008 | Reply

  45. I have been contacted by other foreign women on the internet too – one got me for $1000 a couple of years ago – – another I scammed and led her on – even gave her fake western union numbers – making him/her waste a couple of trips to the local Stadt or wherever western union office – that was fun for a couple of weeks. never again – Guess I’ll be alone for the rest of my life since I can’t get any American women interested in me either anymore. This one that just tried to get me – after seeing her pics – I could have sworn I had seen them before – now I think I know why – they might have been used by the crook that I scammed

    Comment by Bob Fray | September 18, 2008 | Reply

  46. 45 Continued – next day after telling me to call the hotel manager – man – hse has an answer for everything I say – now she says she’s been without food, I questioned how she could have gotten paid with a check drawn on a Florida Credit Union and paid in US Dollars – then said she expected to get paid from them in cash – what kind of business pays people 45,000 in cash – she would have been robbed 5 minutes after leaving the place probably – and i said the check even looked fake – looked like name and amount ares were whited out and new info typoed in there – she blamed it on a cheap scanner. I keep telling her I don’t have the money and I’m closing on real estate deal next week to buy a house for my children and my ex to live in (I really am) – she just keeps ignoring what I say and goes on to the next page in her script I guess – I cut and pasted post #36 and told her her story had a lot of exact items as that guys and this is only 3 weeks later that she first contacted me (thru Singlesnet personals website). I’ll have to wait and see what happens after the time for her alleged flights comes and goes-the manager confiscated her passport and airline tickets – yeah, right)

    Comment by Bob Fray | September 18, 2008 | Reply

  47. “How is your day going on with you today…? Anyway i was Glad we where able to make it up to this stage and i will like us to talk more…How great it is to get to this point of communication… Honestly, I must say i really enjoyed the guided communication with you because it helped to learn a lot about each other… Am also looking forward for more and future communication with you. I’ve truly found a very great interest in getting to Know you… Who knows what the future might hold for both of us?…

    Anyway this my first time on this site and i think i really do like everything about your profile. I guess you are the Best and only one on here who fits what am looking for. So i will really like to get to know you more. Well what do you think about we talking instant with each other maybe using the yahoo messenger…? what do you think about that… Well i think we can talk instant and answer instant questions with each other over there… So please let me know weather you do have insterest in talking with each other over there ok. Will be looking forward to hear from you again and please take very good care of your self. Be bless and stay at Peace.

    Sound familiar? I have challenged Maxwell at every turn. I have reported him to twice. He professes to live in Lewisville, the despcription of the area is more reflective of downtown Dallas. He gets defensive, won’t answer simple questions, professes love and commitment, says he is in construction. I know construction. This guy doesn’t. Says he has been offered a $6m contract to design a center for needy children in Ghana but the video link he sent was Rwanda. So he is also geographically challenged. Says he is confused as to what to do? He doesn’t want to leave me? Please! I have never met or spoken to him! He sent flowers,a bear and chocolates to my work. Don’t waste your time and for heavens sake do not even think about sending any money to him. He hasn’t asked but it was only a matter of time. I have blocked him. I suggest you do too.

    Comment by Deb | September 21, 2008 | Reply

  48. By the way. The full name is Maxwell Banson for the comment above. I have researched him in every known way. No luck. I asked him if he had a Texas driver’s license and he stated that he did not have a green card but that I did. Meaning that I could hold the key to his green card. I immediately told him I was not interest in any such arrangements.

    Comment by Deb | September 21, 2008 | Reply

  49. I am so deeply saddend by the news of this. I too had communications with Maxwell Banson. In a matter of days he is professing love and commitment. Can’t wait to talk to me, and to meet me, says I am so beautiful and will give me everything. He justs wants love. I spent two hours on line chatting with him last night and was really feeling like I was getting to know him. And here it is all a scam. He told me he was afraid of getting his feelings hurt and here he was trampling all over mine. Well, as my dad always told me, “What goes around, comes around” and “payback is a bitch”. Thank you all for your honesty and courage to share. I hope the name Maxwell Banson comes up on more searches.

    Comment by Dee | September 30, 2008 | Reply

  50. I will have to admit I am an idiot as I allowed myself to be scammed. I allowed my heart to win over and believe when I knew better. took me for over 1000 dollars.

    There has got to be somewhere I can report this. Does anyone know? There has got to be a way that we as victims can put an end to this.

    Samson, claimed to love me, wanted to marry me and I was his angel. After, only a couple of short conversations. Would you believe after i found out I was scammed he is still trying to gt information from me. Of course he states that he has no idea how it happened he is unaware. YEAH RIGHT!!

    Anyways, ladies any man asking for money is a failure. A real man will not ask for money and can support himself under any situation if not he is not worth talking to. I learned the hard way.

    there is a rule i live by now:
    any man that states these few statements in just a few months need to be deleted right away.






    Comment by Jennifer | October 5, 2008 | Reply

    • 5.God Fearing

      Comment by Nana | January 5, 2011 | Reply

  51. Good day

    We have recentely discorvered that your site have been published our bank as scam bank we do not know anything about what your site said here.Please you can do your investigation well and remove our bank in Scam list


    Managing Director Sogefi Bail Bank Ci
    Dr.Jahn Attu

    Comment by Jahn Attu | October 11, 2008 | Reply

  52. i believe i am being scam. i’m not sure. please help me out? is this a scam??

    Comment by James Hunt | October 11, 2008 | Reply

  53. . i am one of those i admit who was taken by a nigerian scam. SANDRA FRANCIS ,under names like sandra sweetgirl etc. .i lost 5000 before western union helped me believe the truth was a lie. they used pics of her, claimed there were more taxes, auto accident, mother dying of canceretc. she or they writing for her claim to have come from pensacola, yet could not pronounce it, north carolina, ,atlata, amarillo texas . if u see the name sandra francis run dont walk ,i guarantee it is a scam. even used a preacher supposedly and claimed she was kidnapped. RUN!!!!!!!

    Comment by Tim Battle | October 16, 2008 | Reply

  54. Almost scammed by Jeremi ( Supposed to be a white/mix from singapore living temporarily in Malaysia. Same senario as everyone else: looking for the love of his life, divorced cuz wife cheated on him, young son and needs to get back to the states. He actually sent me flowers, candy, balloons, teddy bear. Very possessive. By the time I got the flowers and candy I knew something was up. I googled his name/email and found out that he was african-and probably a scammer. I cant remember the website I found, but it spelled out his game exactly. So I knew he was to soon ask for money. I played his little game for a bit. Knew up front I wasnt going to give him a dime. Before he asked me for money, I asked him for money-told him I was being evicted and had no place to go. That got rid of him for a few months. Then he called again with a different story of needing money because his son was in an accident and he needed money to pay the hospital so he could have this lifesaving operation. The more rediculous his requests, the more rediculous my solutions. It ended with me telling him to go to payday loan place for the money and I sent him a link. Its been 8 months and havent heard from him-Thank God!

    Comment by Gabrielle | October 23, 2008 | Reply

  55. This is my friend’s story.

    “Nalkin Moore” using the id Nalkin_Moore_02@yahoo bought a lot online, using stolen credit cards. He shipped a couple of the items to Holly asking her to forward to Nigeria.(shoes) Last month the police picked her up at her home in NC and extradited her to Texas to face charges. She did nothing more than fall for a scammer and sign for delivery. Now, she is being charged with credit card fraud. If anyone knows of this guy, his name or anything related, please contact us. Holly is not the criminal.

    Comment by nicole | October 25, 2008 | Reply

  56. I too have had someone attempt to bilk me of money. Said his name was Robert Lazlo. He was to have been from Maine and to get online messenger with me the next day. The next day came and he was not online. Next thing I know, he’s calling me in the middle of the night from Ghanna, telling me that he needs to talk to me tomorrow. He contacted me via yahoo messenger and said that he had some business and that the shipping company wanted $4000 more for shipping than he had been told. Asked if I could give me the money…yadda/yadda/yadda. I said I did not have it, which I didn’t anyway. Then he said that he’d have to sell his watch and his laptop. Later that day, he said he sold his Rolex, which was a gift from his father and got all but $400. Wanted me to send that to him…..I do not have it to send. He continued to call me with some sob story about how he cannot look at his little girl because he feels that he betrayed her. I have enough of my own problems to worry about….cased close on this one. God, some people!

    Comment by Christine | October 25, 2008 | Reply

  57. to stephenie I am being scammed by Peter Smith @ wow i got the same emails from him he says his son died from a robbery and needs help, before that he lived in londen and he said a woman ripped him off and he wanted me to money gram him so he could pay the guys, so they could give him a check. omg what a scammer the thing is i don’t have any money for any one, nor do i have a bank accout ha ha i am glad i did not send any thing or give any he lives in Africa with a friend, scotting wow i wished i checked out this site before he got to my heart well he didn’t get my wallet! oh bye the way he had a freind send a gift from caifornia 5 swimming suits he likes the beach.

    Comment by michelle | November 1, 2008 | Reply

    • @Christine, He sent you the gifts b/c he was going to as you to send them to Nigeria to friends as presents or some b.s. Many companies will not ship to NG. I had my share of ‘presents’. You have to realize these are kids doing this stuff. That’s why their stories are so strange. They don’t know any life outside of Africa.

      Comment by Anonymous | October 24, 2010 | Reply

  58. OMG! I was contacted by Maxwell Banson from with the same, poorly written emails. He claims to live in San Diego now. I guess he has “moved” from Dalla to San Diego lol. I am so glad that I googled his name and came upon this website. His current email is

    Comment by Michelle | November 2, 2008 | Reply

  59. Thanks for having this area to check on scammers. Since I’m 66 years old, I found I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails from scammers. The first one I didn’t suspect. His name is George and he claimed to be from the Los Angeles area when he first contacted me. He then told me he worked in Nigeria but hoped to come to Washington to marry me. Fortunately I figures him out and didn’t lose any money – almost did. Now when I receive contacts from people with Yahoo e-mails and they don’t capitalize their “I’s” I get suspicious. I now search for part of what they write and usually find that quote here on the internet. The latest is from a man named John Castile. Almost his entire letter is from this web site.

    Thank you for what you do.


    Comment by Marcia Mitchell | November 5, 2008 | Reply

  60. I was just scammed by someonce calling themselves….Frank Anderson….he stated that he was from dallas tx, but was in Nigeria taking care of his sick mother. He stated taht he was a single father with a 10yr old boy named Terry. He sent very attractive pictures. I was a little leary at first because theylooked like fashion photos…bus some looked authenic. Our chatting went on for about a week and ahalf then it took a turn when durig one of our conversations he quickly ended the converstation and said that he had to go down and talk to the hotel manager. The next day when he contacted and I asked how his day went…he stated that he was robbed at the hotel and all his money was stolen. Since he was chatting with me a made a comment about his computer from which he was chatting…he said that that was spared…that’s when the red flag went up. He then daid that he did not know what he was going to do because he needed to buy medicine for his sick and asked if I could send him $400 and be would pay it back when he got to the states…..that was the final straw…..I then kew that he was a very experienced scammer….but what he did not know was that I was not his victim…..I told him that I was in no potions to help but I wold pray for him and his mother in the hope that all wold work out……is answers and comments became short and mechanical (for a man who had a lot to say just days before)…..I ended the conversation at that point and started my research and his name showed up on a Nigerian Scam wesite….I just wanted others to know..Watch Out…Can you believe is is trying to chat with me again?

    Comment by c wright | November 22, 2008 | Reply

  61. I believe I was scammed by a guy claiming to be a British civil engineer living in New York City named Tom Baker. He claimed he lives at 43 East 25th Street. Also claimed he was working in Lagos/Nigeria, supervising the renovation of a bridge. Claims he’s being employed by Julius Berker. After IM-ing with me many times, he all of a sudden said he needed me to lend him money, which he claimed he would pay back when he arrived back in the United States. Said that things were “backward” in Nigeria and he couldn’t pay for things as usual, wouldn’t receive his pay until he got back to the states.

    Thankfully I didn’t fall for it. I told him I thought he was scamming me and broke off all contact.

    This is a link to his myspace page:

    His yahoo address is

    Comment by Lucy | December 1, 2008 | Reply

  62. Am I the poster child for these scammer or what? I have had 2 within a few weeks of each other and thanks to this blog, I now know what to look for because another one just tried to make contact with me a few minutes ago. Luckily, I did not give any of them one red cent of my hard earned money!

    Both of the guys that I actually talked to contacted me through a site name and the one a few minutes ago contacted me on

    The first one called himself Edward Wilson, he said he was born and raised in Florida but did not spell or speak like a born and raised American. When I talked to him the first time I was surprised by the deep deep African accent. I could barely understand him. I asked where the accent came from and he said his mother was from Nigeria but his father was American. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he spent time in Africa since his mother was from there but he said no, up until he was sent to work in Nigeria on a construction project he was supervising, he had never been to Africa. I knew there was something wrong about him. He spelled some words like a European would, for example color was colour and gray was grey. One day out of the blue he called me and said he was over budget on his construction project and needed my help to send him some money to help finish the project, I laughed at him straight out and told him never to call, IM, or text me again. I blocked him from my instant messenger so he does not know when I am online, but still every once in a while when I log in to instant messenger there is a “hi” from him and it pisses me off. Despite the fact that I never indicated that I liked let alone loved this person he still had the nerve to ask me for money. He must be new at this scam game because he is terrible at it!

    The second one is a much better scammer unfortunately so watch out for him! He is very handsome if the pictures he sent me are really him. He goes by the name Chris Smith and signs all his messages “Chris cares.” I now realize he talked me into giving up just enough info about myself so he could find my weaknesses and try to take advantage of them. He said he was a widower (I am a widow), he said he has a 3 year old daughter (and wanted another child) and he emailed me a picture of the cutest little girl (I have not had any children yet and my clock is ticking), he said his mother is sickly (my mother was sickly and passed away)…he hit all the right spots. But it was just overkill that made me not trust him…how are you so in love with me in a few weeks after a few emails and you don’t KNOW me! Unlike Edward he did not ask for money right away. I almost thought that maybe he was on the up and up. He told me he was in Scotland on business (he email me a picture of him in front of a sign that said Scotland). Supposedly his father owned a computer software/gadget business, that he now owns and runs, so he is well off financialy. He said was born in Texas and has 4 bedroom home, which he lives in with his mother and daughter. His accent is from his mother who is from Portugal (but it sounded African to me). Recently his mother learned she needed a kidney transplant, they found a donor and the surgery was being done at a clinic in Scotland. He had to pay for the surgery and pay the donor (buying body parts, why not if you have the money I thought, his mom is lucky he can do that for her). Then one day he calls me…WE are going to be rich and he is going to buy me any and everything I want! I am his angel, his good luck charm and he will make me his wife. He found out that his father had some bonds in a financial institution in Malaysia that have matured, all he has to do is take the paperwork to Malaysia, pay the taxes and fees and pick up the check…$3.8 million to be exact! He calls me once he is there and has met with the bankers and he found out he does not have enough money with him for the taxes/fees. He only took $25,000 and the taxes/fees are $41,000. He is finally asking for money! First it was the entire difference of what he owed $16,000 then each day it got a little less because he found a friend or business associate to loan him a little bit more of the money so now he only needs…can I please help him! Too bad he didn’t know I had no intention of giving him a penny, I just played along. Poor baby, I’m sorry, I don’t have any money. The last I talked to him he was yelling at me “why did I do this to him!” He is in a strange country, scared to leave the room because he cant pay the charges, he has no money because he gave every penny he has towards the taxes to get the $3.8 million for US, he has no food, he left his mother and daughter in Scotland and they have no money. Oh boo whoo…liar!

    Comment by Evonne | December 6, 2008 | Reply


      Comment by TANYA | September 30, 2009 | Reply

  63. I was contacted by a Maxwell Banson yesterday on My Space. I did not reply to him. I Googled is name and came up with this site and information on him. I will inform My Space about him. I am sure glad I Googled his name.

    Comment by Ann Nitzschke | December 26, 2008 | Reply

  64. So Maxwell Banson does get around. He just contacted me through and I noticed immediately that his writing sounded as if he was from a country other than the USA. I tried some person searches and could not find anything on him. That bothered me quite a lot since he supposedly lives in Springfield,IL only a few miles away. So my friend and I Googled him and found your site and so glad we did!

    Comment by Rebecca | December 30, 2008 | Reply

  65. Not sure if i’m being scammed. Got to know this person going by the name John Steven @ He said that he’s from Utah USA but is currently working in west africa and i found out from his number is from Nigeria. We chatted for about a month and he said that he wanted to meet up. But he needed to transfer money for my safekeep as they are not allowed to leave the country with more than USD5,000. I got a shocked that he transferred USD50,000/- and I had to depart USD500/- for VAT to confirm my bank account. After having paid the VAT, he called to tell me he had been robbed and he is broke. He needs me to transfer back the money to him. Now I have the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency asking me to pay clearance fees through WU after I had confirmed that the money remitting to my account is not for any illegal use. The money transferred has been stopped and he called me to pay the clearance fees so that the funds transfer can go through and then I can transfer the money back to him. I just told him a straight NO that I will not do it. I just hope that I’m doing the right thing and not causing him any harm.

    Comment by Chan | January 10, 2009 | Reply

    • Hi Chan,
      That guy has ever approached me with tons of love letters and messanges even his photos and passports something like I have collected from him. He has ever promised me to transfer USD 480,000.00 to my bank account and has never come true and had been stopped by whatever so-called local governments and banks and asking for some clearance charges. Apart from the the clearance charges on the release of money transfer, he also created many sad and pity stories to cheat my financial assistance.

      May I contact you and share with you what I have collected from him ?


      Comment by Lee | August 11, 2009 | Reply

      • Hi Lee,
        I hope you did not lose much. I don’t know how we can contact each other here. Anyway, all the best to you and don’t go into anymore internet dating sites. It’s horrible and none of them can be trusted.

        Comment by Chan | August 11, 2009

    • Hi Chan again,
      I have chatted and met that guy throughout a year since Feb, 2008. We have very long story with each others and upon reading your post here, I think this is a must to share with you and other readers to take extra care on this guy.

      Unfortunately, I am also a victim I’ve lost too much money and have some debts with bank because of his numerous stories. I got to know him out of whatever dating websites whereas we came together on a travelling website. His full name is John Thomus Steven , mixed-race of American and German, an engineer of buiding bridge and road working in West Africa. He told me he is 44 years old and divorced and has been looking for second wife. I were one of his list. His first contact e-mail address is His mother is a german living in UK , had divorced as well and got married with an Englishman and gave born of his brother at current age 26. (But now, he told me losing contact his mother and brother). At this stage, he chatted with very romantic message and expressed commitments on our further relationship. He wanted to send money for me to get a house in my country. One day someone took his e-mail address and disclosed him having different relationships with other women in other countries on net. He explained this is his ex-wife “Jennifer”. She has his passpord of his mail box and set him up. His contact e-mail then changed to and kept on chatting with me till now.

      He then transfered money (USD48,000)via an internet banking of Guranteen Trust Bank to my bank account and asked me to keep it. He kept USD 20,000 for himself. The transfer had been stopped serveral times by the bank, EFCC and asking the money receiver to make clearance fees to protect the interest of the money sender. Some payment was sent. As the amount of money transfer is so huge and we broke the local regulation of the limit amount (USD 10,000)of oversea money transfer per transaction. This transfer was hold up by the EFCC and punished us to make payment to get a book or order form from EFCC to release the transfer . This was also hold up again after payment be done.

      I expressed refusion on doing further money be sent on this issue. John called my mobile at night and told me that all his money left with him had been robbed by the robbers with gun there happened at his living hotel. His car was also stolen and he got nothing with him. He asked me to send money for his living. I did refused to do so . He had still stayed at the 5-star hotel for so long without payment. One day, he sent me an emergency mobile messages for help because he drank dirty water and got sickness . He was sent to the hospital and needed some treatment. He asked me money to do the treatment. Someone calling as the doctor had ever rang me about his situation. Finally , I sent him some money to do treatment and also asked him to get me a hospital bill. However, he has never presented me any hospital bill till now.

      No money with him, he did planned to fly back USA and asked me help to settle the hotel bills . The hotel manager did not allowed him to leave there without payment. I refused and he had no choice to sell his equipments and some luxury brands suits to settle the hotel bills . At the same time, the money from the sales of his belongings is only enough to settle the hotel bills . He asked me to help him some money to get an airticket to USA and promised me to pay back all the money he owed me while he’s back to USA. I could help but I requested to book the airticket agent on net at my visa card, he told me this does not work there. Nigerians do not accept credit card but only accept cash. Even I requested to make booking for him, he insisted not let me to do so with an explanation that he knows the actual situation there more and he would get the airticket at the airport from the agent. I did sent him some money with a want to get back my money.

      At the departure airport, he was arrested by the local airport department as his luggage was discovered some drugs and he was blocked at a detention room. We thought this is the fault and corruption problem at the local government to stop the money transfer. With my suggestion, he had consulted a lawyer about this case and with my request, he gave us all the qualifications of that laywer. So, he was set up to be put some drugs inside his luggage and he told me his was an innocent. To get out of this, he called back the same laywer on behalf of him to get free from the detention. At that time ,the lawyer started chased me on msn and rang my mobile to keep me informed of John’s situation. The final solution is to request me to send money as a punishment fees to free him. I rejected on this finally, the lawyers kept on chasing me day and night on msn , e-mails and mobile phone. This case last for a month or more.

      Right here, I did checked some bad reputation of Nigerians on the stop of money transfer and solicitor scam already on net. From time to time begging, the lawyer told me that John was crying at the detention room and hoped not be stayed in prison for the rest of his life. The laywer explained me that without the payment, John’s qualification of International Engineer will be affected and his futher will be totally destroyed something like. I misunderstood what’s up my sympathy was taken advantage. I finally sent some money to him at Western Union.

      The laywer has accommdated him after he had been free from the detention. He did not pay the lawyer about his service and asked me to pay and I said NO. Several months has gone, he kept on chatting with me on msn and sent chasing phone messages for money as well as tons of love messages and festival greetings. All his messages to me were created based on what I had ever spoken to him and some written messages on my msn box.

      With his sweet talks ,I had fallen his trap again. Our plan has eventually changed to living in United Kingdom. He told me that his dead father has left him seveal houses in USA and UK as well . In order to get my trust, he promised me to give me a house in UK . Before that, he must claim with his father’s UK lawyers. He did e-mailed me the photo of the UK house and even the house address which was sent from the local solicitor. I don’t know how to contact true landlord of that house. I then requested him to send the office address , certiifates and contact information of the UK address. He could do for me to get the Certificates and driving licence of the UK lawyer in exception of the office address and direct contact information of the UK laywer. He agreed the refusion from the both lawyers to borrow him money apart from my financial assistance.

      I did took the certificates of the UK laywers to check up with the UK government and there have been no record on this laywer. However, the UK goverment explained me that it is allowance for the local people to call themselvers as solicitor even though they are disqualified.

      Some months has gone. I have been acting very angry on him and sent him numerous insulting words , whereas John kept on sending my love messages . I was locally unhappy and quite ofter to vent my emotion and talked with him .
      When I was down again in a festival this year, I was touched by him again and agreed to send money to him to get an airticket to UK.

      He was hold up again because he had traffic accidents on the way to the airport. The police holds up his passport and asked him to pay the sugergy of the injured girl at USD 5000. Of course, he asked me for financial assitance again.
      I refused to do so and sent him numerous serious warnings to get back my money. I was almost totally very depressed on what he did towards me without any help locally for myself.

      Recently, he told me he had got a way to reactivate the money transfer with the affliated bank in UK . The Scottish London PLC Bank has e-mailed me a letter to approve to proceed of the money transfer. I did checked on net that this is also one of Nigerian scam. John still behaved very confidence in this transaction and asked my trust on the UK bank. I asked him to request the bank to make this letter in paper with chop and aurthorised signature . My bank details should be clearly put on the letter. He did this and scan for me. With an help of my friend , it has been found that the content of the letter has been posted as one of Nigerian scam letter on this site

      I refered this to John. With numerous frustration on his promises, the information I collected from him has been reported to the CIA, FBI, German government and Nigeria consulate for verification of his identity. But, no organization has ever given me any assistance. (While I first met John, he introduced him as a member of CIA, I have tried to check with CIA and without any feedback) .
      The response from the local Nigeria consulate has advised me not to do any money transaction with such authors. That’s all they could do for me. I were still be in contact with him in the beginning of this week after singled out another scam trick of fake banking letter. He continued to ask me money to cure his toothache . He also left me msn offline message regarding his plan to fly back USA and requested me money for the airticket.

      It is so surprised that I had read your articles here with his e-mail address. I had forwarded your comments to John and warnings him to give me back my money. It seems he has eventally disappeard and got me no response.

      If possible, I want to put his USA house address, UK address, his passport , laywers certificates for the assistance of the readers to verify those information for me.

      May I know what he has commited you and chatted with you? I can also share with you his love letters.

      Can you give me your e-mail address if you don’t mind? Shall we contact Prince to exchange our e-mails privately? I will contact you actively.

      Be careful!

      Comment by Lee | August 13, 2009 | Reply

      • Hi Lee,
        I did not get to read your comments dated 13-Aug-09 until it was posted today. I’m so sorry for all that has happened to you. It’s very similar to what he did to me. What comes round goes round. He will be punished in due course. I hope you are not in contact with him anymore. If you receive any calls, emails, msn from him or in relation to him, just STOP. IGNORE all of them as they are all bluffs. I hope you are doing well now and may God bless you always.

        Comment by Chan | October 20, 2009

    • Hi every reader,
      Here are what’s the contact information and address I collected from John. Anyone could help to verify those information.

      Current living address in Nigeria:

      Lawyer’s office:
      112, FAJUYI ROAD,

      John’ US house
      NEW YORK 10452, J.F.KENNEDY,

      John’s father UK house
      11301 LYS RTHATS IT,

      Look forward to the further verification and news on above.


      Comment by Lee | August 14, 2009 | Reply

      • Lee,
        The addresses you have differs from what I have. He told me that he is an orphan, stay in Utah USA and is a divorcee. I hope he is not asking you for more $. You have to stop right now. Don’t bother to verify anything anymore. Just stop all communication with him now. He is not worth your time and money. The last I heard from him, i think he is suppose to be in jail for having drugs in his luggage. So STOP ALL COMMUNICATION WITH HIM NOW before you step any further!

        Comment by Chan | August 14, 2009

      • How much were you scammed and how long was this? do you have the recipt of all the transaction you did with him? let me know and contact me at

        Comment by Adonis | September 3, 2010

      • Hi Lee,

        Hope you get this.

        You have suffered a lot. Do you still have the communications you had with his lawyer? Did his lawyer ever write you any letter apart from phone calls and msn chats? Could you scan and send a copy of that letter or any other correspondence to me? Do you also have his lawyer’s phone number?

        However, there is a chance that John was also acting as lawyer, and simply sent information of some innocent people which he obtained through identity theft to you as his lawyer (which is what I suspect because he gave you two different addresses from two different states as his lawyer’s office address).

        Although I am currently in the US, I am from Nigeria, and this information may help our organization in our fight against scams and cybercrime in Nigeria.



        Comment by Wunmi | May 7, 2012

      • wunmi,it might be more helpful to post your organizations website rather than an email address.cheers

        Comment by alanprince | May 7, 2012

      • Hi Wunmi, Certainly, the lawyer from Nigeria definitely contacted me by e-mails telling me the situation of John in addition of making phone calls, chatting with me on msn&yahoo messenger as well as SMS to my cell phones, I have the record of his sms on my cell phones. I also requested him to e-mail his business card with his office address and his university certifcatie to me. Regarding the 2 different addresses you mentioned on your message to me, one address I got is his office address printed on his name card and the other address is his residential address I got from John where John told me that he has been living with such lawyer’s house in Nigeria . His phone number was shared with John to keep in touch of me and was changed to another number to me. He has not contacted me for long whereas I can still get reply from John from his yahoo e-mail address. My case has been reported to my local police, UK police and FBI already. It is not worthwhile to waste my time to deal with the scammers. The scams has spreadout to Malaysia and non-stop to cheat me in different stories to me on net . May I know who you are more ?Someones has left reply right here to me and I tried to reach him but w/o any feedback. What nature of your organziation are you on behalf of ? Hope to hearing from you soon. Regards, Eva

        Comment by Lee | May 8, 2012

      • Our organization is called Nigerian Anti-Cybercrime Group. We don’t have an online presence yet because we are in the process of completing our registration with the Nigerian government’s Corporate Affairs Commission. (If they don’t approve our name and address, we have to change it. So, we are waiting to complete that before we open our website and do other things).

        Our members are mostly law students and young lawyers who are interested in fighting cybercrimes. That is why I am interested in the lawyer part of this case, to educate our members that their clients may be fraudsters who may use their information to commit fraud and put the lawyers in trouble.

        I am sure both addresses are addresses and names of real lawyers who don’t even know John, and he was using his friend to pretend to be lawyer, because I know no lawyer will give his phone to his client in order to get in touch with you. (You are not even his client, the lawyer has no business with you). Lawyers keep all communication confidential and direct. John gave you real names and addresses because you may want to confirm. He may even have printed the business card himself and send to you. How would you know that?

        The problem with all these stuff is, there is currently no cybercrime law in Nigeria. That is why it is difficult to get co-operation from law enforcement. It is difficult to prosecute these criminals even if they are caught. So we are putting pressure on the government to quickly pass the Nigerian Cybersecurity Bill which has been with them for a long time.

        But in the meantime, what we do is sensitize Nigerian youths to desist from participating in online crimes by exposing cybercriminals and working with the EFCC to get them prosecuted, where possible. While we want you guys to get more informed and stop falling prey to these bastards, we have to also reduce the number of bastards approaching you.

        That is the long and short of our commitment.

        Comment by Wunmi | May 8, 2012

      • Hi Wunmi,
        Well-noted. I have forwarded those e-mail communications in 2008 with such Nigeria lawyer from my hotmail e-mail a/c “wing…” . Yes! I did also gave my personal information to John already. In case of my identity being stolen by the scammers for their next target in my name, I finally decided to report to my local police for security of identity being stolen reason even thought I had been informed that there are no regulation available due to insufficient evidences to prosecute the net scammers and the crimes happened out of my country. I have contacted Mr John Thomas Steven throughtout 2008 till now. He kept on chasing my help for his release of Nigeria. The cell phone number he gave me starting with country code 234 and we did exchanged SMS clearly with his cell phone number with Nigeria country code 234. One day I made a computer screen print with John appearance and made me assure that he is a White guy rather than my usual perception on net crime report regarding Nigerian scam issues.

        Maybe as per you mentioned , John stole the identity of whatever lawyers and other people for his own benefits in the beautiful name of FRIENDSHIP without any evidences to prove the foundation of their friendship in between. I am interested to know the lawyer who contacted me if the real laywer knew Mr John Thomas Steven and the real background of John. Why is the white guys staying in Nigeria ? I am wondering if he is a real American . How come didn’t he ask the assistance direct from US government to get back to USA ? Keep me posted of this .
        Once your group and group name is well formed, please let me know as well.

        What is your profession?


        Comment by Eva | May 9, 2012

    • Hi Chan,

      This is sharing with you. My aim is to get back all my money . As I mentioned you before, I had asked help and assistance from the governments, police and etcs. The serious matter I would like to raise up that our civil servants do not hold sufficient responsibility to protect their citizens . So far , I have not got any help to attrack this scam groups and even any professional advice to stop and defend me. The societies we are living are very dangerous and everyone are irresponsbile. Do you agree?



      Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 17:09:48 -0700
      Subject: care alot
      To: hi sweet heart missing you over over here hunnie, i love you with everything i have hunnie, i will pay you back all your money when am in uk…i promise you this hunie and i will also pay for your air ticket to uk too,how did you spend your birthday over there, i wish that i was there with you hunnie, but time will tell and i know that all this will need when we meet in uk,,,i care so much about you and love you so much….i wrote this lovely poem for you hunnie…this is the poem
      I’ve searched for you
      Beyond the stars,
      Throughout the years,
      And so very far
      Somehow I knew
      That you were out there,
      But that’s the thing…
      I didn’t know where.
      When I couldn’t find you
      I just kept crying,
      But I couldn’t give up…
      I had to keep trying.
      she’s out there, I’m thinking.
      I continued my search
      For the love I was seeking.
      From hour to hour,
      And from place to place,
      I didn’t give up
      In this heart-rushing race
      The days went by,
      As well as the years
      It had brought me nothing
      But painful tears
      Then all of a sudden,
      There you stood…
      Like a beautiful angel
      Floating in the woods
      Where have you been?
      All of my life
      I long for the moment
      To call you mine.
      In love’s embrace
      We’ll be together.
      Our love is protected,
      And will last forever.
      Fate has lead me to you,
      The one from above…
      My search is over,
      I’ve finally found you,
      My one true love
      i know for sure that you will know how i feel about you after reading this mail..i care so much and love you with all my heart, you are the woman of my dreams and all i have wanted all my me to uk hunnie, send $$$ to me so that i can get my passport back and leave for uk…take good care of your you always..john
      寄件者: John Steven (
      寄件日期: 2009年4月28日 19:10:23

      I’ ve搜寻了您在星之外,多年来,并且那么非常 莫名其妙地我知道您是那里,但是that’ s事… 我didn’ t在哪里知道。 当I couldn’ t发现您我继续哭泣,但是I couldn’ t放弃… 我必须继续尝试。 他是那里, I’ 认为的m我继续了我的搜寻为爱我寻找。 从小时到小时,并且到处,我didn’ t放弃在这心脏冲的种族 天流失,并且岁月它什么都未带来我但是痛苦的泪花 然后突然那里您站立了… 象一个美好的天使漂浮在森林 您在哪里?所有我的生活临时长期我告诉您矿。 在love’ s容忍 We’ ll一起是。我们的爱被保护,并且永远将持续命运有主角我给您,那个从上… 我的查寻结束, I’ ve最后找到您,我的一真实的爱 .. …帮助我今天送金钱,并且让我得到我的护照后面和为英国离开,我将付所有您的钱 …约翰

      Comment by Lee | August 17, 2009 | Reply


      LEE 說 (29/5/2009 9:42):
      As I sat down remembering
      My first meeting with you
      I can help but to wonder..
      Is there something within
      That makes me stand out
      From your other friends ?
      You have told me then..
      I am different
      Though I am thankful but
      My mind still seeks
      What makes me special
      For you to keep me,
      Here with you… 說 (29/5/2009 9:43):
      Something in my mind keeps coming back…
      Can’t help but ask
      Is there love within your heart?
      This is the question I wanna ask…
      Within your heart, you told me
      “I wanna keep you,
      For I want you to be my true friend and lover too”
      These words make my heart beat faster
      Feeling the love within….
      Though I know
      It is just a long distance love affair
      But still..there is LOVE WITHIN…..

      do you liek the poem 說 (29/5/2009 9:44):
      do you like the poem 說 (29/5/2009 9:45):
      are you there now my love 說 (29/5/2009 9:52):
      still there now hunnie 說 (29/5/2009 9:53):

      i will have to sleep now
      i called you and you did not pick up or come back here now
      am feeling sleepy now
      hope that you like the poem
      bye for now

      Comment by Lee | August 24, 2009 | Reply


      Special email alert

      If you receive any email that pretends to come from Banks, Courts, Government and their senior officials, please first check the website from which it was sent.

      Criminals who run scams send emails from free public email services and pretend that these emails come from Banks, Courts and senior Government officials. Please note that Banks (particularly the Central Bank of Nigeria) do not conduct official business using free public email services.

      Fake websites of Banks

      Criminals who run scams often set up very sophisticated websites that pretend to be the websites of banks in Nigeria. If you are directed to any website that purports to be that of a bank, click here to see if it is a bank licensed to operate in Nigeria.

      Money transfer by Western Union or other services

      Western Union and other wire services are well known and respected organisations used by very many Nigerians to send money home. Unfortunately, it is rarely easy to trace the persons who collect the money. Criminals often use these services so as to evade detection.

      If any person you do not know on a face to face basis asks you to send money to Nigeria by Western Union or any other money transfer service, we advice that you refuse to do so.

      We further advice that you should never send money to any person in Nigeria (for any reason whatsoever) if you have never met that person face to face. Do not send money to people in Nigeria whom you met or know only through the internet.

      1. I received an email or a phone call from a person I do not know. He offers to render a service and says he is a lawyer. He wants me to pay by Western Union Money Transfer or to a bank account in Taiwan or some other country

      It is a scam. Western Union and other wire services are well known and respected organisations used by very many Nigerians to send money home. Unfortunately, it is rarely easy to trace the persons who collect the money. Criminals often use these services so as to evade detection.

      It is very unusual for a Nigerian to offer services from or in Nigeria and yet not have an account in a bank in Nigeria. Ignore them.

      2. I received an email or a phone call from a person I do not know and he claims to be a lawyer in Nigeria. He informs me that a person has died and left a large sum of money to me in his will or I am the only relative they could trace and so I am entitled to his money or property .

      This question comes in a variety of ways but it always involves money left by a dead person. In our experience, it is (in most cases) a scam.

      The criminals usually send official-looking documents that they have forged. Some even send fake Call to Bar Certificates to ‘prove’ that they are lawyers.

      The criminals usually go on to ask for personal and banking details or the payment of a sum of money. Our advice is that you do not give details or pay money. Ignore them.

      3. I received an email or a phone call from a person I do not know and he claims to be a born-again Christian. He claims to have made a large amount of money while he was ‘in the world’ and having repented, he wants to use the money for work that will glorify God and needs my help to transfer the money out of Nigeria. He quotes a lot from the Bible in his talk or email

      It is a scam that made its appearance about the middle of 2003. It is a variation of the old story about money ‘kept in a box with a security company’. These criminals forget that there is a lot of good work waiting to be done in Nigeria.

      The criminals usually go on to ask for personal and banking details or the payment of a sum of money. Our advice is that you do not give details or pay money. Ignore them.

      4. I received an email or a phone call from a person I do not know and he says he can assist me in getting paid on a contract executed long ago for which payment has been delayed.

      This question comes in a variety of ways but it always involves a demand for money. These persons usually pose as high officials in Government and use the names (or a play on the names) of real persons.

      They also talk about many ‘certificates’ such as ‘Anti-Terrorism Certificate’ ‘Money Laundering Certificate’ ‘Drug free Certificate’. The list of these false certificates is endless.

      The criminals usually send official-looking documents that they have forged such as ‘Receipt’ from ‘Central Bank of Nigeria’, ‘Documents issued by a ‘Court”. Some even send fake Call to Bar Certificates to ‘prove’ that they are lawyers

      In our experience, it is (in most cases) a scam. Our advice is that you do not give details or pay money. Ignore them.

      If you have a legitimate claim in or against Nigeria, go through official channels and contact your Solicitors

      5. I want you to check if a person is a lawyer practicing in Nigeria.

      If you receive an unsolicited mail or ‘phone call from these persons, then be very careful. A large number of scams are run by criminals who pretend to be lawyers. They often use the names or a play on the names of well known lawyers. Many of them also pretend to be SAN (Senior Advocate of Nigeria)

      If you initiated the contact but simply want some assurance, then we may look in our database but we insist that you include the following in your request

      5.1 Name of the law firm

      5.2 Full names of the lawyer(s)

      5.3 Street Address

      5.4 Postal address

      5.5 Telephone number(s)

      6. A person sent me an email. He claims to be a lawyer and says I need to pay for a Drug Free/Money Laundering Certificate. He said I can get it from an International organisation appointed by the NDLEA

      It is a scam. These criminals set up bogus websites and open temporary offices and bank accounts into which they want the money paid. They also ask for payment by Western Union or other wire services. Ignore them

      7. A person sent me an email and says I need an International Clearance Certificate which can be acquired from the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

      It is a scam. Ignore them. These criminals have invented a large number of ‘Clearances’ and ‘Certificates’

      8. A person sent me an email and says I should assist in transferring a large sum of money out of Nigeria. He solicits my ‘Strictest confidence’ in this ‘Urgent Business transaction’.

      It is a scam.

      This question comes in many varieties and they make many false claims such as being

      8.1 Families of persons who were in Government and are now in prison or facing other forms of persecution.

      8.2 Senior persons in Government, large corporations, banks and oil companies who are members of ‘contract review committee’ or other committees (the names they invent are endless)

      8.3 Lawyers acting for families of persons who were in Government and are now dead, in prison or facing persecution

      In whatever form it comes, they always say that there is a large sum of money to be transferred out of Nigeria and promise a large commission to their targets. Everything they say, is false. Everything they ask you to do is aimed at defrauding you. Ignore them.

      9. I was approached through an investors matching service on the internet by a Nigerian. I was thereafter referred to his financial source – a Nigerian company for further review

      After some time they got back to me stating that they had found my project to be worthy of investment and will invest in dollars or other non-Nigerian currency. They sent me some documents stating the conditions of investment . They also recommended the services of a law firm in Nigeria

      It is a scam This scam comes in many forms but it always ends up in a demand for money at some point. It is most unlikely that a Nigerian will be so rich (even from stolen Government money) as to have millions of dollars in his account in Nigeria and be looking for an outlet to invest the money outside Nigeria.

      If they insist they are serious (and they always do) ask them to fly to meet you but, do not part with any money.

      10. Our company has received a ‘large order’ and we are told that in order to transfer the funds to us to pay for the goods, we need a ‘Money Laundering Certificate’ or an ‘Anti-Terrorist Certificate’ or some other documentation and we need to go to Nigeria or pay a ‘lawyer’ in Nigeria to get it for us

      It is a scam These ‘certificates’ come in very many forms but they are all fictions invented by these criminals. The import and export process in Nigeria is about the same as in other countries and is a straight forward transaction

      11. I received an email telling that I had won an ‘online lottery’. I am told to contact a a person who wants some small fees paid to him by Western Union Money transfer sent to Nigeria. Or I am told that they make payments through an online division of a bank in Nigeria. Through the website of this online bank, I obtained , an Account number, transfer code, password. When I check my account on this website, I can see the large sum of money as credited to the account
      It is a scam. There are no ‘on-line’ lotteries in Nigeria and there are no ‘virtual’ or ‘internet’ banks in Nigeria. These criminals set up many fake websites of so-called banks. They even set up bogus websites that use the names of real banks in Nigeria.

      12. I am trying to determine the validity of a job offer from the NNPC. The person contacting me is Haruna Sani. Also, a person named Prince Omo Jay has contacted me about the Foreign Expatriate Registration process. He has said that it includes an $800 fee. Is this a valid fee for the country of Nigeria.

      It is a scam. There are no job offers of that nature and there are no fees of that type

      Comment by Lee | August 25, 2009 | Reply

    • HI ALL,




      Comment by Lee | September 4, 2009 | Reply


      Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2009 17:21:42 -0700
      Subject: RE: Be protected against financial assitances from — SCAM
      To: \
      hi sweet heart, you got the whole things wrong dude..i wanna answer your question.

      (1) We have never met in real and we don’t have any solid commitment in this relationship
      all because we have never met in real is the reason why i send my $480,000 to you which we have little problem about and you gonna receive it soonest and everything would be okay…i have solid commiment to this relationshipp, i have shown care and love and showed to you that you are my everything, words cannot explain the extent of my love for you, everything would be okay when you receive the moeny there and we plan on meeting in real..
      (2) You have not fulfilled the responsibility of being a unauthoriized boyfriend or husband
      i have tried my best here but i just happen to find my self in the wrong country at this time, all this would be resolved soon ..i would take full responsility of being a husband when we meet in real, that is why we have planned about meeting , part of the reponsibility is the proposal that we prepared to run our family, we would meet soonest and i would take full resposibility
      (3) This is not the first time you asked the victims (me) to send $$ to you and failure all the time
      i cant allow the woman i love so much fall victim to anyone, you understand all this reason and you are aware of all that as happened, just this last chance and everything we have dreamed for would be reality soonest, we would meet and live together as husband and would never fall a victim again, we can trust the uk bank and am 100% sure that they cannot be corrupt, i can never hurt you and would not forever
      (4) Everyone should hold responsbility to earn their cost of living and keep proper survival
      you are right about that honey, but you should realize that if not that i transfered money to you, then all this would never have happend to me…. but i have take heart and i know that all this mess is gonna end soon….am a good man and i would take good care of myself and my family
      (5) You are still oweing me lots of money (this is my cost of living being robbed by a scammer)
      i know that am oweing you a lot of money, all this would be resolved when the moeny is in your account then you can deduct all that you ahve spend, send some money to me here and keep the rest for me, then we can plan on meeting each other in uk soonest
      (6) The numerous failures on obeying your words (ridiculous), I am only the great loser.
      you are never a loser , this is the bad time and everything would be okay soonest,give this last chance and everything would be okay…you knwo that i cant lie to the woman i love but,its just the wrong country honey, i love you so much..
      you know that the money just need this last process , then the money would reflect in your account, everything we have planned for would then become reality, do you understand? the bank is expecting you to make the payment and everything would be resolved, love you always..john
      have a great week ahead

      Comment by Lee | September 16, 2009 | Reply

        THANKS! LEE

        Comment by Lee | September 17, 2009

      • Hi Lee

        I think we are contact the same guy, his email address is exactly same as your rubbishman, i forgot where i known him but it should be a dating site which is called “world friend” , one day he sent me a email said, he found my email at his list , so… he tried to contact me…., after few email and we saw each others by webcam. of course he want to meet me in person and asked me to give him my bank to tranfser his money for him to use here …., of course i will not do this for him due to i has deceived by someone before , it is hard to stand for me to send any money or give my bank information to anyone who ever meet in person again! i think we both are the dragon lady in Asia, just want to let you known that we are at the same boat


        Comment by Naive | September 25, 2010

    • Hi Chan,

      Thanks for your blessing. I have been still contacting him in order to get back all my money whereas he has still been asking me money for him to UK and back to USA.

      I have sent your comments to him. He said he had known you and said he only knows Jacky Chan (Internationl super star from HK).

      In the meanwhile, any other guys , mixed race of American and Spainish, contacted me and introduced himself as an orhphan.

      I have some photos of them . Do you have some photos from these people? If possible, shall we have a private chat ?

      I cannot understand there have been no legal and control on these bad people. He is still taking the same e-mail address to ask more money …..


      Comment by Lee | October 27, 2009 | Reply

    • Hello Chan,

      Nice to share you that I have still got his promise like this:
      Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 16:15:54 -0700

      hi sweet heart.. i check your pictures with me today are so gorgeous and beautiful in the pictures, i cant wait to meet you in real my love..let me confess the things i wanna do with you my love
      Be your best friend.
      Get caught with you in the rain.
      Dance with you in the rain.
      Stargaze on a clear night.
      Watch the sunset together.
      Spend all day with you doing nothing.
      Moonlit walks on the beach.
      Be more proud of you than I already am at this very moment.
      Go on a carriage ride through the park.
      Do a crossword together.
      Go to brunch.
      Have a disagreement (it could/will only make us stronger).
      Go for a twilight horseback ride.
      Watch a bad movie together.
      Spend the rest of my life with you.
      Have our picture taken together.
      Eat ice cream with you.
      Make love to you passionately.
      Go to a museum together.
      Talk to each other using only body language.
      Give you space when you need it.
      Accept you totally and completely – flaws and all (I already do).
      Discuss current events in a heated debate.
      Have you see the error of your ways from aforementioned heated debate and make mad, torrid love to you, in the midst of all that passion.
      Carve our names into a tree/table.
      Go for a walk at dusk together.
      Be one with you.
      Send you a singing telegram.
      Spend all night thinking of 101 sweet things to do for you.
      Hold you and gaze into your eyes and realize how much I love you…and tell you.
      Gently run my hand across your cheek and look into your eyes.
      Blindfold you and take you somewhere romantic.
      Spend my life making you happy.
      Spend my life making our family happy.
      Feel your heartbeat.
      See our unborn child/children in your eyes.
      Go roller/ice skating together.
      Give you a backrub just because.
      ALWAYS being honest with each other.
      Go hiking/camping together.
      Have our first fight, make up and feel a stronger bond because we very successfully weathered the storm – together.
      Marry you.
      Laugh at someone together.
      Share a plate of spaghetti.
      Give you a stuffed animal just because.
      Go on a fun family vacation and bring back the kind of memories movies are made of.
      Treat you like my Lancelot.
      Go on a road trip across America.
      Count thunder together during a thunderstorm.
      Envelop you in my soul.
      Cook your favorite meal/meals.
      Know you better than you know yourself.
      Go to a Renaissance Fair.
      Plant a tree in our yard together.
      Look over at you during an office/military/family party and have you know without me saying a word – that I love you.
      Be able to say “I love you” in 89 different ways – in 89 different countries.
      Hold you when you’re at your saddest and comfort you when you need it the most.
      Be the one you come to for that comfort and holding.
      Wipe away the days’ stresses and issues, with just one hug/kiss.
      Grow old with you.
      i love you always and cant wait to meet you in real, take good care of your self, i would call you tomorrow, john
      i need you to help me home

      Comment by Lee | October 30, 2009 | Reply

      • Wow I dont know if this is fromthe same guy or just something that these scammers are cut copy and paste to us but I have this exact email,,,His name as he told me is Albert Allen 42yrs old,,,He claims to live in Monroe,La., He claims to own a home there and that he travels to Africa to buy and sell African clothes,,I got this email about 2 weeks after talking with him,,,I was suspicious but refuse to believe my own feelings,,,this is the exact email I got from him,,,I had a feeling,,,July 1st he said he was going away on his yearly business trip,,,He went to Dubai then flew to London,,,while he was in London his flight was put off for a day and he was walking the streets late at night to get things he needed before he left London and was robbed on the streets for his credit cards and cell phones,,,but somehow manage to call me from one of those cell phones,,he claimed that the police was investigating but he needed money to get food until he got to his bank in Nigeria,,,then told me once he was in Nigeria,,,that his bank was closed there until the next Monday and he needed money for food and water because the water there wasnt safe,,,and when I didnt send the money the first time he went from 500-100–250,,,then I didnt hear from him again when I refused to send the money again until I sent him an email confronting him about what he was doing,,,he tried to act as if he didnt know what I was talking about of course,,,but I’m so happy I ran across this page tonight…his email is i met him on website I hope whoever else he is scamming or trying to scam comes across this page before they end up hurt or broke….He claims to have lived in Jacksonville Fl where he was engaged to a woman and caught her in the bed with his best friend then moved to La because he couldnt bare to be in his bedroom anymore,,,Yes he had me very much in love and fooled until he asked me for money

        Comment by erica | July 16, 2010

      • Erica,

        Girl Thank You, I just got that same email from Albert (or whoever he is)yesterday. I had already been suspicious of him when his voice didn’t match his picture and when he only wanted me to call him between 5-6 pm, but decided to play along and see what he’s after. He claims that he will be leaving Monday for his “yearly” trip. Isn’t it funny how his yearly trips happen so frequently… lol. I’m sorry that he has gotten away with hurting other people. i am also thankful that you sent me this link. So I guess sometime next week, I’ll be getting a call for help…lol. I think I might try to beat him to the punch and ask him to “help” me just for the fun of it.

        Thanks again Erica.

        Comment by Carlotta | July 16, 2010

  66. his email address is, now in Nigeria.I believe he is still trying to scam many people,especially woman.Sounded very nice, caring, romantic initially but after few weeks, started to ask for help – not enough cash to pay hotel bills because credit cards/Bank Account is not affliated with Nigeria Banks and also later ask for more money to finance projects committed in Nigeria.When he knows that he is being suspected of being a scammer, he started to use harsh/vurgar/sarcastic words to blame you for not keeping promises to help him. Inactual fact, he seems to put words in people’s mouth. He can emailed his photos, ID, to prove his innocence and trust but I believe all these are fake. He hardly emailed and chat online after his identity has been found out.I think he is a Black but he said that he is a White from Calofornia, Long Beach! Woman, Be Careful!

    Comment by Xx | February 12, 2009 | Reply

  67. Hello,
    My name is Regina and I think I am being scammed. I want to believe I am not, but, now I do think I am. I have not given out any bank acct. info or credit card info to him because I do not have any(Thank God). He claims he is a construction engineer, from Michigan. 2 wks. after we started exchanging emails and chatting, he claims he was being sent to Lagos for business. For 3 months. He said his parents are dead and has no other family. He really needed me to keep emailing him. Asked for b-day presents,which, unfortunately, I sent. Then claimed he needed 100 usd to pick up pkg. from post office. Said it was for customs fees on the pkg. I was a fool and sent him 100 dollars. He was o.k. for about 2wks. Didn’t ask for any money, then, he asked for 1000 dollars. Told him I couldn’t, that I didn’t have that kind of money. I told him I would send 100 dollars more on Valentine’s Day( I sent it and sent the other 100 thru money gram). Then, yesterday, he was on chat and claimed he was robbed on the way back from moneygram and his friend had been shot in the robbery! Things just aren’t adding up, in fact, they are getting crazier. I want out! Ladies, he works thru Christian dating web sites and he goes by David Larry. His email address is Don’t be a fool like me. Stay away from him. I have learned my lesson. I am sending him no more money!!!!!

    Comment by Regina | February 18, 2009 | Reply

    • Hi Regina,
      I’m corresponding with a fella in nigeria who
      has recently asked me 4 money as well the red flag
      immediately went up with me claims he was on a contract in nigeria that its so cold ov there he has called a meet with all the directors and ask the work be put on hold (so i can come to you my love)the idiot speaks terrble english can barely put two sentences together is telling me he’s capable of calling a meeting with executives of telecommunication they stoop to any level sadly it seems to be commonly Nigerian men using male models

      Comment by mel | July 20, 2009 | Reply

    • Hello Regina,

      I am one of victim from a romantic scam and lost USD13,500 and just argued with the same guy on yahoo message just while.

      Cordially invite you to forget the bad thing together and start a new and healthy life to go this site


      Comment by Wing | December 27, 2010 | Reply

  68. I wish I had found this site sooner. I’ve just been scammed out of $3,000 by! I didn’t want to date a man of the “world”, so I went on a Christian site and found “SATAN” there! Now, that I see this site, I see that all the story lines are pretty much the same. Off to Nigeria for work, dead parents, widowed, with child. Medical emergency, sickness, kidnapping, always drama. These people are evil! That’s OK, what he got from me can be replaced. He (whoever the heck he is) will have to answer to God for using Him in his extortion. Stay away from on-line dating sites – Christian or not! I was only on for 3 weeks and I am so done with it!

    Comment by Beware ladies... | February 18, 2009 | Reply

    • @mel…Yep. You feel like you’ve been driving with the devil in your car. These kids are Christian. They go to confession on Sunday and hit the internet cafe on Monday. I’ve heard all of these stories and then some. Taking advantage of a person that is lonely is hideous and cruel. I don’t care how poor they are…you don’t clean out a widow.

      Comment by Anonymous | October 24, 2010 | Reply

  69. Anyone heard of Richard Woods,, supposley in Tallahassee, FL. He is on myspace too, widower, 39 years old,lost his wife an 2, sometimes 3 year old child, supposely imports gold and diamonds, in Tallahassee, lol, gave me his address, is a student apt complex, one of the worst in Tally, why I don’t understand is, he did not think I would check it out, we hardly talk, he pops up weeklyfor 3 weeks and is kind of sweet but kind of naughty too, I just want to play along, but I think I asked too many questions and he shyed away, or he is truthful. lol. and i missed on the love of my life,lol, the pictures are of a darn good looking cutie, I would love to find the real man in the pioctures, i also get scammers on a weekly basis, 6 or 7 so far, I’m disgusted with this online dating crap, what is it, what do we have in our profiles or in our foreheads, is it age? I’m 47, I’m pretty happy with my life and just want to date and have fun, anyone can shed some light on this?

    Comment by Nancy | February 22, 2009 | Reply

  70. beware of internet dating from Nigeria. Most of them are scammers and they talk very romantic and sweet initially but turn out to be devil later on. SO DONT BE FOOL BY THEM!

    Comment by nancy | February 24, 2009 | Reply

    • My goodness almost like they are sitting in the same
      room discussing each potential victim(Us)
      heaven forbid a bomb drop on that particular room

      Comment by bell | July 19, 2009 | Reply

      • @Nancy, that is exactly what’s going on. These aren’t love letters. It’s business. They run Internet Cafes like organized crime…bosses, etc. It’s pathetic.These kids can’t get jobs in NG and they think we’re stupid rich Americans. Sorry to say it …there are no love letters here. You are talking to con men.

        Comment by Anonymous | October 24, 2010

  71. Yes, I was a victam of a scam. I wish I would of came across this website before I realized I was taken for $5700. I believe I fell for this and I’m embarrassed. An expensive lesson learned. Hear is the email he sent me on Yahoo Personals, His name is Jeff Hall. He claimed later his real last name was Gonzalez and was from Marrietta, Ga He was in Lagos, Nigeria on a job as a civil engineer. Here is the email.On 01/28/2009 04:01 am PST, Jeff wrote:

    Hello Gorgeous,
    I am a Man of 48 Years old..I Live in Marietta, Georgia.I am 6″1 tall slim with brown eyes.I am a civil Engineer by Profession,a Good devoted Christian man and also a Caring and Loving Man.View my profile and get in touch.,this is kind of new and exciting to me.The fact that we share many interests and seek similar traits compelled me to introduce myself and express my interest in learning more about you.I’m thinking you maybe the woman I’ve been looking for,i would like talking to you and see if we can start something genuine,romantic and joyful.

    I was born and Raise in Dallas TX,I’ve been Divorced since 5 Years ago,I have 1 son..He won a scholarship and he’s presently studying engineering in the U.K,I am a Man of High Moral Integrity,caring,loving loving open minded man,Honest,God Fearing and Supportive.I am willing to Relocate as soon as I Found the Right one.I believe with the level of my Honesty and sincerity .. i will not find it difficult to meet the right one.

    I Love to swim,dance,read Books and also love to attend party,I Drink socially don’t smoke.I am a easy going man, friendly and lover of children ..After going Through your Profile on Yahoo so much grow interest in you and that is the more reason why I have decided to Write you some little email about me.I am looking for Real.a woman who will Love me for who I am and what I do.I am Looking for someone to spend the rest of my Life with,someone who will love me ..I am Looking a long Lasting Happiness now.Your Profile seems to be more interesting,Attractive and very Nice,You appear like a sky Angel who is sent from God…everything about you is Looking nice including Your Picture as well.

    I’ll be glad to Hear from you as soon as you get this Message.You are free to add me to your Yahoo chat List so that we can chat more and see where it leads,No One Knows where the Right One Lives. Thanks and God Bless Haaaaaaaaaa…..Your beauty almost made me forget to write my name..I am Jeff Hall.I’ll Look forward to chat with you as soon as Possible..I’m online now on my Yahoo messenger and my yahoo screen name is jeffhall2009 I don’t Intend being on personals for long so i will gladly like you to respond to will Be Looking Forward to hearing from you Soonest.


    Comment by Cathy | February 25, 2009 | Reply

  72. Then I got this email after on my email address and this is very familiar with other emails that women have gotten. Good Morning Cathy, I’m very pleased to hear back from you and i must say you’ve brought a huge smile to my face by telling me more about yourself-,This is actually my third week down here in Africa and also my first trip outside the states though I’ll be back home towards the end of the month as soon as i get my job accomplished. I don’t get to see my son often though we get to communicate through emails,I’m in the Western part of Africa in Nigeria and working here alone with a construction firm as a daily instructor and supervisor. Just so you know, I’ll close my yahoo personals account to dedicate my time and attention to you only. I actually wrote this email from work and will look for your response. I love my job, it’s challenging and it keeps me busy, but the 8 hours commute everyday can be frustrating sometimes. I’m a Civil Engineer and also a Supervisor..I have been at this firm for almost 6 years and I was at another firm for 7 years before coming here and was highly recommended.
    About me, I was born and raised in TX,Then went to Denton University, majored in Business Administration, Civil Engineering and from there I moved to Houston for a while to live with late uncle,He was a very kind and devoted man in life who gave me alot of parental care and attention when i needed him most. More about me, I am a loving, humble, spiritual, sweet, honest, faithful, supportive, positive person, understanding, respectful, strong, intelligent, sometime impatient, open minded, outgoing, caring, kindhearted, loyal and committed in a relationship and romantic. I love to travel and I believe in taking a vacation every year if I can afford it and look forward to going to places I never been before. looking forward to exploring whatever God has planned for me for the future with my partner by my side. I love to express my feelings to my partner, have fun and enjoy life to the fullest with that special woman.I’ve noticed that we have a lot of the same qualities, a lot in common and we seem to be compatible in most areas.
    One more thing,I’m 6″1 tall with brown eyes and light brown hair,tall, classic, and a man of his own style.And I also believe it is your inner beauty that enhances or compliments your outer beauty.If you have any more questions or concerns about me, please ask me,I’ll look forward to chat with you online soon but till then,Take a very good care of yourself and have a wonderful day,You’ll be in my thoughts.


    Comment by Cathy | February 25, 2009 | Reply

    • and I had been talking to the same person alot since last Thursday, Fed me a similar line of crap and even sent flowers to me today. When I was speaking w/ him today, he asked for money. He had been asking me to send him an expensive cell phone. I had been trying to search out who he was and check out his information. He scolded me for not trusting him, that he was trustworthy.

      He told me his Uncle had raised him, he’d gone to the same schools Cathy mentioned. He had a 20 yr old son who was studying overseas. He’s be willing to relocate. His parents were killed on the way back from a family reunion. He told me he was staying at some place in Nigeria while he was working there until the end of June. Told me someone was at the door at midnite his time and they demanded money. He couldn’t find his wallet. Asked me to send him $750 to pay them. Said they were black and wouldn’t listen to them. I told him I didn’t have any money to send. I turned off the webcam. for someone who was to have been searching for his billfold, he was on the computer w/ me all the time.

      Comment by michelle | June 2, 2009 | Reply

  73. Watch out for Dave Max or David Maxwell. same story…from manchester, UK, petroleum engineer, parents dead, he has no one to turn to, no web cam for me to see him. asked me for money this week ($3500). we used Yahoo instant message. same thing…he got upset when i told him i didn’t have any money. he is amazingly gorgeous (sent me lots of photos – usually with other women in them). his email is and the phone # he used is +447024030599 and he is from Reno, NV. His voice does not match his photos (young, 35 y.o., not married, no children). he traveled to Portugal for a work project recently and now, cannot pay his mortgage. his grammar is very poor, too. oh, he found me on Zoosk (and just today he deleted his acct) and is also connected to me on Facebook, so watch out. Oh, he also got really upset when i told him i told my best friend about his money issues and that i was supposed to keep that between us only.

    Comment by anonymous | February 27, 2009 | Reply

  74. im playin with an amanda p. Fletcher off now. Apparently her dad died n left her 13.1 mill but need 400 to pay the court fee to get the money. ha. I jus keep saying dumb stuff too her. its funny too me. the same night i got an IM from another girl from nigeria who is a model but might be stuck in nigeria cause she dont know where her promoter is and guess what? she need money for a ticket. lol. Im gon keep playing with them just like they play other ppl. I got gf anyway and would never date nobody off the internet but its fun for entertainment plus im broke anyway. But im gon have a lil fun with em

    Comment by thatboy | March 23, 2009 | Reply

  75. I have also been playing with a nigerian scammer for 2 months. Name is Matt Rachlin supposedly british, divorced, with a 10 year old daughter, has a home in coral springs florida and is in the import/export business now in nigeria with insufficient funds to pay VAT tax to ship the cargo. Met on Yahoo Personals, these scammers are too good, please be careful his email is I have alerted Yahoo and contacted the FBI. these scammers just want money thank heavens I realized in time and never sent any.

    Comment by maureen walker | March 24, 2009 | Reply

  76. I beleive I have been scammed by a man going by the name of Donald Maxwell at who professes to be an architect working in the uk, from California but relocated to Pa recently. Says to have an 8 year old daughter, widowed, divorced from 2nd wife who cheated w/ best friend so has no friends anymore. Actually sent me “his” US passport to verify identity while chatting to assure me he is who he says (ha). Sent me the “contract award certificate” won on the uk job with what appears a legit firm in West Yorkshire. But couldn’t come home to US until he raised enough $ to pay for the unanticipated cost of a permit for the job from the UK cuz the one from US won’t work there. Then came up with hurt ankle & needed money for medical costs & food. Knew all the right things to say. IP addresses verified both UK and Nigerian locations; phone numbers both showing on cell bill as from UK and Nigeria & when confronted made up some story about his cell phone being “hacked” while in UK. Professes to have been raised in France, speaks French & can email in French. Met on Yahoo Personals. Beware.

    Comment by scammed | April 12, 2009 | Reply

  77. the abouve website is where you look for under beckley.i belive this man is still operating just changing his pictures he emailed me thru myspace but wanted to me contacted thru his own email site ive kept the conversation short but when i started asking questions things came to a halt.but i found his name when i searched yahoo.the last communication he said he was on vacation in west africa with his daughter ann.he was on a project daughter on vaca

    Comment by sheri latulip | April 19, 2009 | Reply

  78. They are still at it lol in lagos ive got a 29 year old nurse thats ask me to marry her in two days only catch she needs me to send her 670.00 for her motel bill another 150.00 for her internet charge via moneygram or western union lol ok she said total of 820 was all she needs and she will be on her way .then she wants me to pay her air fair so i said ok give me the name of the airline i,ll take care of it she hesitates and comes back with i see u dont trust me if you did u would send me the money so i can come to u and show me my love is true is and or

    Comment by jon | April 22, 2009 | Reply

  79. I met someone on line and all was going well, he had gone to London to see his son and then he said he recvd a contract in Africa, Accra, Ghana to be exact he says he is a civil engineer and was contracted to shore up and old bridge…Well he has said all the right things and suddenly in a car wreck and needed cash asap so I borrowed 2000. from a friend and wired it, now he is saying all has been spent and needs more…DON DECKER is his name I met him on and his email address is I’ve also recvd the email from Jeff Hall of Marietta Ga…. Pls help me Janice

    Comment by janice | April 27, 2009 | Reply

    • have you acused these people of speaking crappy english and crap english diologne haha i have
      look as long as you know where your heads at

      Comment by bell | July 19, 2009 | Reply

  80. Don Decker’s screen name used on was donseeksluv

    Comment by janice | April 27, 2009 | Reply

  81. I believe and have had suspicions for quite awhile now, that I am being scammed.
    His name is Jeffery Williams, caucasian, Irish, 45 yrs old, widowed with a 10 yr old son who attends a boarding school in Manchester, England near his grandmother, Jeffery’s mom. Jeffery himself lives and has a photography business that he just opened in New York. He did give me a phone number which I called once. He was very strange on this number and spoke very softly.
    Of course within 4 days of our chatting, he was in love. I wasn’t in love, but I sure was interested. I’m afraid I’ve met so many nuts online that I don’t respond in kind so quickly anymore.
    Like the usual, he would send emails with poetry or some sort of message that I could tell was not his writings at all. Either he cut and paste or someone else wrote the letters, but they really didn’t seem to pertain to our situation. Finally one day I mentioned this and he began to start to include his own verbage into the messages. You can tell where the one stops and he begins. His grammar and vocabulary isnt that good, it seems. But he had told me he had been in the U.S. for 12 years.
    He has lost his wife 6 years ago and is responsible for raising his 10 year old. All of a sudden his mother who is 75 has decided she is going with the Missionaries to Nigeria to help the needy. Well ok…. 1st flag went up. Why Nigeria? He doesn’t want her to go but she isn’t listening. So she goes, he doesn’t hear from her for a couple of days then receives a call that she is in bad health and his presence is required. I’m trying to give him the benefit of a doubt, I look up the red cross and the British Embassy for him and send him the information. Told him he should check and make sure his mom is actually ill. But within 3 days he is flying to Lagos, Nigeria. Ok…. flag 2 up!
    So he has emailed me, IM’d me, telephoned me just about everyday since being down there. The number he has supplied me and which is also on my caller ID is an international number. His mother is in the hospital requiring surgery. Actually requiring a kidney transplant. So you know, I mention that it is great that they promise to operate next week, I was under the impression that there was a long line on the list for patients waiting for kidney donations with few donors. But it seems the doctors have assured him that they will have a donor for his mother to operate next week. He has been staying at a hotel, has had to fly to another state to meet with someone from the Irish Consulate, he claims to have met with the American Embassy. I’m just patiently waiting for the inevitable question of fiancial assistance.
    I have never and will not give anyone any money online. It is too bad that he couldn’t be a true possible relationship, but after reading the various stories on this site and others, I’m so glad that I’ve kept my head on my shoulders and my eyes and ears open.
    He also does not answer direct questions. Well he will if they are unimportant questions. I have never gotten his mothers name, I’ve asked where and when were his pictures taken, no answer. I have to say he does not sound black over the phone, but something does not sit well with me in my gut, and I’ve learned to follow that.
    He has never asked me what my profession is. I’m in law enforcement and I’m retired military. So I’m not easily bullied or fooled. But I had thought I may have met someone pretty nice. So much for that!
    I chat with others online as well, and I do belong to a social group and I attend social functions, so I’m not totally heartbroken. I feel I’m lucky in that aspect.
    I have to admit, I am giving him every opportunity to prove me wrong….. but as soon as he makes the mistake of asking me for one dime….. I’m going to let him have it, then I’m going to block him from my email address. More than likely I will also report him. Can’t allow him to continue harassing others freely.
    I met Jeffery Williams on a site called Black & White Singles. The day after, he removed his profile.
    I want to thank you for providing this site. I have found it most enlightening and informative.
    I know there are a lot of people out there just looking for their true love, their soul mates. But please be careful. Money is just money, but who is to say these people will stop there. They may become bolder, more aggressive. Trust me, if someone wants to meet you bad enough, they will find the money. When I’m truly interested, I will travel to meet the other party. So if I don’t ask for money, I’m sure as hell not going to give any either. Protect yourselves and your heart.

    Comment by Julie | May 24, 2009 | Reply

  82. I have a friend leaving from ghana accea to the United States what kind of paperwork does she need initiated $1500 to travel with thank you

    Comment by dvvid sixta | May 28, 2009 | Reply

  83. Be informed of…Ramson Jude probably using model pictures…or just using pictures he’s made living the life of luxury from the money he cons women out of. Actually caught him saying…”I Love only you Jennifer, on my chat, sorry the name’s Billie” Says he lost his wife in a bad accident, and has a 9 yr old in 3rd grade…that talks to you like a full grown man…oh but, honey!! Yea played the fool and sent my bank acct ## he processed $$$ through, dumb ass me didn’t let it set for a day! Sent it back to him Western Union…it was sent through a wire to my acct…they stole from someone else’s acct…now i owe the $$$, can’t have a bank acct in the US for 5 yrs because i was scammed. He uses the picture of a bag of $1,000,000,000 from the big bust in Mexico…took me awhile to remember i seen that bag somewhere…in one of my emails of biggest bust in history… Yea, fell for the love line…well just sometime’s you want to believe in someone…like they say, “Anything too good to be True, isn’t!!” And still trying to get another $200…like the papers say, when you send $ then came the robbery,got shot, the fake hospital, he doesn’t know about the extent of the internet, and fake doctor sending me fake emails, even a fake airline ticket….they will go to full extremes to take you for what they want…how sad. They think we’re all fools!!! I’m still playing tag, because i want the FBI to catch this fool for fucking with my heart & bank account!!

    Comment by Billie | May 29, 2009 | Reply

  84. Just want ladys to be on the look out for guy from nigeria.
    Of course he wants money,claim to love right away,and the pictures not him he is on scammer list.He has to sites the new one is
    He was on singlesnet, so watch out for him,and he can be really nice but all he want money.He claim he atm would work,then money for hotel. I didnt give him it didnt talk for 3 week, then call I called the phone#to get hold of him.
    Then we talk again but he still want money for investment he made with the money he had. Which didnt make sence,he didnt have invesagate the person who you talk to,from lagos nigeria scammers .

    Comment by lisa | May 30, 2009 | Reply

  85. be carefully nice guy who use mail
    on he use name whyte_kyle
    he just beg me money for his fucking son /Terry kyle in Nigeria by western union but I know he is scammer after I ask him where he work with.. he ever told me he work as engineer for oil company but never know company’s name ..oh yeah that’s why I know scammer come throgh.. lol..
    his phone number is +447035993042 I’m so upset with those fucking scammer

    Comment by semi | June 15, 2009 | Reply

  86. […] rest is here: Yahoo Suspect Nabbed « Internet Dating and Romance Scams Share and […]

    Pingback by Dating Book | June 18, 2009 | Reply

  87. Has anyone heard or have had any interactions with an “American” guy named Samuel Taye who works in Nigeria. I suspect he’s a scam artist. Please help. He frequests Blackplanet & yahoo. Thanks

    Comment by Lisa | June 30, 2009 | Reply

    • has he a pic like a male model cos that’s probably what you’ve fallen for i would invetigate him more carefully

      Comment by mel | July 20, 2009 | Reply

  88. I hate to think that I’m gullable, But I think I’m being scammed. His email address is He has already gotten over 22,000 dollars from me. He is very convincing

    Comment by Rae Ann | July 2, 2009 | Reply

    • Rae Ann,

      Oh, sweetie, please do not give anyone money. I know we are natural nurturers and want to help people. I also know that we do not put ourselves first very often. If a man truly wants us to be happy, we need to take good care of ourselves and nurture our own souls first.

      If you want to give money to charity, you’d want to research the viability of the organization and find out how much money actually goes toward administration vs. the individuals you want to help. We should do the same with anyone we consider giving money to.

      So, if you feel like you are being scammed, don’t be afraid to call the police. I know I was being scammed and I called a friend whose boyfriend is a policeman. He said it was a scam, so I dumped the guy before he could convince me to sent him money. It’s sad and I was heartbroken and ashamed at the same time.

      So, please be super careful and go with your gut…women’s intuition is rarely ever wrong; we need to stop trying to rationalize with our heads and hearts.

      Stay strong!

      P.S. There really are some great men out there in the world. I finally found one myself…

      Comment by Michelle | July 8, 2009 | Reply

  89. These 2 are online with the same story, families all dead, wife died, has 1-2 children in Nigera needing money. he goes by Robin William(s) and he goes by Terry Mark. Beware

    Comment by Lisa | July 18, 2009 | Reply

    • Robin Williams is for real …I know him and i met him in person, we just did not click … His kids are also wonderful …I did not want young kids that was why we did not click apart from that , he is a good man ..

      Comment by Laura | August 17, 2009 | Reply

      • are you for real………he just tried to sucker me….was he in the oil business with kids named calvin and teresa?

        Comment by karma | September 2, 2009

      • Hi

        I have been bitten by a scammer in the past called Smith william. But have just been contcted by r.william78566 (see above) through a christian dating site. He says he was born in Hastings, which is somewhere I know so will test the water. You never know if Lisa is someone pretending to be someone else?? I am wary though of American widowers with children – so will let you know what happens.

        God bless

        Comment by funnycat | September 6, 2009

  90. I have one that is better than all, actually I am still talking to him, cause first of all I just think it is funny, this Roy Walker ,yahoo ID r.walker77627, first started chatting with me in March, says he is in Nigeria, building homes for orphanages,then about in May he tells me that he got a check from the Nigeria Government for $300,000 gave it some guy to cash, well first of all where in the world are you going to cash a check for that amount at a check & go, and secondly who in their right mine would give a stranger that amount and just say here go and cash this. I have had several emails about this person and this Roy Walker claims that they are either blackmailing him, or want to break us up!

    Comment by Kristy | July 20, 2009 | Reply

  91. Matt Rachlin//I too was contacted by a nigerian scammer through yahoo personals ID is It is exactly the same method that Pat describes in this story, how they talk to you for about 2 weeks post picture of themselves and a child, dog say they are oil exporters from UK travel to nigeria to pick up merchandise, then get stuck for VAT tax ??? ask to have money sent via moneygram, in which I did. then incorrect spelling on simple words and when you speak on the phone its a a british accent but different voice also never want to speak for long always want to IM I also figured something was wrong so played along to see where it would lead If there is a way to prosecute these people I would be more than happy to do it. Please don’t get caught up in this nonsense they only want the money.

    Comment by Pat Fiorentino | July 25, 2009 | Reply

    • Please take my name off this article! I did not write it and in fact it was on your site before with someone elses name.

      I do not apppreciate having my last name on line and will take the necessary actions .

      Thank you for complying to my request!

      Comment by Pat | August 7, 2009 | Reply

  92. Recently I have been contacted by two 28 year old women who both replied to my myspace profile.

    First a caucasian woman from Somerville, New Jersey who claims to be a model that travels and lives with a sick aunt that needs care.

    Second, a Philipino woman from Seattle who tradegically lost both parents (infact both women claim the same) and is in Nigeria to care for a sick grandmother and supposedly has little to no money.

    Each has made several attempts at conversation through yahoo’s instant messenger and each eventually get around to asking for money to be sent through Western Union.

    The woman from New Jersey has made much effort and attempts at ‘connecting’ from many emails and IM’s that appear to be authentic and genuine. This one I didn’t suspect was potentially a scam until a few days ago but the second woman from Seattle was very quick to ask and insistent.

    If you have received such contact…..I strongly urge to report such to both yahoo and myspace, as I have done.

    Comment by Rob | July 29, 2009 | Reply

  93. This i really sad I mean these I don’t even want to refer to them as people taking advantage of women or men who have been hurt and are longing for a friend someone to talk to that will not judge them, about 3 weeks ago I received a email from telling me how beutiful I was that I look like a angle he said God lead him to me he claims that he lost his wife, mother and father in a fatal car accident and his wife died seconds after his daughter Annibell was born he lived in Alantic Beach Florida but due to all the pain him and his daughter went to nigeria to get away now he loves me and wants to be with me so we can be a family he even sent me three roses but in order for us to be together he needs me to pay half of the flight ticket which would be around 1,500.00 I belive it is a scam but he is really good, sent me pictures of him and Anni what a joke so lady’s look out for first meet on my or if anyone else has herd of him I wold like to hear your expierence with him.

    Thanks, Debbie

    Comment by Debbie | July 30, 2009 | Reply

  94. Here is a message I just got from “Tammy Anderson”.. ~who’s parents were from Spain?? Doesn’t sound like a Spaniard’s name to me. Anyways here is what “she” wrote. And notice the poor english for someone who has lived in the US their entire life. And I’ve seen something similar to this before, so as soon as anything relating “money” and “overseas” came up I became sceptical. Anyways, here is what I got for a message:

    Hello Handsome,m sorry if i may use that word handsome,But u re quite admirable that is why i said so ,hope ya don’t mind. My name is Tammy Anderson,i was born in Tacoma Washington,my parents were both from Spain, but they lived in the USA all their life. I lost my parents both in automobile accident. i have a sister,her name is Mimi 15 years of age,and i work as an hair stylist,and also do baby sitting part time. well i tend to forget all that happen to us in my past and face our future,m glad that after my dad death he has investments in West Africa which he had has his source of investment,well soon i will be going to Africa to claim the investment as soon as the government contact me over there. I m 25 years of age , i have a blue eye,5. 3ft tall,and i m average in weight as u can see in my picture,i mostly like to read,do some research,watch good movie,hang out,and some times either go fishing or to the beach to have fun. i m really new to myspace,it was my kid sister that introduce me to it,so that i can make friends and forget about what has happen to me in the past. well i must say my first time for searching for friends i came across ur pic,wow u re such a very good looking guy,romantic,gorgeous,and nice posture in that picture.. honestly m not flattering u really look so good ,i don’t mind if i give u my yahoo ID so that we can chat and get to know each other more better( add me up to ur friend list so we can chat and get to know each other more better i will like us to be friends and keep good communication,and i believe the future can tell what happens.. i hope to hear from you soon and i hope you re having a lovely day ahead.. lots of smile… chears Tammy

    Pretty flattering huh? lol.. I must admit it made me smile though. And of course there was that little grain of hope nestled in the back of my head, then that crap about money pops up and ruins it. Lol. *sigh*

    Let me guess what would have happened if .. Chat a bit. Chat a bit more. Start to like them. Start to trust them. Hope and look forward to getting together. Maybe fall in love, being lonely and all.. Set plans with them. Want to help them so they can get back soon and you can finally meet in person. Loose your money and your heart 😦
    Pretty sad deal man. It sucks that people like this “Tammy” exist.

    My advise: do not EVER send anyone ANYTHING if you have never personally met them, and do not personally know them(The obvious exceptons to this would be when purchasing something (ebay/bestbuy/etc..).)
    Even if they sound like the sweetest person in the world and have you all in goose bumps over them.. use your reasoning. Remember, when someone brings up any sort of monetary action in any country overseas, it is extremely, extremely likely that you are an intended victim of a scam.

    ahaha, I just checked my Myspace message again.. clicked on her photo, and surprise surprise… her Myspace page has been deleted or cancelled. Good Riddance.

    Comment by Charlie | August 11, 2009 | Reply

    • so charlie maybe your tammy and my robin can meet in Nigeria….a romance made from above….good luck and keep on looking…..that’s what i’m gonna do……

      Comment by karma | September 2, 2009 | Reply

  95. Well, I fit right into the group. I met this man on line that is charming and says all the right words, flowers, then comes the money part. Thank God I stopped it before he broke me. I am heart broken. I can’t believe I was taken. I should have listened to my head not my heart. His name is Alvine Dyne. He claims to have a 16 year old son Ernest. He is stranded in Accura and trying to get back to North Carolina. He will show you a picture of a gorgeous house. He is in the jewelry business and setting up a store. Run, He is a real charmer.

    Comment by Carolyn | August 13, 2009 | Reply

  96. Yes I have been checking someone out he was good. Met on he goes by prettysmile111@talk match .com from chicago,ill. also not thru or will go by Larry or Marcus.
    Gave the spill about wanting to start jewelery company went to ghana been invited to the mines. Sound good . this one was good in what he was doing. But thank the good Lord he didn’t get no money from me. I went and talked to my banker and he explained to me and I thank him for protecting me. He wanted to keep in contact with him about this man. I said o.k.. This man Larry has only tried one time to get incontact with me and I don’t think it was the same one.
    He even took me off so no else could talk to me .Said I was his. Also be careful of one I’m not for sure but he went by he was from bult pa. Larry was suppose be 53 and Jmes was 45 both nice looking men if that was their pictures.Larry came from France paris and the other one was an contractor own own company also. Larry did me a favor by taken me off regret it anyway. I just wait upon the Lord and he will send me someone. May god bless us all we just want someone to live us.

    Comment by Terry | August 17, 2009 | Reply

  97. Here is one
    Name ….Hanna Wood
    Address…… 16,cole street fadeyi
    Zip postal code…23401
    this one is off of yaho personals
    Ive searched about this and there is alot from nigeria.
    I made a fake profile to mess with people like this and i finnally found one

    Comment by Jason | August 21, 2009 | Reply

  98. Ladies beware, especially on Facebook, Yahoo or if visiting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Nigerian romance scam, which involves being robbed, a good Samaritan helping you out, then money being extorted though goodwill/romance/proposals of marriage and not wanting to stereotype and discriminate against Nigerians/ethnic groups in general.
    Jacob Olaolu Lewis, aka Olaolu Lewis, Olaoluwa Lewis, Olayikna Olaolu Lewis.
    Country Nigeria/Malaysia
    Carolyn, I feel the same way too, and should have known better.

    Comment by Gwar Panthera | August 25, 2009 | Reply

  99. I meet this guy on Back in march of this year
    he calls his self Burhanu Deen Mohammed. But thats not is real name.His name is oslmen from Accra Ghana he’s a scammer
    posting Van Vickers pictures the actor over there in ghana Africa.As
    him. I found out he was lieing about who he really was.And told him to never contact me again.His yahoo Id is Lunman2G6
    @ or deen or justone day 2009.that guy is sick in the head. trying to get to the states Illegaley. His address is Po Box 122 RD Accra Ghana. Watch out for that nut case.

    Comment by goldeneyes | August 26, 2009 | Reply

  100. ok ladies i too now belong to the scam club….his profile says..JAG711…widowed, father of 2, lives in Texas, christian, virgo, etc….he says his name is ROBIN WILLIAM and yes he is charming and charismatic and romantic and passionate…and everything a woman wants…..but his business in NIGERIA went wrong and he can’t cash his $50,000 USD money orders and he can’t get email banking from his B of A accounts so now he has no funds for “feeding” and asked for my assistance….a money gram to 10 AIRPORT ROAD,IKeja, NIGERIA, 23401…..OH THE PHONE NUMBER.(0112348069109115)…….Watch out for this one he is a smooth talker…….luckily i didn’t cave and all i lost was international callin amounts

    Comment by karma | September 1, 2009 | Reply

  101. I met Robin William on…widowed with two small children. Told me I was everything he was looking for. We talked on the phone a few times but he would always hang up. Then get on chat and tell me we had a bad connection. I have been chatting and e-mailing with him for about 3 weeks. Asked me if we could meet this weekend and would I pick them up from the Airport. Then on Monday asked me for money told him no asked if he could use my credit card. Said he had no money to feed his kids. No money to pay his hotel bill. Had money orders for $50,000 but couldn’t get anyone to cash them. I told him to go to the American Embassy. He said it wasn’t that bad yet. I have reported him to the web site. This makes me very angry. I am just thankful that my kids were not involved with this.

    Comment by Laura | September 9, 2009 | Reply

  102. i met a nigerian man in malaysia in 2007,he got my hp number from a friend he said,we talked and sms a lot then after nearly a year i went to kuala lumpur with my son.there i met him,he was handsome and talk very politely to me i was convince that he loves me,after just an hour talking to him in person he brought me to a mall and made me buy him an expensive shoes rm 300 then the following days he keep asking me to pay his foods,things,bus fare everything.the last 3 days before my departure he asked me another rm 500,then another rm250 for his birthday.then on the last day he even ask me another rm 300 which i said i dont have anymore,then i gave him another rm 50 to pay for the bus fare back to his place.i was so stupid to believe his words,i have given him a thousand minus the stuff i bought for him.i just want to say becareful of nigerian men they are liars,they are devil in disguise.

    Comment by witty | September 12, 2009 | Reply

  103. I got scammed by a handsome Nigerian in Kl too. All the sweet talk, blah blah oh and “can i just have some money for food and my exmas and my electricity bills”…..What was his name? Jacob Olaolu Lewis aka 5 different names got my cash, broke my heart but i will, like the song.Survive. I reported him to the authorities & interpol. What goes around comes around.

    Comment by scammed in kl | September 13, 2009 | Reply

  104. OMG what is up with these websites? I have been chatting with many men…lucky for me I am not easy to take advantage of beware of these men all claiming to be in the USA but all are in Nigeria…Lagos

    Timothy Jansen writer
    James Marron teacher
    Steve Ricard not sure
    all of these men claim to have found the perfect one you are everything to me…They never got to ask for money because I confronted them and have not heard from since…

    I am so lucky that I figure out what is up before my kids get involved…


    Comment by Laura | September 13, 2009 | Reply

    • the guy posing as Timothy Jansen is actually a fake everything that was on the profile is wrong this guy is in Nigeria and has no children.

      Comment by Laura | September 17, 2009 | Reply

  105. how do i report a person who just uses men to get money and is trying to get them to pay to become an american citazin and to also pay for the trip thru emails and yahoo instant messenger please reply back and thank you

    Comment by alvin philabaum | September 14, 2009 | Reply

  106. Keep an eye out for Abby Shepherd. or

    Comment by D | September 15, 2009 | Reply

    • I also ran into this person recently and man was there story messed up what story did they give you?

      Comment by Adam | November 15, 2009 | Reply

  107. or anyone wanting money sent to:
    Union store….Name;Abby Shepherd
    Address;102 Allen Ave Road
    Zip code;23401

    Comment by D | September 15, 2009 | Reply

  108. there are loads of actions you can take. Obtaining money by deception and extortion are criminal offences. First port of call is your local police and their Interpol officer. Serious and organised crime agency in London, the various high commissions and police in the country of the offence and country of origin and Nigeria.

    Comment by scammed in KL | September 16, 2009 | Reply

  109. Here is another jerk who admitted he wanted to take advantage of stupid American women…he is claiming to be in Houston, Texas but is in Lagos Nigeria..

    r-robrtslove Robert Gabriel


    Comment by Laura | September 24, 2009 | Reply


    Lives in NY and sends photos of him and his daughter. Saying they are stuck in Accra Ghanna West Africa. Needs help getting out 850.00 sent to Kelvin Wilson at 5252 Cantoment Street. His daughter needs to get back to the states and in school.

    Comment by denise | September 26, 2009 | Reply

  111. how d i press charges? i spoke to the criminal on the web cam female involve also andi have addresses and te chat what do i with it

    Comment by herbert sterling | September 30, 2009 | Reply

    • blessing ezeh chinasa is the scammers real name phone number is 0112348076603104 told me the same lies tell your daughter he doesnt love anyone but his self bless you

      Comment by melissa | January 15, 2010 | Reply

  112. I’m looking for information about a Mark Wills or Marc Wills. Email Address My future mother in law keeps feeding this guy money to fly over to the states and marry her. I know this is a scam, just need information to prove to her to STOP SENDING MONEY. Please help! This guys phone number is 011 233 246828094. He claims he some rich guy from africa of course and claims he is a american citizen from NY. He keeps giving her bogus reasons for not being able to fly to the states so she will send more money. Again i know this is a scam, just looking for proof. If anyone could lead me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

    Comment by John Doe | November 3, 2009 | Reply

  113. Does anyone know of a man claiming to live in Paris, France
    that is working as an engineer in Accura, Ghanna for weeks
    at a time? He goes by the name of Peter, Phillip, and sometimes James. His personal email is sonnybobby. He does
    not reveal his face right away claiming that he wants to get
    to know and trust the other person first. He then tells you
    he is black but born in France. He hasn’t asked for money yet but did ask if I was ready to pay for his ticket to visit me when I told him it was unsafe for me to travel to another country or anywhere to meet someone for the first time alone.

    Comment by Linda | November 4, 2009 | Reply

    • @Linda, Yes I know of this person. He is a kid in Nigeria. I do not advise any further contact with him.

      Comment by Jane Doe | October 18, 2010 | Reply

  114. Definately keep an eye out for Abby Shepherd she posed to me as a blonde 24 year old on the yahoo personals dating site. she claims her mom is in a hospital asking for money as it says above another person ran into her to. SHE ISNT REAL. first message sent to “her” after meeting her on a dating site I didn’t include my name so “she” addressed the email to me using a completely diffrent name then mine lol.

    Comment by Adam | November 15, 2009 | Reply

  115. His name is either George Francis or Abraham Martins, he use and email from He sounds good but, is a real idiot. First he, said he was in the UK, but was called to Lagos, Africa, because his mom was ill. We started out emailing eachother then he sent a number to call him at. Well when I, saw that it was from Africa, I asked why he didn’t give me his us cell number. He told me it didn’t work over there. I was amused by the things he said, like he had fallen in love with me (by looking at my picture)lol, then all the things we would do when he came back to the states. Well, I hate to say I’m not stupid, he then asked for the money, I wanted to know why someone as wealthy as he need money from me. He told me he couldn’t get it out of his bank in Ca, because he had to be there physically to show his id. Sometimes these men don’t know what the hell they are doing. So beware he states he lives in Livermore, Ca, he’s and construction engineer, he does contract work all over the world. What a joke he his, I don’t send men money they take care of me.

    Comment by Jane Doe | November 28, 2009 | Reply

    • sent her? 350.00 western union to address as followed (olu martins, egbeda lagos nigeria ) her ad is still running on the site.maryped21 is her reply number,,there is also a natalya from claimed to be from farmington N.M i replied,i recieved and still recieve emails that shes now in russia.and longs for an american husband.shes sent pressing her for more info, tell her things in a sexual manner.and what is/what will be expected from her.too see how far she will take this .to get U.S money,,

      Comment by mark wilson | December 3, 2009 | Reply

  116. Recently, I checked my bank account, and found that it was over-drawn. When I asked the automated teller for the transactions one came to $39.97 and the company that took it out was called When I tried to find this site it was like none existant, so it must be under a different name. Now not only do I have to pay back what they took out, but I have to pay the extra service fee. I’m going to my bank tommorrow to change my account and credit card numbers. Also, the name of the .com company is calle or Is this one of those dating scam sites or one from a bunch of guys from Nigeria, or wherever else they con people from? Any and all help would be deeply appreciated.

    Comment by Gary | December 26, 2009 | Reply

  117. I think your website is interesting very colorful. Good job! I feel helping job seekers finding their ream home jobs are a fulfilling quest. Good luck in your quest too.The Beginning The working life is already tough enough, but the worries of being out of work was even tougher. The unsecured working environment have prompted me to search the internet for an alternative source of extra income so that I could learn how to Make Money Work for me and be Financially Independent. I listed down a number of Free Internet Business Opportunity Ideas while researching ways how people earn money online while working-from-home…….

    Thanks n Regards


    Comment by coetsee | December 31, 2009 | Reply

    • Please know that scammers are using the unemployment market to tap into via Craig’s list etc. Once they get resumes, they can use the info to steal your I.D. and spend money on fake credit cards. Be very wary of anyone that approaches you on the Internet for a work opportunity.

      Comment by Anonymous | October 24, 2010 | Reply

  118. I feel I am getting scammed by an american who says he’s lived in U.K. for past 13 years, lost wife and parents in traffic accident….has gone to Nigeria to bid on a contract for 3 months….has a 6 year old daughter….from 1 conversation, he said he loved me, 2nd email, he said his daughter’s b’day was next week and if i could send her some $$$$ for a bike she’s always wanted and I reemed him out about asking for money so he stopped for couple weeks and 2 weeks ago said his daughter was hit by a car while playing with kids and she needed surgery that would cost $5,000…he said he gave hospital $3,000 and he needed 2,000 or he would be detained and I was all he had and if i loved him i would help him.

    SADDEST part to this story: I love him and I believe he is a scammer cause the pieces of puzzle do not add up…I have confronted him many times and have not sent him a penny…however, for xmas i did sent a necklace to daughter/rosary to him and it never got there he says…..

    PLEASE, PLEASE help me anyone who has ever been contacted by a very charming, sweet, kind romanctic “scammer” by the name of Harry Stamford….he signs all his notes Harry Cares….I am sick to my stomach that any HUman being can use/abuse someone else for self gain to this sick degree….5,000 miles away claiming to be someone he’s not………..he has an accent, british but says he came to U.K. manchester 13 years ago and he is a civil engineer….

    There is nothing worse than deceit cause than everything becomes a lie and you’re mind becomes insane with what is truth or not….he sounds so sincere to be that deceitful is truly disgusting and criminal…..

    PLease IF ANYONE knows this person or has had similar contact, let me know and also what ur thoughts are….as soon as i refused 2nd money request for daughter’s hospital stay…he stopped writing….and today, he wrote and said he how needs anything, “which is better than nothing”…and I told him I am barely making ends meet…but that part he ignores….I’m sick to my stomach for allowing my heart (which i protect so much) to get involved in this kind of garbage….

    HELP… nice girl in love with a scammer…..I hate ALL F THIS so much for all of these games…’s all about $$$$$$$$$$$ no human respect.


    P.S. I’ve NEVER heard of any country detaining/arresting anyone for ER surgery…..visitor or not??????????????

    Comment by Lanny | January 7, 2010 | Reply

    • Lanny you are talking to a scammer naed blessing ezch chinasa he has scammed e to he only wants your oney real phone number ius 0112348076603104 has a fake profile everywhere doesnt come on line knows hes being watched good luck from a friend

      Comment by melissa | January 15, 2010 | Reply

      • Hi Melissa,
        Thank you for your feedback….please go to alanprince website, i wrote a response…to you.

        Was Harry Stamford, a civil engineer, with 6 year old daughter by name of Marrissa the same person….i could not confirm his phne number…..he said he was american but had a british accent…..he told so many lies and cried profusely on voicemails for me “not to leave him”……

        Please respond,
        Sincerely and thanks,
        Lanny 🙂

        Comment by Lanny | January 15, 2010


      Comment by MS. VIGILANCE | July 10, 2012 | Reply

  119. Hi Melissa,
    Thanks so much for the feedback…this is so surreal…and disgusting that ANYONE would reach this level of selfish desires to take advantage of someone’s emotions with the ONLY motive of money.

    Update: The scammer has not called or emailed me since i rejected his offer…his last email was extremely nasty and ugly because i called him on the carpet and told him he was a thief………….

    IF anyone else can confirm abuses by Harry Stamford with a 6 year old daughter by the name of Marrissa…strange part is the daughter spoke to me on the phone and said, “she thought her nanny was mean and daddy told her i was going to be her new mommy”???????????? I don’t even know how u can fake this stuff???

    Melissa…was this the same person and story u got?

    Thanks much. for 3 months, this scammer really messed with me….God help him.

    Comment by Lanny | January 15, 2010 | Reply

  120. yes lanny the story by this scammer is the same lies he will try to convience you that its a lie to suck you right back into the scame like he did me please dont fall for his bull shit lol melissa

    Comment by melissa | January 17, 2010 | Reply

  121. he way guys after being scammed by a nigerian scammer I have decided to make sure that other people dont suffer the pain and heart ache that I have dealt with I have decided to help as any people as I can and put up as much information as I can to help we all should be free to go on dating site and find that special someone to give and recieve love to without being scam to justmed here is what I found out this lady mrs farida mzamber waziri retired assistant inspector general of police aig she helps to bring nigerian scammers to justice or e-mail her at crime fighter I know shw can help you ladies God bless Melissa

    Comment by melissa | January 21, 2010 | Reply

  122. plesase be aware ladies and gentlemen I have been reading over some of these comments and e-mails I am 100 per cent sure that these guys are nigerian scammers and they are not british from the uk or russia this same guys name when googled comes up under yahoo suspect information If someone calls you from a long number of more than 12 or 13 numbers you know its fro another country 234 nigeria country code any inforation that they try to give you If it it fake google there name etc if it coes back saying no mathch found then no doubt you are talking to a scammer just a little thought for everybody melissa

    Comment by melissa | January 21, 2010 | Reply

  123. believe me this scammer has a different profile for all the different women he is scamming they usually work in a group of six people they have people acting like children ctc the sad part about this is some of these nigerian guys are already married they use the money we send the to take care of there wives and famillies there and sad to say a lot of our American dollars is helping fund terrorism threw the roance scammers who lie to us like they love us

    Comment by melissa | January 21, 2010 | Reply

  124. please beware of new commer romance scammer Donjabary Agbazue claims to be from India yeah right he has a profile on my space so please be on your guard ladies he is a scammer melissa

    Comment by melissa | January 22, 2010 | Reply

  125. What I don’t understand is that none of these sites do any kind of background check so you literally don’t know who and what to believe.

    The scammer Harry Stamford was absolutely brillant in making you believe he loved you no matter what…until the money NEVER went any where. Shame on people like this to be so disgustingly deceitful…..i don’t know what’s worse, being mugged physically or being used/betrayed emotionally……both are pretty evil….

    Has anyone heard of a u.k. consultant by the name of “Brown”
    I don’t know much about him…but my radar is going up on almost every foreign person i chat with……that’s the outcome of liars…they make everyone pay!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Lanny | January 22, 2010 | Reply

    • dont fall for it google it just another part of there sick game they have other scammers working with them playing out the role with them to scam prople out of there love and money this is really sick they are black men romance scammers nigerian scammer that is and african accent they may be laughing out loud now but one day they will pay for the heartache they have caused so many people melissa good luck lanny hope you are doing well

      Comment by melissa | January 22, 2010 | Reply

  126. that brown uk consultant is probably just another one of the scammers fake sick made up profiles to see if he can keep you talking under another fake profile and eventually try to scam you again be careful and dont fall for this especially if after you confronted the last scammer he is not stupid he will try the same thing at at different angel know a lot about these scammers do a little bit of scam baiters work in my spare time melissa

    Comment by melissa | January 23, 2010 | Reply

  127. Melissa,
    Today, I got an email from Harry Stamford, 1st scammer and it said, “i miss you” attached to the last email i sent him calling him a thief and liar…this is the first time he’s made any contact and not sure what his motive is…and the Brown Guy is starting to sound weird too: He said he runs a little small oil company by the name of SB Oil and Gas LTD.

    I’m seriously wondering if this Brown guy is really Harry Stamford????…gosh, everything and everyone is appearing as a lie…not sure if it is…….ur the “scam expert:)”
    I seriously want to ask this new guy “brown” if he is a scammer? but i don’t feel like going thru all again…what a total waste of time/energy and a hurt heart…What Harry S. did to me was something that even fiction could not match.

    Melissa: did u say u also talked with Harry Stamford who has a 6 year old daughter named Melissa.

    I have no desire or intention of talking with this scam artist….he knows i’m not stupid ANYMORE!!!!!! I’m angry and want to stay far away from pathological liars.
    Thanks for everything,
    Lanny 🙂

    Comment by Lanny | January 24, 2010 | Reply


    Comment by melissa | January 24, 2010 | Reply


    Comment by melissa | January 24, 2010 | Reply


    Comment by melissa | January 24, 2010 | Reply

  131. hi prince this same scammer sent me a message threw g mail my thing is why is he still allowed to keep that profile on my space contacted me a few minutes ago first of all i am not that easy to fool i am looking for a man to take care of me why would you give money to guys like that without first checking them out these guys are really wicked how could you do this to another individual chatted with this scammer for about 5 months i knew he was full of bs confrontrd him oh he cried etc kept calling has british accent not really a nigerian romance i turned his information in to the fbi iep goes back to a internet cafe in lagos nigeria new twist on the scammers they are lieing like they were involved in the earth quake in haiti and need our help please dont fall for this monica

    Comment by monica | January 26, 2010 | Reply

  132. when these guys contact you on these international mumbers when in doubt give the numbers to local law enforcement agency they can and will find out where they come from and who they belong to some people still dont wqant to believe this is a game the scammers are playing with us block them ignore there calls and walk away as long as you respond to there calls etc that leaves the door for them to keep presenting bs monica

    Comment by monica | January 26, 2010 | Reply

  133. this harry guy is the sameone that I have been in a relationship with for the last 4 months he used and abused me took my heart and walked all over it almost lost everything I had he may have a british accent but he is a nigerian scam artist steals pictures off focus hawaii the most nasty thing he did to me and others put up a fake stole a picture of a dead man the mans family saw this and my space got news of this he is the lowest of the lowest scum when you confront him he throws same words back at you lets face it people like this need help Betty

    Comment by BETTY | January 26, 2010 | Reply

  134. well here is one, been talking with mikeroseblessed yahoo ID, talked to him for 10 months got some money out of me until I wised up and told him he needed to come after I sent money , he turns around and tells me he is in the hospital and Milaysia Kuala Lumpar wont let him leave till he pays the bill, well the bill was at 1500 at the end of September, then it is January well that bill isn’t staying at 1500 it is probably 150,000 for that many day=s in the hospital. I told him and asked him for the last 2 months that I needed my money back. He told me his name is Mike Richy and that he lived in Springville, OHio, well I have checked, and there is no Mike Richy and besides if he is such a big electrical contractor than wny don’t he have an account where he can get cash why is he asking me for money, he told me he is 54 and his birthdate is March 18, finally I just deleted him, ignored him and want to forget about him , he ought to be turned in the FBI< scammers list everywhere and anyone knowing of him also,please email me thanks

    Comment by Kristy | January 26, 2010 | Reply

  135. Here is a little something for everyone questions is what do I stand to benefit from this answer is I want the scamming to stop I am trying to educate potential victims before they pay money, these criminals, will have to find another way to make a living each time a scammer is paid, it encourages them to continue scamming.It also encourahes their family and friends to take up scamming as wellthey see their family/friends driving around in expensive cars, buying expensive houses and clothes and they want that life style to do not kid yourselves these scammers do make a lot of money from scamming people as many of the scammers are from africa, one victim paying money can provide these crimimals with enough money to live in style for a year or more but if they live in a more expensive country like the US or Europe they have to scam more victims to provide the life style they want which involves mobile phone most scammers have 2-3 each laptops,mercedes or bmw cars expensive jewlery,clothes and shoes,girlfriends and/or wives just a little something for everybody also I realize you want to believe in the love of your scammer.Arelationship like that would change your life ,And those around you.I often seen people saying If there is a 99% chance that I’m being lied to the 1% left over is still good odds. I’m prepared to pay a few hundred for the chance of a love illusion but the odds arent even 99.9% I am pretty sure that it wont be a few hundred that you cant afford to lose, that’s nothing but the first hook after you have paid that there will be more fees to pay you’ll be less willing to walk away from your invesment that is what they are counting on and I have seen people sell their entire lives this way why do you want me to accept what you are saying? NEITHER DO I OR ANYONE ELSE WANT THESE SCAMMERS GETTING RICH AT THE EXSPENSE OF INNOCENT PEOPLE WHO HAVE HOPES AND DREAMS AND WANTED TO BELIEVE THESE LIES LOVE ILLUSIONS AND FAIRYTALES THESE SCAMMERS ARE TRYING TO TELLS US CHANCES ARE YOU WILL NEVER MEET THESE SCAMMERS AS REPORTED BY THE FBI THERE IS A WOMAN BEING HELD IN NIGERIA AGINS T HER WILL HER CHILD IS THE BAIT USED BY SCAMMERS TO KEEP HER AGAINST HER WILL SOME HAVE TRAVELED TO AFRICA TO BE RAPED, ROBED, MURDERED AS WELL AS HAVE THER IDENITY STLOEN AGAIN THIS IS NOT A GAME THESE SCAMMERS HAVE FUNNELED 20 MILLION DOLLARS INTO TERRORIST ACTIVITY YES WE ARE HERE THEY ARE THERE BUT IT IS STILL DANGEROUS PLEASE THINK ABOUT THIS HOPE THIS IS HELPFUL TO YOU ALL MELISSA

    Comment by melissa | January 27, 2010 | Reply

  136. here is one contacted yesterday by this guy named donjabary agbazue profile says he is 29 from india check this out has pictures and all up supposely graduated from sexton lansing high school 2006 you mean to tell me you didnt do your homework well so you graduated from school at age 25 and are you from the united kingdom lansing michigan or india ha ha ha

    Comment by cathy | January 27, 2010 | Reply

  137. curious to know now that these damm scammers are being confronted how many have said to you it wasnt me oh they are lieing mine tried that bs when confronted they try to confess they was afraid blah blah blah didnt want to lose you etc forgive e bs they are taking you to the next level of the scam never argue with a fool delete block ignore by cathy

    Comment by cathy | January 27, 2010 | Reply

  138. My question is how can u tell if someone is a scammer? I am not technically inclined but can you somehow trace thier email address or the emails they send u on the dating sites?

    Can someone please shed some light for me on this…also, are there scammers who say they are from alberta, canada…there’s someone i’m talking with who seems strange, but i just don’t know…how can u tell, is it from the photo, email address or profile…please tell me how u can figure this out.

    I hate romance scammers, they are worse than thiefs!!!!!!!! and they are everywhere on the internet!!!!
    Thank you in advance,

    Comment by Lanny | January 29, 2010 | Reply

  139. well sweetie one way to tell if it is a scammer there profile mostly has one picture on it as far as friends go
    the photo looks funny they will sometimes be stolen from focus hawaii of various models whohave no idea there pictures are being used it can be the language there grammar is poor they use i instead of I they say pleze instead of please often address you hunnie rarely avialable on weekends they call you at odd hours they dont loke being asked personal question that offends them they will throw words back at you say you dont love them all the while asking for money to be sent via western union also one way i was suspcious of scammers they are eager to get you on im or yahoo some scammer say they are from the us on there profile but are infact from nigeria you can set up a header to catch there iep addresses they give fake names google there names yes romance scammer lie like they are from alberta canada too yes they are all over the internet hope this is of some help to you also you can send my space a message tell them you are in question of a profile goo luck comment by lisa

    Comment by lisa | January 29, 2010 | Reply


    Comment by lisa | January 29, 2010 | Reply

  141. Can u please describe to me how i can set up a “header”? to catch their IEP address…everyone talks about that and i have no clue what that is or how to do it….please, please kindly and simply describe it to me..even if u can give example in ur email…..

    I am not tech savvy and i genuinely appreciate ur support…please help me…and how can i tell if photo is fake? This guy from alberta canada looks really cute, photo is kind of blurry, he says he’s a gemologist working in oil…he doesn’t want to give me his phone number YET unless he can see my photo…we’ve chatted 3 times now and he has yet to ask for money….? I’m totally not sure if he’s a scammer….his email address is in Canada….i.e. like

    I hate scammers, they’re so sneaky…in every way possible..but i want to find out instead of wasting my heart and energy on these idiots…
    Thanks so much,
    Lanny 🙂

    Comment by Lanny | January 29, 2010 | Reply

    • OMG!! Is there anyone out there who can help me? I hate to admit this , but I have been suspicious of a gentleman I met online by the name of Gerald Woodridge, claiming to be an ICT Consult from North London.
      Every thing was perfect. I never suspected him to be a scammer in the beginning.

      He claimed to be partaking as a consultant for the African Football Soccer Cup 2010. (Note a tragedy did take place in Angola on January 8th,2010, partaking to an attack)

      Mr. Woodridge claimed that he was taken out of his car by Angolan rebels, and so went the drama of the relationship, where he has consistently asked me to help him financially. (which I have not!)
      Stupid me bought in to the relationship on every other aspect. I will admit, .. it has cost me in long distance phone calls, which I don’t know how I am going to pay for, but, .. a this point in time,.. is there anyone who can help me to get this guy caught and arrested?

      You may contact me at Imeediately! Please!!

      Comment by Jenevieve Parks | February 15, 2010 | Reply

  142. hi sweetie this guy from canada sounds a lot like your previous scammer harry stranford seems like he is doing what ever he can to still try to scam you, yes there are a lot of scammers claiming to be from uk alberta canada etc my scammer did me the same wa honey kept pretending to be different people lol go under google type in how to set up a heade to trace an iep address also google how to track an iep address honey please dont show your self on the web cam to your scammer as they use this late whwn you wont send the anymore money as a form of black mail sounds like the scammer doesnt want you to hear his voice lol he might use someone on his team to talk to ou be safe darling I hate those scammers aos they are very sick it is all about the money honey comment by cathy

    Comment by cathy | January 29, 2010 | Reply

  143. you can go threw and up load a picture of your scammer comment by cathy

    Comment by cathy | January 29, 2010 | Reply

  144. please be on the watch out for David Wilson supposely 35 yr old widower yeah right on blavk now david wilson also craig ben e-mail craigben18@yahoo,com using also Ismail Solomon Ayodele age 26 of march 1982 cell number is 08055713221 address ia 42 Glover Street Lags Nigeria e-mail header analyis confirmed this he is yoruba fro Lagos also muslem these guys go to no end to scamm you comment by cathy

    Comment by cathy | January 29, 2010 | Reply

  145. some information for you, you can contacy Mrs. Farida Mzamber Waziri google her name her profile will come up she is executive chairman,efcc helps with fraud cause scammers etc usa international association of women police, soroptismiat of nigeria also head office economic and financial crimes commission no 5 fomella street, off adetokunbo ademola crescent wuse ll abuja or e-mail info@efccnigeria,org direct inquiry numbers 234-819-5737 mobile 234-819-112-5739 234-702-828-7780 can across this information hope it is helpfull comment by tina

    Comment by tina | January 29, 2010 | Reply

  146. Mrs.Farida Mzamber Waziri is also on my space as crime fighter scammers are afraid of her she reall will help you you can report them to her comment by tina

    Comment by tina | January 29, 2010 | Reply

  147. Hi,
    Help…can someone verify if this person from Alberta, Canada is a scammer…I ip’d his email address and it came up in California…here is his email:

    He is really smooth and now won’t talk with me or answer my emails…he does not want to give out his canadian address or phone number…i told him he’s very elusive and secretive….my instinct is telling me he’s not kosher and his photo looks too polished….i just don’t know….can u see if this email address is a fraud???

    I am so sick of this nonsense and it seems like so many of these dating/social sites are infiltrated by them…so, so many and they write the most unbelievable scheming profiles…almost fairytale like….it’s so sick…

    If anyone can find out anything about this email scammer please let me know…he says he’s from Calgary, Alberta, CA
    He’s too smooth….
    thank u so much,
    Lanny 🙂

    Comment by Lanny | January 29, 2010 | Reply

  148. sounds like a scammer to me but will certainly ask around good luck honey you are right this foolishness is just to much comment by tina

    Comment by tina | January 29, 2010 | Reply

  149. honey alwas go with your first instinct that is usually the right one soon as I get some inforation I will put it up honey this sounds like your ex scammer is playing games with you in a different manner same thing happened to me to honey comment by tina

    Comment by tina | January 29, 2010 | Reply

  150. I have to say, now going thru something like being “scammed” emotionally by a complete fake is like being violated…this has cause my faith in humanity to dwindle…will humans go to any extent for self-gain….

    And the answer is yes. It really sickens me that the internet has been used as a racket to fool people emotionally…i just don’t think it gets lower than that…scumbags!!!!!!!! Complete scumbags….i still can’t believe all the phone calls Harry Stamford made with his british accent crying/pleading for me not to leave him…honestly, i’d like to nominate him for an “Oscar”…he was/is that good…amazing, astonishing actor…better than an actor…life is sick and weird…if u don’t live and learn and smell the scammers and stop them quickly. This experience has blown me awayyyyyyyyyy….I never in a billion years thought people would do this kind of stuff…i guess that’s why i was scammed 😦

    but i learned and didn’t send any money!!!!!!!
    Lanny 🙂

    Comment by Lanny | January 30, 2010 | Reply

  151. a romance scammer contacted me today on my space and I gave him a run for his money believe me lol he wont e-mail this sister again ha ha ha someone should be helping to take more action against these low life scammers they need to be prosicuted to the fullest exstent of the law some of these scammers set up fake profiles like they are from the us I think it should be a law against this comment by marie

    Comment by marie | January 30, 2010 | Reply

  152. please beware of thomas benson on my space from lagos nigeria he is also a romance scammer is on yahoo and im hours at a time his profile ties in with these guys to his information has been reported to the fbi for a back ground check etc contacted me yesterday on yahoo asking personal questions me personally i am not that easy to fool nor am i that lonely i will take my chances with a guy from my neck of the woods comment by lisa

    Comment by lisa | February 2, 2010 | Reply

    • To Lisa:

      As I previously wrote in comment, pertaining to the situation I am trying to somehow get assistance with concerning Mr. Gerald Woodridge,..
      .. I too met him on “”. It is interesting that I
      am now having to look into the mirror of my own accountability. Mr. Woodridge claimed to be from Norwood Young USA, Minnesota,.. but in questioning him, he admitted to using a friends profile site who lived in Minnesota, while being in the UK.

      He did not tell me his occupation in the beginning, as he does make his occupation known on his e-mail address.

      What is disturbing is to find all the females he has on his friends list. He quotes on his status.. “Are you the special One?” Special one what? .. Next Victim?

      Personally, me stupid, but I tried to think that you don’t always find love in your own back yard.

      Mr. Woodridge was perfect. Chemistry, shared dreams and desires.. I never suspected anything. The red flags went up some 3 or 4 weeks ago, .. but I something swayed me into thinking that I might be wrong.

      Something woke me up this morning. Almost like a dream about his site that I had no clue or knowledge of.
      .. My reality got confronted. I am trying to stay strong, .. yet all I want is this person caught.

      I don’t know if this helps you with your question, .. but seeing your comment gave me succor in the wake of my path to protect myself and my vulnerability, .. and to be able to go on with my life with grace and dignity.

      Comment by Jenevieve Parks | February 15, 2010 | Reply


        Comment by lisa | February 19, 2010

  153. anyone, I mean any woman here is now dealing with guys from who said came from UK and work as an engineer in shipping company? help me to find out

    Comment by wien | February 6, 2010 | Reply

  154. hey wien i see the scammers are trying to pull one on you now unh they realize that women everywhere is realizing that they are nigerian romance scam artist there game is getting weak try this google the guys name and see what you come up with these scammers same seniro i am engineer from uk why cant they at least be smart enough to think of another profession lol set up your header to catch there iep address googlr romance scammer to see if there picture is there in the scammers data base good luck comment by mary

    Comment by mary | February 6, 2010 | Reply

  155. My guy’s name is Alvin Gregory ( from NY, OK or hell? He claims to need money to battle the Nigerian Government over a civil contracting contract. After sixty days,to the day,of sweetie and you are so sweet and he started asking for cash….bells and whistles and no,thank you. I discussed the African internet scams and was assured that he wasn’t like them… that he was a man trying to get home to his one true love….me hahaha

    Comment by notbornyesterday | February 8, 2010 | Reply

  156. sounds like a scamm to me did you google his name or check the data base of pictures of known scammers on romance scammers if this he is truly an engineer should need money to fight governtment wich would be impossible anyway they always claim they are comming to ther one true love and never arrive some unexspected tragic event seems to befall them all scammers try to reassure their victims thy are not scammers to gain thetr trust hoping they will send them money be careful good luck comment by mary

    Comment by mary | February 8, 2010 | Reply

  157. uldnt you know it the scammers think they are so wise as to put up a fake profile professing to be who???????none other than the honorable mrs.fardida mzamber waziri with no picture how dumb dont fall for this her profile has her picture and I must say it is bautiful what will these hoodrats think of next protect yourself GOD BLESS COMMENT BY MARY

    Comment by mary | February 19, 2010 | Reply

  158. sorry about Ryan Abram Noah Washington, he actually showed up and we didn’t connect, ignore my words. he was really in need and i am glad i helped him. e offered to pay me back but i didn’t want it back, just happy that i saved someones life in that hell of a place Africa.

    Comment by mae | February 20, 2010 | Reply

  159. new scammers alert users name thomas hartmann birthdate 09 05 1959 georgia city phoenix ip also age 7 dcala unitwd states alabama birthdate 04 251987 ip if contacted by these people these are scammers comment by lisa

    Comment by lisa | March 6, 2010 | Reply

  160. new scammer name fishrome birthdate 23-04-1970 gender male country united states city albany e-mail ip- adress ip address comming from lagos nigeria lagos multi links telecommunications limited caught today mass mailing people comment by lisa

    Comment by lisa | March 11, 2010 | Reply

  161. I have just recently tried the on-line dating thing and have had two scammers contact me that I know of. The first, John Stenmen/Great King2/Eating Everyday, claimed to be originally from Germany but was working in China. He told me he was going to get paid 2.4 million for this job. It did seem weird he would share that with me. Soon enough he tells me he needs $350.00 to apply for a job. Of course I wouldn’t give him the money. Then he said he got his payment but didn’t have an account at a bank and couldn’t deposit the check. He wanted me to get him airline tickets for him and his son. He knew I wouldn’t give him money but kept contacting me. The best story was when he told me his child was in the hospital from getting shocked and the hospital wouldn’t let him out until he paid the bill. In the meantime I met Mitch Steveson/caringmitch070 from MN. After awhile he told me he had to go to London to get money from a company, owed to his late father. This seemed suspect because he told me his father passed away seven years earlier. I told him about the other guy that tried to scam me and I thought it was strange that he didn’t comment on it. Then he sent me a copy of the receipt of transfer…that seemed odd. The next e-mail said there was a problem with the paperwork and he would need $4500 from me so he could get his $700,000 from this company. I suspect another, seekingjamess, was also a scammer…got rid of him before he could ask me for money.
    There are way to many scammers out there…wish we could catch them all!

    Comment by trish | March 15, 2010 | Reply

    • you can help to catch them by informing people of sites like this. the more awareness we create, the less number of people these guys are able to scam.

      Comment by alanprince | April 16, 2010 | Reply

  162. Scammers screen name Tom Hanes ,,
    Claims to be an American who is working as a geologist in UK (what American says UK most say England) has his 7 yr old son because the boys mother cheated on him and abandon the boy so he had to bring on work trip with him,,,his work is done in a couple of weeks ,,he is booking flight home ,,of course sends itinerary of flight plan thru email ,,but of course all of the plane fare isn’t paid for and of course it is thru an airline that allow refunds for canceled tickets or maybe it was just a made up web page ,,but then tragedy his hotel room is robbed and he has no money to pay balance on his tickets ,,,He cant understand why I wont help him he just knows we are meant to be together forever(PUKE) …When he first contacted me thru he said he thought he loved what he read about me in my profile ,,ummmm big problem I never finished filling out my profile so it said nothing about me ,,next clue he or she or they were scammers he used the wrong syntax ,,ie: he said he takes his coffee in the morning ,,um don’t know about you but I drink my coffee not take it ,,I have a arabic friend and his syntax is very similar. next red flag he tried to do voice call over yahoo IM but by strange happen stance his microphone and web cam on his lap top are malfunctioning ,,his son had knocked the computer off the bed that very morning ,,,such bad luck,,,Found him on face book and my space ,,his last entry on my space was in Sept 2008 and in that profile said he had just moved to Nashville TN ,,funny he had told me March of 2010 he had just moved to TN about 4 months ago just before he left for the job in England,,,,Had a little fun with him ,,said I was gonna help him and that I had contacted the US embassy and the consulate were going help me help him ,,told him I gave them his pic and info ,,,he exploded and poof he was gone ,,, Again that name is TOM HANES

    Comment by AJ | March 25, 2010 | Reply

    • glad you were able to get him before he got too far with you.hope you’ve cut him off totally from your life.

      Comment by alanprince | April 16, 2010 | Reply

  163. I am very proud of you! We all need to stand up against these scammers! It is a shame that there are still so many people being catched by these criminals. I was teaching in South Africa about 4 years ago and a friend put me on a site and I actually met my husband on the internet. We are living in Namibia the past 3 and a 1/2 years. We are happy and very blessed, I think not many people could get this lucky on the web.

    My father died a few years ago and suddenly my mother got the craze to chat on the internet. Only to be scammed!I Googled some of the names she mentioned to me and I emailed her the evidence. Slowly it came through to her. But only very shortly. I understand she feels lonely, but at the age of 64 nobody could be that thick!
    Now she has a “doctor” from India chatting with her, says he works at the Apollo Hospital / Clinic in Banalore India. I went on the web and found their info. I called all the numbers and nobody seemed to know such a dr Radeesh Kiranin.

    I do not understand that a doctor, engeneer, heart specialist ect, could find the time to sit on chatrooms the whole day! Do they ever work? I am a math teacher and have my own school to run, I hardly find the time to sit and chat with my own family. Pease people, think rational, if somebody is really a doctor, engineer ect, how would he possibly find the time to sit and chat on the internet.

    I do not know how to get this through to my mother. If any of you could give me some advise it would be much appreciated!

    Comment by S. Namibia | April 13, 2010 | Reply

    • hi.the best way to help your mom is to find a way to get her visit this blog and others where she can review the evidence for herself. Rather than insisting that she come here, use subtle methods to get her here. she’ll change her mind after reviewing all the evidence. as to the scammers, money is their motivation, so they do not mind spending long hours in front of a system. they know they’ll score with a victim and that’ll make up for their labor. regards.

      Comment by alanprince | April 16, 2010 | Reply

  164. Thank you, Alan. The whole family is upset and we are trying hard to get this through to her very subtle. Regards,

    Comment by S. | April 22, 2010 | Reply

  165. I recently sent an ice breaker to a white male with a photo on yahoo personals. he responded and I caould tell he seemed like he mihght be from a differnt country. the smails moved along in a hurry. He asked me to call him and gave me a portland or. number said he not changed it to a raleigh nc number yet. he has a photo of him and 2 cute lil kids. seemed real till he said he ahd to go home to nigeria to attend to his ill father. I mised his call becuse he was in a hurry to get there. he said I could call his nigerian phone to get a calling card becuse he thought it was cheeeper. I have skype so i used that and finally got someone to answer. they could not hear me but I could tell this person was no awhite man. He says his name is emanuele mock. I have looked on the internet and paid to trace the number but can find this person anyplace. he says hes a civil engineer. he sounds sweet and has said all the right things sad to say but I am sure its a scam. I wish I knew who the man in the photo was for real. anyone herd of this guy?

    Comment by cynthia | April 29, 2010 | Reply

    • Cynthia,

      “Emanuele Mock” is a scam artist. He has been contacting lots of females on Yahoo Personals. Here is a link to other people who have been scammed by him. Make sure you report him on Yahoo.

      Comment by Allison | May 2, 2010 | Reply

    • yes i have here is what i recieved this morning its long sorry, also him and his so called daughter and a friend of hers in the photo…Thank you so much for your email Cathy . Every time I hear from you I learn just a little bit more about you and I do like what I read… I have to admit that I had difficulty sleeping last night and my thoughts had turned to you. Funny enough, when I checked my email early this morning I found your message waiting for me … I wonder if the common interests/chemistry we share over the internet will carry on once we finally meet. I believe that things do happen for a reason and that philosophy has carried me throughout my life. In fact, last Saturday I had decided that I was going to step back and put the whole dating thing behind me. I began telling people I had communicated with that I was putting everything on hold and was in the process of deleting everyone’s profile. When I logged in on, you came across my profile. Maybe it’s a sign. Who knows, but maybe there was a reason I hadn’t finished deleting everything on yahoo or else I probably wouldn’t be writing to you right now….Dear Cathy , I thought my message was long and would scare you away. Now what to think? I have never had to hold a conversation with someone by E-mail. And I’ve never been so eager to read what has been written. My head is also spinning and my tummy is whirling.I know all about the reading and re-reading of emails, I do it to yours!! You sound like a Princess Charming. You are sweeping me off my feet. Do you always charm the men this way?? Or am I the lucky one?? I am glad I have touched you because I honesty haven’t touched you yet I will take your breath away though if we ever meet. I am the type of person who loves to spoil and make sure you are felt in the way a person should feel and be treated. We all have been gifts in life in different ways and my gift is wisdom to be able to speak from the heart. I look at it this way GOD has given me a true gift so why not be who I am and make him proud of me and shine all the time, this is who I am as a person and and have been blessed with my life because I have touched others with my wisdom and knowledge of words and I am the type who can pick you up if your down and make you see things they way they should be. I myself was married for 9 years … So at times I wish I would have re-married but didn’t have the courage or heart to give up on training my daughter alone but I had values and in my heart. I was raised to know that you work things out even through thick and thin and that I had vowed to her and made promises that I wouldn’t like to break but WHY stay in something when the person you are doing it for is not really happy with it. What made me really want to get back to dating happened when my little daughter asked me if i love her at all?? saying that if i love her i will do what she wants, which is having someone else to be a mother to her, my heart broke there all I could do was swallow hard and try not to CRY in front of her I couldn’t catch my breath gasping for air of what I just heard I realized how selfish a person could be not to LOVE their own child so that evening I cried myself to sleep praying when I awake that it will all be a better day.I awoke that morning realizing it was time for me to move on and give my daughter and myself the happiness we deserve and hoping one day she will know that she will find and know what a true meaning of family should be. I raised her to LOVE unconditionally and everyone is equal no matter the sex, race or who they are or where that come from.I made a promise to myself and GOD that if he gave me the courage and strength to move on with my life that I would be who I am and make my words and wisdom shine and give others my strength and courage to shine and make it through another day, Life is tough buy at the same time God don’t give you what you can’t handle its a test to see HOW to manage the strength and courage to be who you are as a person because in the end all the ups and downs just make you a better person.Nothing in LIFE comes without a price but you need to get hold of what you want and let nothing stand in your way no matter what, nothing is just given to you, you must work hard for what you want and need and just the same with LOVE.its what you make of it is what you will get out of it. Everyone has no perfect marriage or relationship trust me it all comes of what you make of it and put in it, you see all these couples with the perfect love but its what they want and make of it., never be shy of expressing yourself because by giving love you shall receive it in a way that’s priceless and you will know when you meet “THE ONE” because that person will make you gasp for air and touch you in a way you have never ever been touched, your heart will skip a beat every time you are with them and you will melt and be speechless when you embrace that person you will feel the warmth of that person heart and when you look into the persons eyes you see them for who they are.

      Let me talk more about my Family here :
      I was born in City of Portland , OR . I had a good childhood but knew all my life and experience life in the outside world. I have lived in every state on the West coast – Alaska, Washington , California Most especially Oregon at one point in my life but grew up in Mexico because that was where i had my high school degree …I was living in Portland when I got married ….. I have been living in Oregon (for the 2rd time round) for 7 years having fallen in love with American culture, weather, food and lifestyle. We Came to Portland from Holland in 2003 after my First and Second Degree. My Late wife Kathleen, was from Netherlands ( where i learn Dutch language ) and I met her two years after i got into school which we went for dating for couple of years before eventually getting married 9 yrs ago .. I lost my Late Wife a year and 9 months ago .. I moved out to Rockford where I live now a week ago. My parents met because my Mom was stationed in Portland and my Dad had lived there since he was 35 years old…. So there they stayed raising me and that is where my Mom passed away 6 years ago. My Dad sold our home after he decided to permanently return to his Home country Nigeria because he’s father was an African descendant i.e he’s Dual Citizen of American and Nigerian since his Father was a Black American while my late mom was an Oregonian ..It was hard for him to leave Portland but he has adjusted and loves living in Nigeria . He will be 77 on the 25tht of this month. I feel thankful to have him in my life still and hope that continues for as long as God sees fit but i dont have a Big family

      Well , I think I have written you a novel!! I did warn you that I am Man and love to talk!! hahaha I like your idea of romantic!!
      Questions for you?………
      1) What is your favorite thing to eat.
      2) Tell me about something that you absolutely LOVE the feeling of….can be anything….person, place, thing….
      3) Do you consider yourself a romantic person?
      4)Are you a morning person? Do you wake up happy?
      5) Here is an important one…..LOL…..Do you like coffee??

      I am not sure if you will get this but my phone # is 5415382778 here in Portland because i came here to get some stuff down to my New House and would be back Home to you in the next couples of Days ..Nevermind , I had an accent …

      Cathy , I think I may be running out of ink here!!! lol Made you smile didn’t I ?? I don’t know how much more I can tell you about me. I can say that I am sincere, compassionate, warm hearted, etc….but, these are just words, and hopefully my words are convincing. I look forward to hearing from you. Until then, take care.

      Comment by cathy | May 6, 2010 | Reply

      • This person sounds like the guy that was
        emailing and IM me goes by the name Bernardo
        Bettino date of Birth 30 June, 1964.

        Comment by Lylette | February 8, 2011

    • this is his line in yahoo personnels.. i have the same emails as tghe other ladys on the site that that lady sent you…. trust your gut Cathy
      On 04/25/2010 02:58 pm CDT, Emanuele wrote:

      Hello Cathy

      i am so much glad to hear from you and thanks for your wonderful message .. how are you doing today ? I cant Just wait to get to know you more because I read your profile and decided to purchase a membership so I could send you an e-mail. I feel a little skeptical about the on-line dating. It’s mostly because it feels like it can consume a lot of energy. You don’t really know who someone is behind that screen.I am a very happy person and have lived through some rough waters myself – somehow I seem to land on my feet again and again, I believe it has a lot to do with my attitude and out look on life. I try to look for the best in everything. I think that emotional intimacy is an important aspect of any relationship, including those with family and friends..I’m only doing a 7 day trial on Yahoo… which expires on 4/30. If you would like to talk more my address is emanuelemock60 on yahoo … Emanuele

      Comment by cathy | May 6, 2010 | Reply

  166. hello ladies thank you for reporting all the scammers and taking heed to all of there lies how great I feel this morning checking this site like I do every morning to see that all of our combined efforts ladies and ou to gentlemen has started to put some of these yahoo yahoo bos out of business celebrate what the business is !!!!!

    Comment by lisa | May 25, 2010 | Reply

  167. yahoo yahoo boys what can I say my my so trifling good for nothing except scamming innocent men and women I WILL MAKE SURE THAT EVERT WOMAN MAN BOY AND GIRL KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT A SCAMMERS PROFILE LOOKS LIKE I was involved with a romance scammer for a few months found out he was a yahoo boy droped his ass like a hot potatoe I will not send any money to you nor will I fund your terrorist connections not a ladies please do not send any money to these creeps for any reason a man that asks a woman for money is not a man man is suppose to be the head of the household not a woman anything worthhaving is worth working for in order to get something you got to give something thou shall not dteal and that means you yahoo boys !!!!

    Comment by megan | May 26, 2010 | Reply

  168. It is so sad and good at the same time to hear these stories. I met a man on and almost immediately thought it was a scam. But, they are SO good at convincing a woman. There are times when I really think I love this guy – but I know it can’t be true. Has anyone else had any dealings with Mike Jake – He says he lives in Rockford, IL but originally from OH. He says he is half Greek – we only talked on the phone twice and he sounded much younger than 54. He also is an engineer/construction worker and kept telling me about this big contract that he was hoping ot get. Well, after a week – he got the contact – and of course he loved me, wanted to marry me…… He then headed off to the UK – he said. He has been there ever since – says he needs money to pay labor workers. I won’t send him any. But, he keeps emailing – I am just now playing along because I really want to get this guy.

    Comment by Sharon | June 2, 2010 | Reply

  169. Just wondering if anyone has come across another scam artist i believe….his name is Debris and his email is

    He’s on social dating site and says he lives in hollywood florida but works in manchester, england

    Can anyone verify what a scam he is please, thank you.

    Comment by Lanny | June 7, 2010 | Reply

  170. Lenny
    Harry Stamforf is talking to me…

    Comment by analice | June 10, 2010 | Reply

  171. analice,
    RUN as fast as you can…he is the biggest con artist in the world…he is charming, says all the right things, even cries (real tears, who knows) on the phone BEGGING to not leave him…and he is a pro as a scam artist.

    I learned the biggest lesson in scamming from him and I don’t trust anyone on the computer because of him…he is a professional and amazing scam artist….STAY AWAY PLEASE for your own good.

    lanny 🙂

    Comment by Lanny | June 10, 2010 | Reply

    • Lanny,
      Hi dear, thanks so much for your testemony.
      He sent me a email introducing himself saying he has a daughter of six years, the wife is deceased parents, he is a very Christian man, loving his favorite book is the

      Comment by analice | June 10, 2010 | Reply

      • ◦Lanny,
        Hi dear, thanks so much for your testemony.
        He sent me a email introducing himself saying he has a daughter of six years, the wife is deceased parents, he is a very Christian man, loving his favorite book is the bible very utopian. By the time he did not say money is only the first email, I see where it goes.

        Comment by analice | June 10, 2010

  172. analice lanny is so right when she says stay away from harry s he conned me lied to me told me he loved me be careful who you talk to on line he doesnt love any of us just wants your money these guys have terrorist connection

    Comment by lisa | June 25, 2010 | Reply

  173. I think I may have been a victim of a scammer. I am HIV+ and found his profile on an HIV/AIDS dating site. I sent him an email and within a week he responded. Said he lives in UT, widowed, has a son; is a self-employed structural engineer. He sent me pictures of him and his son. We began chatting on Yahoo Messenger. He was at the time on business in NY preparing to fly to London for a meeting for a contract and if he won the contract he would be rich. He immediately fell in love with me, and unfortunately, so did I. Well, he won the contract and was more than excited (in typed words) and couldn’t wait to get back home, meet me and get married. He also wanted me to work with him as his secretary, like his late wife had done. When he went to to the transfer, he contacted me and informed me that he needed to pay transfer fees from the bank in London to his bank in the States. I had just got paid and stupidly wired him what I had, which was my whole check, but i wired it to
    England, which the pound is lesser than the usd. once he got that and did the transfer, he would be flying here to see me. Well, he didn’t show. instead, i got a phone call, telling me to get online, and he proceeded to ask for more money. I didn’t have any, i told him and he immediately got offline. a day and a half later, i hear from him and i asked him what was going on and he said he was very busy and he was still coming, still loved me and still wanted to marry me. He still needed money for the transfer, so I did some online payday loans and sent that to him, and money I was given for my bills was also sent to him this morning. He was supposed to call me, but hasn’t yet. He said he would be here today, but the more and more i sit here and think, i’m beginning to believe that I was right in the first place. He scammed me. and i told him in the beginning and of course, he got upset. How could comeone claim to have a chronic illness just to scam someone?

    Comment by LIsa H | July 2, 2010 | Reply

  174. hey lisa this guy is everywhere he is very nasty and devious yes he doesnt care who he hurts i know because he talked to me fpr a long time pretending to love me and want to marry me aslo all lies he is already married and his wife helps him to scam people i know that he has 749 different profiles set up last count i know he has many more he is constantly scamming men and women as well I am very sorry that this happened to you please do not send him anymore money sweetie he also work with a team of scammers they read and work from a script i will assure you that he will be caught and dealt with again i do know for a fact that one of his partners is facing 15 years for scamming and i hope he serves everyday of it it is really a shame that people have to go threw all of this because of these romance scammers dont worry lisa sit back laugh and enjoy your day and here is something to make you laugh i bet he is black and ugly skinny and scrawny they never show there real faces i can see why but if you get a chance google 4 real faces of scammers and get a good laugh i follow these stories i guess you can say i am a crime fighter take care dear and the best to you but yes definetely he is a scammer google yahoo suspect and read it all have a good day try not to worry to much comment by melissa also google lohotron romance scammers look at the people they try to scam and never make it there ha ha good day comment by melissa

    Comment by melissa | July 7, 2010 | Reply

  175. hi lanny been thinking about you dear hope things are going well for you you are in my thoughts and prayers update from me I found a nice man and I got married he is so wonderful to me take care melissa

    Comment by melissa | July 7, 2010 | Reply

    • Melissa,congratulations on your marriage.hope you find true love and fulfilment.

      Comment by alanprince | July 17, 2010 | Reply

      • Thank you so much Alan God bless you your site has made such a big impression in my life you are truly wonderfull thank you for all the great things you do for so many people my husband is a wonderful man comment by Melissa

        Comment by melissa | July 18, 2010

  176. Hi Melissa,
    Congratulations on your marriage, I wish you much love and happiness. Things are going great and Harry Scam Statford taught me a huge lesson: NOT TO TRUST ANY MAN ON computer and I can smell a scammer so fast now. What a jerk…karma is not fun.

    Thank you for ur thoughts and kindness…I know everything in life happens for a reason….including Harry Scumbucket.

    Lanny 🙂

    Comment by Lanny | July 7, 2010 | Reply

  177. It seems to me that all of this bs is comming from that one profile this man is obviously scamming lots of people threw yahoo facebook singlesnet what ever where ever my thing is why does my space continue to allow this man to scamm people people i would like to add this dont send any money to anybody you dont know I believe if we all band together we can put a stop to these so called yahoo boys come on think about it money is to hard to come by if someone ltruly loves you they wouldnt demand that you send them money instead they would do all they could to come meet you in person it may make you feel special or warm inside even on top of the world when these scammer send you a lovely message but remember yourself worth and self respect is not worth there time they are just plain out loosere now I will check out everything from a persons sn number to the color of there underware before they can even think about giving me a holla

    Comment by joyce | July 8, 2010 | Reply

  178. when you google mathew atkins 50 romance scammer gary indiana it leads you here so ladies be carefull if you get a message from yahoo black planet etc who ever is behind this scammer profile is the biggest scammer yahoo boy on the net people be careful

    Comment by rose | July 9, 2010 | Reply

  179. carolotta watch out for this no good creep albert got the same e mail from him supposely he loves me so much wants me to send him moneu so that he can come see me so that we can be togeher he is so fake knew what he was up to also like you played his game to see where it would lead to well he is only gonna ask you for more and more money they work in groups of si his picture doesnt match the voice also found out he is married his wife plays and scamms with him lol each scammer is suppose to get 50,000 from there victims for there boss he calls me all day everyday professing undying love but I know he is a liar and a thief be careful this guy is good at what he does take care comment by jessica

    Comment by jessica | July 17, 2010 | Reply

    • Like a couple of known others I have been in contact with a man named ALBERT ALLEN supposedely from Monroe La but traveling to Nigeria on a business trip. After just about 2 maybe 3 weeks he also started aking me for money saying the Nigerian govt was holding his stuff until he paid them like 45k and he was waiting on a check to clear could I help him. I knew something wasnt right. he even sent me a supposed document from the govt requsting the cash. yes he is very charming. He porclaimed he was in love with me after just 3 weeks of talking with him but my gut told me something wasnt right. I confronted him about something and he stalled to answer me, so thatwas my confirmation that he was lying and wasnt to be trusted.

      Comment by Bonnie | August 14, 2010 | Reply

  180. carolotta they work in a group of six people

    Comment by jessica | July 17, 2010 | Reply

  181. Jessica,

    Thanks. Fortunately I escaped before he started asking for money,which he would not have gotten. I know he was working up to it and became belligerent when I called him on his inconsistencies. I’m very weary of someone who says they love me within 1 week of chatting with me and never have met me. Ladies beware of quick profession of love and proposals of marriage.

    Comment by Carlotta | July 17, 2010 | Reply

  182. Thank you Alan God bless Melissa

    Comment by melissa | July 18, 2010 | Reply

  183. Hey everyone what the business is? romance scammers a little bit of news to share with you over your moring coffee this guy Eddie Kingsley location Lagos, Nigeria birthdate October 22,1981 known as Jehpoet is directly involved in this scamming connected to Blessing Ezeh Chinasa these yahoo yahoo boys are big scammers and they are everywhere been doing a bit of research myself lets just say I am on the side of the law comment by Melissa

    Comment by melissa | July 18, 2010 | Reply

  184. Please Look out for this person as she is a Romance Scammer who almost got to me, I post this in the hopes she will not be able to do this to anyone else.

    (150.8 KB)(150.8 KB)(78.9 KB)
    View slide show (3)|Download all
    Hello Dearie
    Am Annie Woods and i hope this email get to you in a good state of mine and health, am young beautiful girl that need a very honest and sincere man to be mine,am still single and am 28yrs old but is just a number and what matters to me is the love that we will build and the chemistry that will be bonding it….I need a man the will understands me and love me for who i am and i have actually suffered a lot in the hands of men trying to take advantage of me cos am a very beautiful girl that has nobody to stand for me so i decided to be very careful in going into another relationship…and i really need to be sure about you if you are really interested on me?i have a very high sex drive and i must confess and i hope you could handle me.
    My Dad passed away when i was six yrs old left me with my Moms and she is recently reside in london where i got her a nanny that helps her out cos she has cancer while am in Manchester where i work for a Non governmental Organization called WOTCLEF(WOMEN TRAFFICKING AND CHILD LABOR ERADICATION FOUNDATION)
    I have been working with WOTCLEF as a voluntary worker and our goal is kicking against human trafficking and orphanage,we make sure we touch the life’s of these set of humans and we show them love and give them hope too….i love to catch fun and at my leisure time i visit parks,sight seeing and camping i love reading too and listen to music and work out to keep fit.
    And i will really love to come visit someday that depends on how things go between us cos i have been in Manchester for a while now and haven’t travel out and i would really love to visit America someday…England is quite expensive and that is one of the reasons why i don’t even have a phone due to the high tariff on network services here,i live at NO 142JY Bilsburrows street UK,just a one room self contain and i pay my bills my self so cos i have another part time work that i work down the road with a coffee shop that get me little money that i survive with…
    The kind of food i like best is marsh potatoes with gravy sauce,fried rice with chicken,pancakes with gravy sauces and i love to cook my meals,hope someday we will get to eat together.things that i like to do are during my vacation i love to go camping with someone i love and sight seeing too,i love nature generally..
    I would really like to get to see the photo of what you look like cos i would want to know who am keeping as friends,Hope to hear from you soon…

    Annie Woods


    Comment by Lester | August 4, 2010 | Reply

  185. out of cursioty how old is this donald and is this the same guy that has been scamming all of these women and men on here? If so my thing is how can he get from Africa to the Us to the Uk and everywhere likre that so quick if this is so then he must be trying to get some more of his yahoo friends green cards then and it sure as hell much be a whole army of them cause he has to be working hard as hell by himself to be doing all of this bs comment by janet

    Comment by janet | August 10, 2010 | Reply

  186. This guy is 47 and he is not from Afica. He is a US citizen allegedly from Atlanta

    Comment by Sandy | August 10, 2010 | Reply

  187. He’s not from Africa then does he have connections to these yahoo boys/scammers has any of these people leaving comments ever meet this Donald before?Why has he not been reported to the law officals?I feel soory for the lady who has lived with him for two years it sounds like she just found out aabout his bs thanks Sandy just wanting to know the scammer I have been chatting with for a while I know deep in my heart he has been to the US before and it is so many of them I think they trade off I am sure he is trying to hip his friends on getting a green card comment by janet

    Comment by janet | August 11, 2010 | Reply

    • These guys are in a network and are working together they gather info from their victims to share with each other,,,they always ask for you to send pics so that they can give to their female scammers,,,they never want to chat on the site, they never do webcam, they meet you on always through yahoo,,,but where they are slipping at is they dont know about the new yahoo features, when you get email from someone it links to their facebook page if they have one and they dont know about yahoo connections I ran into another one from his name was tona and was from america email but it was linked to a facebook page and he wasnt aware of it his real name was joshua ndukwe which is apparently his real name and its not an american name..The profile pic didnt look like the one on bbp site at all. These websites refuse to do anything about these guys when you report them as watch who you do business with…It seems as if the sites are involved themselves. They have american ties to order local cell phones so dont let them calling from a local or american number fool you.

      Comment by erica | August 11, 2010 | Reply

  188. erica just got threw reading your comment great feed back check this out look what else I found Ediale Kingsley NDUKWE BARDE MANASSEH JOSHUA 703-779-1259 KADUNA log./com/jehpoet/blog google joshua ndukwe on net log you can even get to view his pictures lol you can say I am on the side of the law for real been investigating this scammer for a while comment by melissa

    Comment by melissa | August 12, 2010 | Reply

  189. hey all look what else I found Ediale kingsley nduke 803=737-3985 Abia BARDE MANASSEH=JOSHUA 703-779-1259Kaduna log. com/jehpoet/ blog Joshua ndukwe google joshua ndukwe on net log look at the picture and his profile what a trip

    Comment by melissa | August 12, 2010 | Reply


    Comment by melissa- | August 16, 2010 | Reply

  191. Hello Lanny hope you are doing good just to say hello one day soon I will send you my e-mail so we can chat take care girl comment by melissa

    Comment by melissa- | August 16, 2010 | Reply

  192. exactly what is being done to date about these romance scammers how many peoples lives have to be destroyed before somthing is done I guess it is up to us to choose who we talk to on her maybe a little common since yes sometimes it takes a lot of hard looking

    Comment by tonya | August 17, 2010 | Reply

  193. what is a romance scammers profile look like

    Comment by tonya | August 17, 2010 | Reply

  194. There are several websites by this name.This one rolls down,allows cards,smies sparks to be exchaned.I am a paid member+ added time.last weekenk end they were of for 1 1/2 daysThey slabbeded shut, could not contact. This morming a member told me My photos wern’t there. They same they have taken every thing and froze/close up house. Where can I be directed on this sorry matter, As soon as I called attention to my photos being going they slabbed the door.HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Kathy Ginter | August 24, 2010 | Reply

  195. doesnt the scammer get it yet busted stop setting up profiles duhhhhhh busted you are the number one yahoo suspect lol maybe there will peace on the net now ha ha ha ha ha aha ha aha

    Comment by connie | August 30, 2010 | Reply

  196. Person stated that his name is John Goldman,working in Mayalisa, states that he is an engineer, building a mall.lives in Rhodes Island.Was robbed and driver was killed,he was shot in leg and lost lots of blood, needs $800 to pay doctor to do surgery.I never gave one red cents. His email addressed is PLS beware of this person.

    Comment by maggie | September 3, 2010 | Reply

  197. Beware of a man named Richard Williams who claims to be widowed with a son named Smith. His email address is He claimed to be a geologist who got a contract job with Nigerian National Petro Corp. and was robbed and kidnapped on the way from the airport. He wanted me to wire him $2000.00 for his ticket and $1500.00 for his son (so they could get back to the States). He is a scam artist. Don’t fall for his sweet talk! I almost did.

    Comment by Roxy | September 6, 2010 | Reply

    • thank God you saw through him in time.others were not so lucky. just try and help others out by sharing what you know.

      Comment by alanprince | September 11, 2010 | Reply

  198. The number one scammer with all the different profiles is back Mathew atkins 45 look out ladies lol new profile hope my space catches it quick

    Comment by renee | September 9, 2010 | Reply

  199. Hi, can someone with professional experience please help me get this Nigerian piece of crap away from my mother?
    For the past 4-5 months my mom has been in communication with a man with the panhandle of Roy Innocent Moore, yahoo name nextlevel009. They met on effing and all of the steps of their communications are that of what he is.
    -US citizen working overseas in .. Nigeria, haha as an art scupturer…for the nigerian assembly!
    – immediately fell in love and started asking for money..which she sent him and is continuing to do.
    -theres a million other things but thats all the proof I need right there. Haha, seriously though he’s straight out african, he can’t type right and sounds like he just walked off the set of the lion king safari. Thats bad but this guy is evil!

    My mom is a 55 year old mentally and physically disabled woman who suffers from severe mental illness. She’s also a widower, I’ve lived with her for the past four years, trying to guide and help her.
    I have told this man about this and at first I was professional via im with this man in asking him to leave her alone. None of anything that he said made any sense when I questioned him. This was after she had sent him 100 bucks, our home and my cell, our address and all of the personal information that you can imagine a lonely woman telling a handsome younger man that is so in love with her about. Horrible…worse now! Way, way worse the three months ago when it was 100! I have definate proof of talked about amounts that were asked for and ALL SENT adding up to 660 bucks over the first three 1/2 months of their corespondance.
    He’s taught her over the phone how to undo locks and erase every msg they have. I took her cell phone the other day and read some texts. She gave him her Visa Rush card number, she gets her state disabilty money on that and got 2,000 this month for past arrears. Then, she told me that same day that he had just bought his plane ticket home and would be here soon! She’s thought that he’s been coming back soon this whole time.
    Now, she’s saying that he’s literally caught the Typoid fever twice since July! You would like die and defiately not be able to type.. AHaha…its so sad but due to her mental state, regardless of what I say or prove to her via scam sites, she won’t believe me. Its gotten to the point where he’s convinced her that I’m an evil force trying to break up the perfect sanctity thats been created in them, oh obviously thru GOD because who else?
    She’s even been physically attacking me over the past month. I’m ok, not in danger. She’s really not strong but it hurts me emotionally to know that this is her reality and theres nothing I can do…
    I’ve tried EVERYTHING! NO one in this shit hick town knows about the scam except for the lady that works at western union! I’ve done so much and gotten nothing. I can’t shake this guy off my mom. Theres so much more but I can’t waste more space on this long column.

    If you feel that you can help me, then please email me at thats the account I set up for my scam bashing!

    Comment by chanel welch | September 18, 2010 | Reply

    • channel, could you get your mom to come over to this site?maybe when she reads the stories here, she will be able to see through the guy.but pls do it in a non-confrontational way nor in a manner that will make her want to defend herelf no matter what.

      Comment by alanprince | September 21, 2010 | Reply

    • He’s not going to let go. You have to take the computer and tell her it was stolen …or better yet start corresponding as her. She is not in a position to think rationally and she is easy prey. I’m sorry about this nightmare. I hope you’re getting help. Btw, make sure you contact her bank and the credit reporting agencies. If he’s been up to no good, they’ll find out right away.

      Comment by Anonymous | October 24, 2010 | Reply


    Comment by Wanda J. | October 12, 2010 | Reply

    • hope you didn’t send any money to him.

      Comment by alanprince | October 13, 2010 | Reply

      • Ladies watch out for a Mac Thompson(Mark Fernando Thompson) he claims to be a self contractor working over in Africa.Owning his own business which he took over after his Fathers death.Recently claims to have been awarded his largest contract with AGL Energy Limited in Australia.I have the forged contact.He is using a large energy company in North Sidney, Australia to scam on others.He claims to be from New Orleans Louisiana lost everything in the hurricane.He claims to have a daughter Betty who is 10 years old whom he is raising.His so called address is 32 Ajayi Rd Ogba Ifako Iaye Logos,Nigeria.He has changed his phone number a few times here they are – 0112348131206395,0112347042179924.He also goes by the name Jones Grishman address is 23 Adeyemi Ave.Ikeja Logos, Nigeria 23401.He has two profiles on my yearbook and is on five other dating sites that I have found.Of course using a different pic which I have since found on the scammers list.Yes I have been scammed, but most important of all is to give this information I have, in hoping to prevent this from happening to others.I hope this evil so called human being to be caught and brought to justice. The God fearing man he proclaims to be ,now I know why he fears God.

        Comment by Nana | November 8, 2010

  201. He is now

    Im in New Zealand & have a room for rent which i advertised through the trade & exchange over here, he contacted me saying hes from Glasgow Scotland & he wanted to rent the room for his son who’s coming to New Zealand soon. He’s even rung me today, funny how his accent is American sounding not Scotish. I’ve been scepticle bout this so typed his name into google and here i am, he reckons money will be in my account today which i no is a joke now….

    Heres The Last 2 Emails…..Dodgy You No What

    Hi Dave,I am happy to inform you that the deposit has been made just now but i amreally sorry to inform you that a mistake has been made by myassistant with the money transfer has he mistakenly transferred themoney to be send to my business associate in USA to your account andsend his to yours,the amount that will be in your account will beexcessed instead of your deposit as agreed,i want you to pleaseforgive me and deduct your money from the money in your account andhelp me send the rest in USD$ to my partner that should have themoney so he can proceed as well,you will be sending the money to himthrough moneygram money transfer which you can find there agentsat your nearest post shop or bank to make the transfer faster and alsoi will be in touch with him to get his address details to send themoney to,i hope you can help me with that?. Also you will deduct the moneygram transfer charge from the moneyreceived and send the rest. I will be so glad to hear from you soon, Thanks,Moore.

    This is what i sent him after this email….

    Hi Nalkin no funds have gone through to my account, a question for you? Its been bought to my attention theres a guy with your name running scams through the Trade & Exchange & your name is even on a fraud scam list online. So i take it i’ve been messed around here?

    And heres his reply…..

    Hi Dave,it’s nice talking to you on phone and i will be waiting foryou online by 3pm your time to confirm the money in youraccount,deduct your 2 weeks rent deposit and send the rest to mypartner,here is the address to send the money below:Receiver’s Name: Jack MorganState: LondonCountry: England. You do not need a street address to send the money through westernunion,it’s not compulsory,i will call you by 3pm your time.Thanks.

    He rung me 5 times before and his phone kept cutting out, funny thing is on his 2nd try he forgot to block the number he was calling from……002348062664326

    Comment by Dave | November 25, 2010 | Reply

  202. Awesome info it is definitely. My father has been seeking for this update.

    Comment by Albertine Junkersfeld | December 19, 2010 | Reply

  203. These guys are really good at what they do…I just found one…well he found me on a dating website..Zoosk affiliated with Facebook…Facebook has his email ( to this website but for some reason Facebook still h as his profile up…the name he is using is Cristian Adams and maybe using Jonathan Adams these names are both listed on facebook..these two guys Eneh Richard Ikenna and Daniel Umez maybe involved in scams also as they are his friends on facebook
    This is the phone # Cristian Adams gave me to call him says it’s a Scottland #447045732078.I don’t know if it is and I’m not going to waste my time in checking it out. These guys are very good at what they just has to really pay attention and always, always ask a lot of questions…they seem to forget what they said previously to you…This guy Cristian says he works for a World Health Organization on Wildlife conservation as a Vet…it’s funny cause he says he was born in Spain,but raised and went to school in the UK but his facebook account says he went to grad school in the USA…he has not asked me for money yet..I’m gonna play him like he plays everyone else..I just want to see how long it will take him to ask me for money..oh and I did call him out about all this..he says he has no idea who or why someone would drag his name through the dirt like this..the only thing I am afraid of is him using the pictures I sent him to create a profile to scam other people ( I sent him the pictures before I came across all this information on him.)I wonder whose picture he stole to use as Cristian Adams…

    Comment by Rose | December 20, 2010 | Reply

    • All the dating sites are filled with these so called God fearing men.On judgement day they will pay for what they have done taking from innocent people.

      Comment by Nana | December 20, 2010 | Reply

  204. these guys dont care who they hurt most of them are young boys between the ages of 15 to 19 to help with your healing process go to real faces of scammers to see what they really look like 4 real faces of scammmers lol have a great day

    Comment by lisa | January 14, 2011 | Reply

  205. Well,I m very glad and i find useful information from this site…I was surprise, to came across one bullshit lady that address herself as rose perez….he want us to start dating.she emailed me from zoosk and keep on writing romantic and lovely emails to make me fall in love….could you imagine that we never spoke on the phone but just 2 days of chatting with her on IM she told me that she had a feeling for me…that she is falling in love for me and to start with me is best she can do,,,,i knows she has something coming up and i stopped talking to her.she asked me series of question why i m always silence to her and i responded that i m not comfortable chatting with her then she disclosed to me that she is one of the great internet scam artist. in fact that dating scamming is just like her hobby..she derived joy scamming innocent people on line so everybody should beware of the bags of garbages by name rose perez…
    below is an example of emails she used to send to me…

    From: Rose Perez
    Subject: Re: Hello

    Well as you know already I’m Rose, 39…I have 4 great kids..which are all grown. I am currently working for a construction company managing their office and safety department. I am also currently going to college to finish up my Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Health & Safety.
    I have never traveled the world, but hoping to go to certain places like Ireland, Italy, Bali & Spain one day…
    oh I do plan on going to Malaysia this coming year…only because my sister moved out there some months ago.
    There are alot of things I like to do on my off time from work. I love to go to sporting events. I’m a huge football fan…love my Texans..even though they didn’t make the playoffs this year to go to basketball games, even though I’m not a big Rockets fan…seeing a game is awesome…
    I’m really not much on talking about myself. all I can say is that I am a very simple lady. I love the simple things in life. I don’t need expensive things to make me happy. As for what I am looking for in a man is, someone who is very honest and very loyal. Those are my two main qualities I look for in a man.
    Ok well I am gonna leave this where it’s at….if you want to know more…just IM me…


    Comment by Xtian Adams | January 22, 2011 | Reply

  206. this ROSE PEREZ is a scammer she is a confirmed scam artist. so bewareI forgot to let you know her email address….it goes as….if you get any email from here,beware and run for your life….she is a devil incanate……


    Comment by fernando micheal | January 22, 2011 | Reply

  207. Be aware of the charming scammer that says his “daughter” is gravely ill and needs to leave Nigeria as he was sent there for a project, to return to the UK.

    Comment by Kaydee | February 2, 2011 | Reply

  208. I was almost scammed by a guy called Bernardo
    Bettino aged 46 living in the UK. A widower with a 15 year old son, and worked in construction. Bernardo claimed to live in South East Kent and owning a 17 Century Cottage in Brigg. We met on a UK dating website just before Chritmas and we exchanged email addresses. By 17 January 2011 he told how much he loved me etc. This guy told me that he going to Ghana for 3 weeks on Feb 4. He emailed when he arrived to say that he had lost all his luggage and money. I received a request for funds on the 5 Feb. to helpin Ghana. The alarm bells started ringing needless to say I didn’t give any money. I`m an intelligent, attractive woman I can’t believe that I was almost duped by this man. I previously heard horror stories of women being of lonely women being exploited by men on the internet. I never thought that it could ever happen to me.

    Comment by Lylette | February 8, 2011 | Reply

  209. Since posting my last comment I looked at the scams in the UK. I’d never heard of the Nigerian 419 scam before. The signs were all there, meeting on a dating site, making contact by IM. The email address is He claims to have a son Allen Marco. In the mean I’ve got a random picture of a guy who doesn’t even know that his pictures are being posted out. I wish I could find him to let him know how his photo’s are being used.

    Comment by Lylette | February 8, 2011 | Reply

  210. discovered that these guys are scamming and networking together seems like sunday and his gang is still at in lagos nigeria lol been talking to sunday everyday for severral months now he is unaware that I know who he really is comes across to be honest and trustworthy please real name is sunday makanjuola tunde adeyemo ganiyu victor ndukwe giwa tawio ganiyu ip address multi links telecommunications watch out for these yahoo boys

    Comment by melissa | February 19, 2011 | Reply

  211. Are you people kidding me? Are you seriously sending money to people you don’t know?? Ok, stop! Let’s first start with the ground rules of dating. Any MAN that asks a woman for money that he has not been in a long term relationship with, thus already providing for her financially as well as taking care of her other needs is a LOSER! No one can be desperate enough to even consider reaching in her wallet and sending a strange man money.

    Comment by janine | February 19, 2011 | Reply

  212. Be on the lookout of David Brown of He uses various strategies, one being he is a widow raising a child. I was immediately suspicious as he alleges he’s this successful intellect; yet, his writing and grammar were all over the place. He stated he’s from Italy, and now working on a project in Nigeria. When I asked about his child, he proceeded to tell me he has a 10 year old son, Cory, who he’s been raising alone since he lost his wife 4 years ago. Oh and , “it’s just so hard to talk about this” he stated. Immediately, I said “scam.” His comment was a direct attempt to get to my emotional side. He was constantly attempting to get me to yahoo message him vs. chatting on the dating website. Again, a red flag. When I informed him I was not comfortable with that idea and that if he wanted to chat he would need to do so on the dating site, well, let’s just say I haven’t heard from him. I googled him and BAM, there it was- all of this information on him, the same photo he sent me, and women stating how they have been scammed by him. SMH. With this said, even if you are desperate enough to send someone money you don’t know, I’m helping you out by letting you know ahead of time that he is a scam artist!

    Comment by janine | February 19, 2011 | Reply

  213. Adding- If you are a woman seeking a relationship with a man, you should be seeking someone who is independent and can hold his own. If he can’t keep his utilities on or provide for his own needs, what the heck can he do for you?!?!? For all of you who got scammed, I’m sorry, but you deserved exactly what you got for being that stupid. Really.

    Comment by janine | February 19, 2011 | Reply

  214. I found this site by actually Googling a man who I have been corresponding with by the name of Roy Innocent(Innocen)Moore yahoo ID nextlevel009 and email address Has anyone else been scammed by him or know anything more about his story??? I feel like I found this just in time before anything out of control could happen, THANK GOD!! all responses would be appreciated.

    Comment by Tara C | March 5, 2011 | Reply

  215. To Janine dont be so quick to tell everyone that you are sorry that they desere to get scammed let me be the first to let you know my sister that these scammers are very smooth they are professional con-men and for the record dont think it cant happen to you my advice to you and all these other women men here if you dont know someone personally then donr be so quick to respond for the record nigerian men most of them already have wives girlfriends and family we are of no insterest to them other than money so I just want you to know getting scammed can happen to anyone show a little more sympathy be careful it doesnt happen to you it did to me and I am a professional comment by melissa

    Comment by melissa | March 7, 2011 | Reply

  216. also if you want to know how i know so much about nigerian scammersfact i was dumb enough to marry a yahoo boy yes yahoo boy unaware ladies if you are stupid enough to marrty a scammer all they want from you is just a green card fact you will joing in with there other muslim wives to care for there kids and families oh yes there are other wives and if you are lucky you want get raped or beaten you might get a chance to spend one night with your husband you might even get lucky to meet the person you been talking to on line they do switch up ladies i am one of the lucky ones after i managed to escape my horror with the help of some people I met in nigeria I returned home to America un harmed they liked me fortunately a year ago I met and nmarried a wonderful we got marrried and I told him about my exsperience I decided to help as many people kow the truth about scammers as I can and share my exsperience to help someone take care of yourselves comment by melissa

    Comment by melissa | March 7, 2011 | Reply

  217. hello allen your web site is stii wonderful I have told a lot of my friends about your website and asked them toshare it with there friends as well god bless you melissa

    Comment by melissa | March 14, 2011 | Reply

  218. Keep a look out for someone with the email address “” or the yahoo messanger “lucie_poliquet”. This is a person out of Africa who is extorting money from unexpecting users. Dont send anything of money to anybody requesting it. You would be making the biggest mistake of your life.

    Comment by Craig | May 16, 2011 | Reply

    • thanks. this came in helpful this morning after i was duped by IT from
      no money was sent but IT got my email.
      God strenthen US and give us discernment over satans’ diminutives.

      Comment by blue johnson | March 3, 2012 | Reply

  219. peterer155,peter.gregory1,peter.gregory15,peter.gregory18,peter.gregory38 phone#002348028966176,002348020877999,4252006875, lagos,ikorojo,anderson isl.wash.,gig harbour wash., this is only a small sample of info,, requesting any background info that may lead to procecution of this alledged scamer, has been on facebook,yahoo,many dating sites,requesting monies to exit nigeria,uses typical date scam,uses photos of medium complected man approx. mid 50’s,5’9″ approx 180lbs.,scar under right underarm area,brown eyes itallion accent, poor speach,from italy..,any and all info relating to or regarding this man will be greatly appreciated,have additional info to share upon request..please help us stop this person from scamming any more innocent victims

    Comment by candace drymon | June 16, 2011 | Reply

    • maybe you can direct them to this site to get more information.that’s the only way to help.

      Comment by alanprince | June 20, 2011 | Reply

  220. Singles, dating,
    Stephanie Wing Mantovani. Panama City Panama. Warning:

    If you are a ‘Gringo’/ Canadian person dating in Panama be cautious with this female.
    She takes information.
    She may use stolen passwords to your email and other accounts, or whatever private information.
    Stephanie Wing, the longer version is Stephanie Wing Mantovani d.o.b. November 2. 1970, Panama, Panama.
    This female has been known to consistently lie in relationships.

    Comment by Jack | June 18, 2011 | Reply


    Comment by MIKE ZULU | August 5, 2011 | Reply

  222. so if sommeone tells u they are sending u a check and wanting u to cash it for them and keep 20 percent of it then u know its a SCAM.

    Comment by kristy | August 6, 2011 | Reply

  223. I had three scammers in a day contact me (and I had no idea romance scamming was so rampid). One of them almost had me fooled. But there are just too many similarities to what I’m reading here for him to be an honest guy. Look out for lovingjay2000 aka He was supposedly from Sugar Land, TX and working as an engineer in timber (he lost me right there) in Liverpool, England. We had a whole conversation about boys/hoodlums in hoodies burning his Mercedes. Another guy named Jeffrey Hanes has been banded from several sites as a scammer. Says he has a little 7 yr. old boy named Luke and has been widowed 5 years. Pretty smooth operator.

    Another one I ran into was (supposedly from Ohio). It is so creepy that these people are out there. And they will guilt- trip you when you try to shut them down or accuse them of being a scammer. And some of the pictures they are stealing are not of models…so some poor guys out there are getting really nasty reputations all unbeknowst to them. What a pity this whole scenario is.

    Comment by MSuzanne | August 16, 2011 | Reply

  224. look out for a big scaammer con man scams with sundays gang sunday mankjuola they are all family and all big time scammers

    Comment by tracey | August 22, 2011 | Reply

  225. Who Are The People That Romance or Dating Scams Are Targeted At?
    by Alan Prince
    Incidences of romance or dating scams have been on the rise since it came to public knowledge not too long ago.Yet,many people in the Western world are yet to grasp the reality of the fact that this scam seems to be on the increase.Perhaps, because most of the people who lose money to these scams do not talk about their losses.Many people prefer to bear the financial losses in silence, rather than disclose to any other party. On the other hand, in Nigeria and other places where the scammers operate from, large amounts of dollars are being received on a daily basis from the scams.In the third week of March,for instance, a 20 year old young man,just seeking admission into the university, scammed 5000 British Pounds from a middle aged woman in the United Kingdom.He is not the only one collecting such amounts from dating or romance scams.Daily,in thousands of cafes all over Nigeria,especially the SouthWest,and other West African countries,tens of thousands of young people are actively working at the scams,looking for such victims.
    But then, the question arises –whom do the scammers target for their activities? Do they just pick on anyone anywhere, or do they have a particular set of people that they focus on to defraud them of their money? From what I could gather in my research, here are the main types of people that the scams are focused on :
    1. Elderly people and other lonely groups: Elderly women and men looking for companionship are believed to be especially vulnerable to the scams.They are believed to be soft at heart,and willing to part with their money in return for romantic affection and attention. Other lonely groups of people are also a prime target. Their loneliness makes them to be in need of some form of company,which may not be readily available around them in their immediate environment and which the scammers readily provide.
    2.Separated women,recently divorced women and the like are easy targets of the scammers. The trauma of their divorce or separation makes them vulnerable to online scams. The scammers hunt on various dating sites for women like these.
    3.Overweight people: these set of people are about the easiest to target and to scam,according to the scammers. It appears some overweight people need someone to admire them and to love them the way they are. And it also appears that a number of them are insecure emotionally. And it appears that as a result of this, some overweight women seem to do anything to hold on to a man,even if they do not know if he is for real. It appears that it is their sense of insecurity and their need for acceptance that is often exploited to get money of them.
    4.People Looking For Sex: Many adult websites are a special target of the scammers.The scammers show nude pictures of themselves and engage in sexual acts with the persons they meet on the site. Usually,the people scammed through adult sites never disclose that they were scammed or they keep their losses to themselves. All those interviewed and who lost money to scams through this means declined to give figures of how much they were scammed of
    People living with AIDS, and differently-abled people are also a target of the scams.
    This is by no means an exhaustive list of those being targetted by the scams.These happen to be the most popular ones that the scammers target.
    The best way to deal with the dating or romance scams is to know how the scammers operate and be wise as to their ways. Educating yourself about these scams helps you to know how to prevent it from happening to you.

    Comment by stacey | September 4, 2011 | Reply

  226. I was scammed out of $3,000 by a man going by the name of Andrew Berman. Even though I wa warned it was a scam, I sent money. According to D.s.p. Awui he was arrested but the did not have enough evidence to hhold him. This Inspector wanted $500.00 from memto prosecute this man. Is that how the nlaw is in Ghana? The victim has to pay more money to get even a portion of their money back?

    Comment by Teresa Deras | September 18, 2011 | Reply

  227. i am from Canada, i have been scamed with more the 5 thousands dollars in few months by a JASON PARK through facebook and my personnal yahoo, he claim himself as an ingineer from GLASGOW UK. seem he is always on road for a suppose company BADWELL INGINEERING,CIVIL INGINEERING,or for himself business, he always in such unfortunate situation, he got money from Ashley Chan from SINGAPORE and now scamming ANGELIKA PLEITER from Germany, he makes lot of promises, you are his world, his queen, his wife for life, he is catholic want to get you along with him to get married and have a big wedding and fantastic honeymoon in the Carabean. told me he was in MUMBAI_INDIA during the summer, but in NIGERIA_AFRICA to Angelika at the same moment and called me from POPLAR HILL ONTARIO CANADA such a bitch

    Comment by Ginette Racette | October 15, 2011 | Reply

  228. This guy is a trip he just recently changed his name on my space from mathew atkins to matt allí deberry he is a a fake and a scammer real name alli damilolia from lagos Nigeria sorry u got scammed by this low life

    Comment by melissa | October 16, 2011 | Reply

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  230. BEWARE OF JERRY ALLEN THORSBY,AL he is a liar,,cheater and has some type of mental disorder. found out that he patrols these websites in search of women for sex. he is on blackpeoplemeet and about 20 other sites. found out he was having sex with about 10 women.he is on chat lines and every sex only line you can think of. he admitted once busted that he has been with over 100 women sexually on dating sites. he is addicted to porn and sex. if you see hom RUN as fast as you can or you will regret it!!

    Comment by renita jones | November 13, 2011 | Reply

  231. Information obtained on one of the guys responsible for scamming most of us his name is alli damilola azeez hometown ilorin kwara nigeria site engineer bal engineering limited kicked off of some of the social sites so glad this creep has a my space profile Twitter to you can run but you can not hide

    Comment by melissa atkins | November 28, 2011 | Reply

  232. Mke zulu were not mad but you are because i find out who the scammers are and put a stop to them right thought so your game is weak to bad the money not flowing to the scammers like before guess you sitting at the cafe looking dumb watch out for this number the scammers use to 2348094072175

    Comment by melissa atkins | November 28, 2011 | Reply

  233. Be careful if you recieve a friends request from this fool hes a romance scammer mathew damilola age 27 My space 549444532 this Is his real profile My space posed as mathew atkins scammer

    Comment by melissa | December 8, 2011 | Reply

  234. Beware of a Thomas Kenedy who was on match,com and says he is from Edmonton. Says he moved from New York and he is an architect/interior designer. He says he is a partner in a firm but would not say what the firm was called. Said he has firms in a variety of countries . I finally said to him that I needed much more info about him to make me feel a little more secure talking to him and he got angry. Then I didn’t hear from him for over a week and suddenly he started talking to me via yahoo messenger and said he was in South Africa and that his millions that was left for him through inheritance was being held up in the courts and he needed $3600.00 to resolve it all. If I would give him the money then i could have 10% of the inheritance. I could even come to South Africa to see the money. What a bunch of bull. I removed and blocked him. He also called me from a number that had a New York area code. So ladies beware. Do not believe this “Thomas Kenedy”

    Comment by Patty | December 13, 2011 | Reply

    • I was contacted by the same guy. He pretty much gave me the same story as you (around the same time) but he told me me was in South Africa and he told me the following story:

      Am really sorry i didn’t respond to you earlier, like i told you ill be going for a business trip, i did and right now i am in South Africa facing issues i got robbed and i was shot in my lower leg, i have been in the hospital forfor more than a week and i am just trying to recover everything was taken from me and at the moment i got pain all over and the pain killer don’t seem to be working , i have been trying to see whom i can contact but to no avail since my phone and wallet was taken, where i had all phone numbers and business cards, i came here on a personal survey on the project ill be working on in the near future and this happened, the most problem i have at this moment, i am trying to recover from this pain , i even got sympathy from the hospital as they treated me and due to lack of insurance i couldn’t even pay my hospital bill , i went to the Bidvest bank here in South Africa to retrieve my debit card that i deposited money and i found out threes is no money on it but the hospital gave me the grace to pay back when i get back to Canada, i am stranded i need help, i will greatly appreciate it if you do and repay you back in a great way.

      This email service is my only connection to the world now and i feel lost because this trip is a personal survey and not business oriented and most of my friend and business partners that i could remember their number are already on christmas breaks in different countries as planned and i cant reach them been trying for days, i need your help and support in any way you can am still trying to reach out to see if i can get support , i never knew this would happen please do assist me, i will surely repay you back… right now i don’t know what to do i need some one to talk to i am very scared right now and the embassy told me to come back that on the 28 because there is a pending police case laid on me by the hotel management for payment that i haven’t made the embassy say they need time to know investigate the authenticity of my report of the incident that happened before they can do anything further the best they have done so far is not to allow me go to jail and i need to see my son you have kids so you should know how i am feeling right now am really sorry i couldn’t right you back but everything happened in a rush i applied for the South African business visa and requested a date of travel but it came earlier than expected and i had to take drastic actions hoping that i will get back to you upon my return and remember i told my internet has been having issues before i left canada … I haven’t heard from my son and he hasn’t heard from me.. I need your help .. I just want to leave here please search deep in your heart and find that mercy for me i need it , i will surely repay what ever support you give me …

      I await your response.

      What a FREAK!!!

      Comment by Leslie | January 4, 2012 | Reply

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  236. constantly i used to read smaller posts which as well clear their motive, and that is also happening with this article which I am reading at this place.

    Comment by Donte Defoor | February 8, 2012 | Reply

  237. I was scammed by a German-born DAVID HARTMAN. I have reason to believe that he has scammed several ladies under the name of MICHAEL SMITH. They both allege to be Mineral Scientist and buy and sell gold purchased or being purchased from Ghana. The man seen on and on webcam appears to be the same as seen in the profile pictures. He is very nice in the beginning but really puts the pressure on to get money or cellphones or laptops sent to him. If anyone has any info on this man(men) please advise as there is an ongoing investigation in the works. Good luck to all of you that have shared your heart felt stores. May we all be able to heal quickly.

    Comment by Caroline Martin | February 18, 2012 | Reply

  238. Hi there. I am wondering if anyone has heard anything about a roger gray. email We have just started talking and he was from He has sent me this really long email which makes bells ring for me since that has happened before and it was scammers. I don’t want to never believe but I just don’t know. On match he says he is from saskatoon. On his facebook he says california. Says he is a british citizen and moved her 10 years ago. Moved to where I am not sure. Also said he lost his wife and child in child birth in 2002 but on the web site I can find of him and his company it says a different year that he lost them. I just don’t know what to believe anymore and was wondering if anyone had had contact from this person.

    Comment by Patty | April 8, 2012 | Reply

    • Girl those are romance scammers from nigeria read my comment search Facebook call the nig no 2348076603104

      Comment by melissa atkins | July 14, 2012 | Reply

  239. Hello, I was scammed too by a guy who claims from Sweden, ANder Lauren Sten who claimed he had a collection from Petronas Malaysia but needs money to pay tax first. His accomplice name uses Paul Mudge. Both are operation from Malaysia, i heard belatedly that there is a ring of scammers operating in Malaysia. They will even scan documents from Petronas, plane tickets etc. Even up to the last minute this piece of shit still maintains their innocence and professing their love and try to contact me. Please beware.

    Comment by mmg | July 14, 2012 | Reply

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  246. Does anyone know a lady by the name of Carman. She suppose to work for the president of Nigeria. She is a big time scammer and has a man here in the states Mr. Mason in partnership with her. Just pisses me off that I got took in again. I am learning the hard way. I have blocked my email, new number I don’t want to hear from her.

    Comment by Patricia Timm | January 22, 2013 | Reply

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  250. Too all the innocent women out there please beware of the scammers out there . I was involved with a professional player for 6 months. He really knew how to sweet talk me and made me believe him how much he loved me . He even used and played the Good Christian role blessing you and all
    your loved ones. He even addressed you as his wife or finance . Do not fall for it. His name is Jeff Wagner he claimed he lived in Alhambra, Ca .He was raised in London but his accent sounded more like French to me. He was working in Lagos, Africa building a mall. He was claiming to be rich but needed help to get back to the USA. When I didn’t help him he became angry and we ended our so called love relationship. I was heartbroken because it was all a BIG LIE and waste of my 6 months. So women out there looking for a love be careful.

    Comment by Julie | June 19, 2013 | Reply

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  256. you are quite welcome my dear excellent site update the yahoo boys have be come more experienced at scamming there victims unfortunately they have learned to sit up profiles that look very real some have become as bold as actually using there real identities to scam there victims fooling them into thinking they are real in actuality its still a scam please be careful if you don’t know the person and haven’t met them in real life don’t give out your personal information scammers are dangerous for them its a money making business which ivolves there whole family

    Comment by melissa atkins | March 25, 2014 | Reply

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