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Nigerian arrested after scamming Aussie man out of $20,000

A Nigerian man has been arrested over an Internet-based lonely-hearts scam, which stripped a 45-year-old Queensland man of thousands of dollars.

The 23-year-old man was arrested this week in Nigeria and charged with fraud offences.

The overseas arrest came about after a close collaboration of the Queensland Police Service and the Nigerian Economic Financial Crimes Commission.

He is accused of targeting a 45-year-old Queensland man through an online personal website. The man, believing he had met the woman of his dreams, lost approximately $20,000.

Police Minister Judy Spence congratulated Queensland Police for playing a pivotal role in the arrest.

“Queensland police are leading the world when it comes to the investigation of Advance Fee Fraud Internet-based offences,” said Spence.

“The case serves as a strong reminder to people that they need to be careful when it comes to online relationships.”

According to Spence, previous estimates put financial losses to Queenslanders for Nigerian related fraud at around $500,000 a month but assessments now show the figure to be close to $800,000 to $1 million per month.

“These huge losses can so easily be avoided if people think with their heads, not their hearts,” said Spence.

Detective Superintendent Brian Hay, of the Queensland Police Service Fraud and Corporate Crime Group, said: “An examination of 37 case studies showed that for every $1 sent to Nigeria, $1.04 is sent to other countries as part of this fraud.

“Investigations showed money was sent to 42 different countries, proving the Nigerian fraud scams work through a global network.”

In their continued effort to address this area of crime, the QPS Fraud and Corporate Crime Group will be hosting a National Advance Fee Fraud Symposium in Brisbane next month.

International guests will include members of the Nigerian Economic Financial Crimes Commission, United States Department of Justice, FBI, National Police Service of Holland and others.

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    Comment by Tomas Nordlander | October 13, 2008 | Reply

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