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No love on dating site

A Christchurch woman says she feels “violated” after being targeted by an online love rat.

The fraudster, purporting to be a Swedish-born engineer by the name of Donald Andrews, corresponded daily with mother-of-three Michelle Summers, 46, for three weeks before he asked her for money.

The pair exchanged personal details through emails, photographs, phone calls, and “Andrews” even faked a plane ticket receipt to make it look like he was flying to New Zealand.

Their last contact was when the man asked the woman for $6750 after a business deal turned sour.

“It was pretty heartbreaking. [After three weeks] I believed him,” she said. “I thought he was genuine. I thought I had met my match.”

She met the man through internet dating site He immediately started communicating by private email.

“Andrews” wrote long letters.

“Personal hygiene is very important to me as I love to smell good for that special woman,” he wrote. “I also enjoy giving that special woman a soothing massage, especially after a hard day as it is truly a stress reliever. I believe it’s nice to comb a woman’s hair now and then as well.”

As the relationship developed, the emails turned passionate.

“I want to grow old with you. I want to experience this crazy love for ever and ever,” he wrote.

The later emails described an increasingly tense “Andrews” on a difficult and stressful engineering job in Lagos, Nigeria, preparing to travel to Christchurch with his daughter.

On January 14, days before flying to New Zealand, he emailed, saying he could not cash the cheque he had been paid for his work and that he needed a loan to prevent him being delayed on the project.

“Baby it’s just 6750nzd. I have no-one else to turn to right now. I don’t want to miss my flight for any reason.”

Summers said she knew it was a scam as soon as she read it, but there was the nagging thought of, “What if it’s true?”

She and the man spoke on the phone, and when it became evident no money was forthcoming, he hung up.

Summers said she felt “sick” and violated because she had told him “some quite personal things”.

“I’ve got a friend on there [] and she probably would have given him the money because she’s so desperately lonely.”

Sean Lyons, of internet watchdog Netsafe, said romance scams were a highly developed form of the Nigerian lottery scam.

The hardest part for scammers was finding suitable marks, but a dating site had hundreds of people open to meeting people.

Lyons said victims felt personally violated but they should know they were probably not even dealing with a single person.

It was more likely they were an “account” being worked by a kind of call centre somewhere in the world.

“It’s not a con artist, it’s a business,” he said.


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  1. I too am a victim of Donald Andrews to the tune of $55,500 thousand dollars,, it was all I had in the world,, for the grest of my life, now I have nothing & live in a granny flat at my sons..he said everything that the lady from N.Z. says..I have in my possesion emails from him that I printed out, & ones I sent to him..all the western union paperwork showing the amounts that I sent to him & a lady called Thelma West, said she was his secetary,, is wherte you will find him even today..I have reported him to so many times but he seems to get back on there always..also have photos of him & daughter [so he said]he needs to be stopped..also went to the police about him. his ph. num. is 0011447031937954 also his partners is 0011447024051766 + 001147038556227 I have spoken to him on all 3 numbers. have a phone bill to prove it..his email is lets get HIM

    Comment by Bev | September 23, 2010 | Reply

  2. Boy this guy(s) gets around. I’m in Ontario, Canada and also met “Donald Andrews” on on Wednesday September 21, 2011. He was a Professional Engineer from Sweden. First his profile said he was from Ottawa, then it changed to Toronto. At first I thought I was seeing things.
    His profile said: “Personal hygiene is very important to me as I love to smell good for that special woman,” he wrote. “I also enjoy giving that special woman a soothing massage, especially after a hard day as it is truly a stress reliever. I believe it’s nice to comb a woman’s hair now and then as well.” He responded to my email right away and asked me to correspond to
    When I went back onto the web site, his profile disappeared. I started to correspond with him.He had been in Toronto for 2 years. He was the only child and both of his parents have passed away. When asked about where he worked-he was self employed. When asked when his pictures were taken- no repsonse. When I asked him, why he targeted me, he explained he was directed to me by his dead parents.When I asked him when we could meet- he skated around the question with “it really depends on our schedules”. it was odd for someone who was so anxious to correspond with the “women who seized his attention” didn’t want to meet.
    Then I explained to him that a lot of strange stuff can happen on internet dating sites, such as:
    1.Lying about one’s age, profession, looks, where they live
    2. Fraud for the the purpose of stealing money
    3. Sexual assault.
    After I wrote this email, that is the last I heard of him.
    Then I did a Google search “Donald Andrews Engineer”. This web site came up. I can’t say that i am suprised.

    I am so sorry for the women who have been cheated in the past by this man(men).

    I am in the process of reporting him to

    Comment by Lisa | September 30, 2011 | Reply

  3. Holy. I am so glad that i googled his name as well. He just started to coorespond with me and all the stuff everyone said he had on match is the same with me. i have had a few from match that have happened in the same way and so i have been on guard and checking things out the best i can. i have not given any money to any of these people and i have no intention of doing that. I am really reconsidering this dating site thing. I did meet my deceased husband on a dating site and so i was trying again but this is just about too much. i hope more people figure this out and i hope these guys do get caught and something is done.

    Comment by Patty | October 3, 2011 | Reply

  4. This person, Donald Andrews, is at it again on I was contacted by him recently. He even uses the same lines as quoted in the post on here. Unbelievable nerve these ignorant bastards have, preying on innocent women.

    Comment by JMK | October 3, 2011 | Reply

  5. I too have been contacted by this man, initially through and then through the email The story is identical to what others have stated, and I am thankful that I chose to research him as there were too many things that didn’t make sense. I have also reported him to and am waiting to hear how they respond and what action they are going to take as it doesn’t appear that they have dealt with this in the past as he continues to use their website to pick his targets.

    Comment by KLK | October 8, 2011 | Reply

  6. I too have been contacted by this losser, this time his line was he lived in Edmonton, Alberta but had to leave town to the UK to look after some bull shit estate of his fathers. He was using the e-mail address and his new UK number is 011 447 872 282 339.
    His e-mails got very romantic during the 2 weeks we e-mailed each other.
    This guy is good and he needs to be stopped, when I told him I hired a private detective to check him out his response was “what did you find out that I am a killer” to all the ladies out their ….please do not believe these man on line….take the time to google them…and if they wait for more than 2 days to meet you do not meet them. Always meet in a public place and never get in their car alone with them.

    Comment by Cindy French | October 21, 2011 | Reply

  7. I am wondering if anyone has been contacted by a man named roger gray. Says he does gem stones. buys and sells and stuff like that. His email is I have found web sites that do show him and explain his company. I just don’t know if I should be believing anything anymore. On the dating site he says he is from one place but on facebook it says somewhere else. Says he is a british citizen(Kiwi dad and english mom) and that he moved here ten years ago. Also says he lost his wife and child in child birth in 2002. He sent me this really long email and the other times that I have had someone try to scam me they sent long emails. Maybe I am just being paranoid but I just want to be careful.

    Comment by Patty | April 7, 2012 | Reply

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