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Dater dodges net phone cash fiddle

An unlucky dater will be spending this Valentine’s Day single but is thankful she wasn’t conned out of hundreds of pounds.
The 40-year-old woman, who we will call Miss D, almost became a victim of a Nigerian phone scam after joining the Friends Reunited dating site.

She began talking to a man, whose dating name was ‘Sure to Love’.

He described himself as Sergeant Robert Davis, an American soldier and told her his wife had died four years ago.

He even sent her pictures of a girl he said was his six-year-old child and in return, the divorcee from Bedford emailed him photographs of her three daughters.

After a few weeks and hours of online conversations, the man told Miss D that he was being posted to Baghdad, Iraq, and that he wouldn’t be able to get phone network unless she paid £225 for a ‘wireless phone net’.

She said: “The alarm bells started ringing when he asked me that.

“I wanted proof of his identity as a soldier but he said he couldn’t tell me his number or anything.

“Then I googled ‘wireless phone net’ and I found out it was a Nigerian scam.

“I was so upset and felt so foolish.” Miss D contacted Friends Reunited to report the man and they have now removed him from the site.

She said: “There should be more checks involved when you join a dating website because I could just use a picture of anyone.

“I’m so glad I realised before I paid any money but I bet it’s too late for some women.”

Miss D is now going to be more wary of such sites in the future but said: “It’s a shame really because I could be missing out on meeting someone nice – if it’s a soldier I am going to be very cautious!”


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