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Phone scam new wave in fraud

Kieran Moran | 10th July 2010
Gladstone residents are warned to ignore a phone scam that say’s they have won $2 million.
WHEN it sounds too good to be true – it probably is.
Due to technology, scams like the “can you help the Nigerian” are evolving into high-tech fraud.

Gladstone local Rosemary Thompson received a text message last week telling her she won $2 million dollars.

“It came in as a text and said, ‘dear phone user; you have won $2 million dollars,’ and then it asked me to use the computer and go to lotto claims and enter details,” Ms Thompson said.

Scams that come to you on your mobile can be difficult to recognise. They might come from somebody who talks as if they know you or might come through a “missed call” from an unknown number that you redial.

They might even be upfront about what they are promoting, but have hidden charges.

“I didn’t go onto the website as I hadn’t entered into any competitions in lotto except normal lotto; they are calling themselves the lotto phone promo.”
“I rang the police and they said it sounds like a scam,” Ms Thompson said.


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