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Deposit forged notes, withdraw genuine ones

Charles Ramendran

KUALA LUMPUR (July 8, 2010): Inserting fake banknotes into cash-deposit machines and withdrawing genuine ones from automated teller machines — that appeared to be an easy way for a couple to make money. Until the law caught up with them late last month.

It is learnt the couple, who are in their late 20’s, had used high-tech scanners and equipment to produce fake RM50 and RM100 banknotes which they deposited into their bank accounts through cash-deposit-machines (CDM) of a bank in Johor Baru.

This went on almost daily for a month and the couple withdrew RM23,000 before they were nabbed by police.

Federal Commercial Crimes Investigations Department assistant director of operations ACP Rohaimi Md Isa said soon after the couple banked in the dud notes, they would withdraw amounts of between RM1,000 and RM2,000.

He said the couple had used three bank branches but on June 29, when they turned up at another, a police detectives from the federal CCID who had gone to Johor to investigate the case arrested them at the bank premises.

In an unrelated case involving scams hatched by Africans here, Rohaimi said in eight raids in the Klang Valley over the past two weeks, 21 suspects comprising of 16 Nigerian men, three from other African countries, a Filipino and a Malaysian woman were arrested in connection with four cases involving losses of about RM500,000.

He said the latest arrest was on Wednesday where six Nigerians and the Malaysian woman were caught in Cheras.

All were involved in the “African parcel” scam which begins with the conmen befriending local women at social network sites on the internet.

He said the suspects would pretend to be wealthy American or British men and preyed on widows and single women. After several weeks of exchanging emails and winning the hearts of the women, the suspects would claim they are sending their victims a parcel containing cash, gems or other valuables worth thousands of ringgit as a gift.

The women ended up giving them tens of thousand of ringgit when accomplices of these conmen cooked up a story that the parcel was detained at the Customs and money was needed as a “pay-off” to claim the items.

Rohaimi said in the first half of the year, 253 suspects, mostly Africans, were arrested for such scams which cost Malaysians close to RM5 million in losses.

He said last year, 591 suspects were caught for allegedly fleecing Malaysians of more than RM16 million.


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