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Nigerian’ funeral rort hits Coast

Stephen O’Grady | 16th July 2010

FRASER Coast police have warned residents, particularly senior citizens, to be wary of a variation of the infamous Nigerian computer scam.

The alert was issued after a distressed Tinana woman walked into Maryborough police station with a letter delivered to her address, claiming she had inherited “unbelievable sums of money” from a relative she had never heard of.

Maryborough District Operations Inspector Daryl Powell said the new scam also involves the intervention of a “well-meaning” barrister from overseas who requests advances of increasingly large sums of money before the inheritance is delivered.

“The bottom line is if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” he said.

“It’s got rort written all over it.”

He said the idea that people had been fortuitously left entire estates was the type of thing that happened in movies.

“This is all about the issue of identity theft.

“There are people who go through rubbish bins in search of anything that will help them get someone’s personal details.

“This could be their mobile phone number, their address, registration numbers, full name.

“With these details they can create a false document that has all the appearances of something real and genuine.”


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