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Fraudsters are hacking into Facebook and conning British families out of hundreds of pounds.

The gangs break into the accounts of people on the social networking site and trick their friends and family into sending them money.

The FBI and other authorities believe the racket is a potential goldmine for criminals, because Facebook users tend to trust messages they receive from ‘friends.’ The fraud came to light when the Sunday Times revealed recently how the parents of a British gap-year student travelling in Colombia were persuaded to send cash via Western Union money transfer to a man who said he was a friend of their son.

The scam however is far more widespread and is operating in Britian as well. A Nigerian-based fraudster who hacked into the Facebook account of Abigail Pickett, 28, a British ski instructor living in Chamonix, France, persuaded an Italian friends to wire money to England.

Gordon Snow, assistant director of the FBI’s cyber crime division, warned: ‘Users fall victim to the schemes due to a higher level of trust typically displayed while using social networking sites.’


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  1. I need help. I have been scammed, I think. He integrated himself into all aspects of my life and I can’t life that way. He touched my heart and my soul and he got into the lives of the people that I know. There is no where that i can go that his lies haven’t changed my environment. I can’t go to school the kids know I was getting married to this man. I have no where to go. No where. I am soo broken and I did research. Parts of my degrees were specialized in research and I believe my guy to be almost what the other has portrayed to be. If he isn’t the thought that I could have been looking into the eyes of someone who is married or even dead, destroys me. 909-338-2826

    Comment by Vicki | October 17, 2010 | Reply

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