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Blotter: Report: Kind woman falls victim to scam

By Donna Fielder / Staff Writer

A woman’s kindness resulted in her losing about $600 in a credit card scam, according to a Wednesday crime report.

The woman said she was at a convenience store buying gasoline Tuesday when a man pulled up to the pump behind her and walked up to her. He said he had a sick child at home he needed to tend to but he did not have enough gasoline to get there.

When she finished pumping her own gas, the woman inserted her credit card into the pump the man was parked beside. She told him she would buy two gallons of gas for him. She said he “punched a couple of buttons” and began pumping.

As she drove away, she noticed the man was standing beside the convenience store talking to another man. She was concerned because he had supposedly been in a hurry to get home to the sick child, according to the report.

The next morning she was even more worried, so she checked with her credit card company. The card had been used eight times without her authorization for a total of about $600, the report states.

Other reports

1000 block of Bonnie Brae Street — An 85-year-old woman told police Wednesday that she believes she may be the victim of a fraud.

She said that recently she received a phone call from a man who told her she had won $2.5 million and a BMW automobile. He told her she needed to send $199 for costs associated with the win. She did that, she said.

Later, another caller told her to send $5,000 to an address in Hawaii for additional costs. She did that, she said. Still later, she was told to send $2,500 to the same address.

On Wednesday, she withdrew $4,000 from her bank and had planned to send it along as well, but she became worried and decided to notify police. A detective was able to stop the $2,500 transaction before it went through.

She said the man on the phone spoke with a Nigerian accent.

500 block of South Elm Street — An owner of a used-car lot reported that on Sept. 24 a woman who appeared to be in her 50s came to the business at about 1:15 p.m. saying she wanted to buy several used cars, according to the police report.

The woman, who was wearing a black wig and had blue contact lenses, was interested in a Volkswagen Beetle. The lot owner asked for her driver’s license so she could take a test drive, but she said she didn’t want to drive it. She only wanted to start the engine.

So he handed her the keys and stepped into his office to retrieve a price list. When he walked back out, he saw her driving away in the car, the report states.

She has not reappeared with the car, he said.

5800 block of North Interstate 35 — A supervisor at a business told police that an employee had been flashing a badge and telling other employees that he was an undercover officer investigating an official at the company.

A police officer met with the supervisor and the employee. At first the man denied ever having brought a badge to work. But the supervisor had a videotape of him with a star-shaped badge.

The man then said that his roommate is a county jailer. He said he found the badge outside the apartment where the roommate apparently dropped it and decided to take it to work. The roommate had no idea he did it, the man said.

The officer noted that a jailer is not a law enforcement officer and that laws on impersonating a peace officer did not apply. He notified county officials of the incident.


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