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Nigerian sentenced to 20 years for 419 scam

A Nigerian man was sentenced to 20 years in jail for fraud by the Germiston Regional Court, says the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).

NPA spokesman Mthunzi Mhaga said Peter Maxson Anyanyueze was given 10 years for fraud, 10 years for money laundering and two years for contravening of Immigration Act.

“The sentence for money laundering will run concurrently with sentence on the Immigration Act contravention,” he said on Friday. In a statement, Mahaga said Anyanyueze was arrested in July 2007 and convicted on March 1 2010.

According to evidence during the trial, he sent an e-mail to Saudi Arabian Dr Abdulazziz Alheiraqi Nwasser claiming he had $10.5 million from sales of gold dust and other precious metals. “He claimed that this amount was lodged in a security company in South Africa and that he needed someone to move it and invest it abroad for him and his family, preferably in Europe,” Mhaga said.

Instead of transferring the whole amount, he asked that small payments be made into nominated bank accounts worldwide.

These payments were said to be for capital flight tax and currency fluctuating margins amongst others, Mhaga said.

Nwasser paid $295,364 to various bank accounts, but Anyanyueze never deposited the $10.5m.

Mhaga said this was known worldwide as a “419” scam, named after section 419 of the Nigerian Fraud Legislation on “advanced fee fraud”. It was also revealed in court that Anyanyueze had fraudulently “entered into a marriage of convenience” with a South African woman to obtain citizenship.

The State proved he and the woman were never in a bona fide spousal or marital relationship, as she lived with her South African boyfriend, with whom she had a child, at the time of the marriage.

“We consider the sentence to be appropriate as it fits the crime and will surely send a strong message to would be fraudsters that the courts will show no mercy to them,” Mhaga said.


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  1. He received a just punishment,one person caught but so many more scram ming hard,honest working peoples.

    Comment by teresa burton | April 11, 2011 | Reply

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