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Nigerian scam discovered in Clare County

an alleged Nigerian scam involving the sale of computer equipment netted more than $28,000

of fraudulently purchased hard drives in Clare County.
Clare County Sheriff’s detectives assisted Homeland Security agents on Thursday in seizing

the hard drives. Police received information from a Homeland Security agent about a scam

involving Nigerian residents purchasing lap top computers and external hard drives from a

company in Tennessee, Detective Sgt. Michael Coon said.
Items were shipped to four people around the United States, including a Clare County

resident, who met with police and turned over the hard drives to be returned to the owner,

Coon said.
The alleged scam involved the items first being shipped to the four people, then were to be

shipped to Texas, where they would be forwarded to Nigeria, Coon said. Homeland Security

agents found computers valued at $40,000 in Texas, external hard drives valued at $28,000

and computer accessories worth $16,000 that were taken from another person being used to

help move the items in another state, Coon said.
Sheriff John Wilson is asking Clare County residents to call the sheriff’s department if

anyone contacts them asking that they forward items that they will receive by mail, UPS or

Fed Ex.
Coon said this is the third Nigerian scam that has been discovered that involves residents

of Clare County.
Wilson said all three scams were conducted in the same manner, and that those who take part

in the movement of goods could face charges locally.
The Sheriff’s department says never give out your numbers to strangers, or other personal

information over the phone.


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