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Don’t Believe That Scams Have Stopped!!!

Hi. This is somewhat like a warning and also a call to action to you, my dear reader.

Please,don’t be fooled or lulled into a sense of security to think that romance scams have waned, or have stopped. Many, many people are being scammed daily. The rate at which young guys and girls go for these scams is alarming, and really, the society in Nigeria is helpless. Young undergraduates use their time and learning to do nothing but scam in order to make money. And when they succeed, they flaunt their wealth. Let me cite a few recent instances:

1. I marketed a particular property to a middle aged woman. she called her friend on phone to get her son interested in buying the property. Later on, after dropping the call, she told me that the boy just bought an SUV worth $80,000 and is a full yahoo boy. Was I stunned? I later learnt that the boy got proceeds in excess of $250,000 in May.

2. I showed a property to a lawyer 2 saturdays ago. He came in around 8.30am in the money through another agent to inspect. At 2.30pm, he came back with the client to inspect When he came out of the car, he turned out to be a young man of around 25 years in age. I had to allow him inspect. After he left, I asked questions from the person that brought the lawyer and he told me the guy is a yahoo boy, looking to buy  a house.The house in question is around $200,000. And he was paying cash, though he didn’t like the one we showed him.

I have heard various stories of young boys and girls in their early 20’s painting the town red, spending the money they scammed from others. And they are fleecing people of tens of thousands of dollars daily. Please be aware that these guys are on the prowl and are scamming people all over. Don’t leave or give out any details that might come back to haunt you. If you have compromised your vital information, it’s better to own up and make the necessary corrections. If you know anyone living in denial, you might want to direct them to such a blog as this or other reputable ones.

I hope one day, these guys can be brought to justice. Till then, please be careful online. Looking for love and affection online is right, but don’t lose all you have in the process.




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