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Hi. I am Alan Prince. I created this blog in order to give you the very latest news and updates on romance scams and also, to let you know how you can date safely on the internet. Scams affect many lives. They cause pain, hurt and damages, financially, emotionally and in other areas of our lives.

 I invite you to read through as many posts on this site as you can, then share it with your friends and loved ones on twitter,facebook and so on using the share buttons after each article. You can also direct people who are being scammed to this site to read the stories of others, and avoid being hurt. If you have lost to the scams, you will find help in the stories of people like you who were also scammed. Let’s join hands together to help others and defeat this menace on the internet. You never know whose life you could save just by directing someone you know to read this site. Cheers.



  1. Hello,
    I was inquiring about exchanging links. My site is about all inernet fraud, and I believe we could both add value to each other’s websites. please get back to me.

    Comment by Angela | June 11, 2007 | Reply

    • Greetings,

      In an effort to keep this communication brief and to the point, I met ‘someone’ on an internet dating site who used the photos below to represent his self. Although I was suspicious, I continued communication with him via phone. We did not have the opportunity to meet, because according to him, he was scheduled to leave the county within a few days of us communicating because of a business deal in Nigeria. Within two months into a phone-only conversation he asked me to send him $17,000 to purchase a certificate (for security purposes) so that he could receive the proceeds of his business deal, which was due to yield $800,000. Needless to say, this confirmed my suspicions that he was a fraud.
      Below are all the email communications I have received and the statistics he used.

      Name: Andrew Jude Beckson
      Age: 46
      Height: 6 ft
      Status: Never married, no children
      Education: Ph.D. in Business Management
      Salary range: $100,000 – $150,000
      Residence: Franklin, Georgia
      Birthplace: Malaysia (Father black from England, mother from Malaysia – parents married over 40 years)
      Church affiliation: Good News,
      Phone numbers: 678-389-9619, 0112348021196560, 011233543889100, 01123414097120
      Other site he is on:

      Profile posted in

      46, Franklin, GA
      Seeking Female 40-60 I need a Bride..
      I am very simple and easygoing..I am easy on the eye and easy to associate with,I dont get upset easily and it takes little to make me smile..I love watching Movies and going to the Beach,so all i am looking for is someone that will come with me to the Beach..Lol…I dont know how to swim and i pray i find someone that will teach me how to swim,But its not compulsory you must be a swimmer before you can get yourself talking to me…Money is nothing but something that will all pass away at the end of the world,So why destroy a fellow human because of Vanity..Money comes and Go,But what matters more to me is Taking Care of Your loved ones and Family..Am happy being an Accountant But it will Fun having someone to think and Grow with you..I know My Queen is 100% Out There and Am gonna Find Her Know Matter How Far Away She Lives From me..Smile I am simply Looking for someone that will cook with me Cos i love to Cook and Eat…I hope that wont be a Problem,Cos i could eat 7 plates of food in a whole day….Lol…I will be in the Kitchen around 3;15am cooking instead of Sleeping…Lol…I just want a best friend,someone that understands that all it takes in this world is for two people to understand each other deep and all other things will work perfectly..I am in search of a woman that will spend the rest of her Life with me,Cos i am not getting any Younger and its tyme i settle down with One Queen…I know my Queen is Out there and God will send her to me..I want To Hold My Queen With My Strong Arms and Make Her Feel Safe and Secured..

      Comment by KB | November 23, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hello there, I don’t have a website, but since this one is about internet dating scams, I have to share a story with you. Very recently, we have discovered that a guy, Keiran MacGregor, whom a dear friend of mine interacted with was non other than a scam artist. The reason of that scam we will never know, unfortunately. “Keiran” came on a popular meeting website and portraied himself as a 33 year old scottish artist, who had moved to California, following a tragic accident in shich his beloved fiance had died. Sounds heart breaking, doesn’t it? Well, we discovered that Keiran Macgregor was instead a sick woman in California by the name of Dianne Lynch. She had stolen photos from modeling websites and art from another website, claiming it was hers. When contacted, Dianne continued the charade, and claimed to be Keiran to the end. The web-mistress of the site was contacted and she alerted the network, but I don’t know how much further it is being pursued. Any suggestions on the type of action it is recommandable to follow in a case like this?

    Comment by Sandra | January 28, 2008 | Reply

  3. Just a few weeks ago I was on Latinamericancupid and I received and instand message from a Diana. I responded to this person and we had a bit of a conversation. Before going into much of our conversation I requested that a picture be sent to me, which I did receive a picture of a blonde beautiful woman. Here is this persons email

    Thanks for your lovely mail. How is it at work?Getting to know about each other better makes the bond stronger than it could be.I am the only child of my parents as i told you earlier on.My dad is Spanish while my Mom is English, from England.My dad left us when i was just a little girl.I have lived in London almost all my life.I presently live in Accra,West Africa .I moved here with my fiance about 5 years ago, who was a Ghanaian ,from Accra.We actually met in London on one of his business trips there.I then moved to him here in Accra after dating each other for sometime.As i told you earlier on,i lost him last two years through a motor accident.It was sad and very hard for me,But i have given love another chance into my heart and hope to meet the man of my dreams ones again.Please ask me any questions my dear and i will be willing to answer.hoping to hear back from you .Kisses Diana.

    Now this person sent me a phone # 011233244672479 which is in fact a cell #, but we cannot contact with this person. Never in the previous emails did this person ask for money, but a recent email I received a day or so ago, does ask here is the email

    Hi Jerry,

    I am doing fine but had a little problem I had to solve and thats why I couldnt reply to your previous mail.

    Jerry, I have fallen in love with you not because I need you, but I need you because I love you. I dont care about what you are or what you have, but what you feel in your heart.

    I am a Catholic and very religious. I dont wear glasses. Falling sick in bed is something that scarcely happens to me. My mom also barely experience this .The last time I felt sick was last year, which was actually a slight headache. I tried looking for a new job but gave up when I made my mind to start a new life somewhere else other than this country. I dont do much during the day, just a few training lessons to keep me fit.

    Pink is my favorite color .I love furniture. I love cooking, but I dont cook much because I live alone and also have to manage my resources. I like onions but reasonably. I might actually take a few things along .I have few friends down here but most are my neighbors. I am actually thinking of what business to open in the future.

    Darling, I believe Love is about sharing and caring. It is not about what you or I want individually, but it is about what we want together. Love is not just about two human bodies fulfilling their desires, but it is about heart and soul meeting at the crossroads where two becomes one. Love is what you feel inside for that person. Love is when you can’t stop your tears falling from your eyes, when the person is away from you and every minute your heart beats is only for the person you love. Love is what I feel that you feel. Love is a sweet kiss, a warm hug and a beautiful smile on your loved ones face. True love is hard to find so I never regret to FALL IN LOVE with you.

    Love always,


    Hi Jerry,

    I am fine, How are you too? Its really great to hear from you .I understand what you mean and I am not in a rash either .Its just that things were moving a little bit faster than I thought which I actually liked ,because I have fallen for you deep down my heart though I havent seen you in person either. I have a very good and strong relationship with my mom and there wouldnt be any problem with me moving to be with her for the mean time.

    I could just fly to the states with my British passport and that wouldnt be difficult at all. I am anxiously waiting for your friends call, my dear.

    The problem I was talking about has to do with some very important documents I need to renew. But costs an amount of money I dont have. Could you be of any help Jerry? If I may ask.

    Well, my love. Looking forward to your next mail.

    Love Always


    So a few things that throw this out the window, one she’s already in love with me, 2 she now needs money. Any further thoughts of how I should continue to research this email this person’s email is as fallowed

    Your thoughts?

    Comment by Jerry Cifuentes | March 27, 2008 | Reply

  4. Luckily, I have not been duped out of money but I have been duped by lying cheating married men online who pose as “single” men looking for sex on the side.

    I had warning signs about this guy but I should have listened to my instinct. Women beware! There are some slimy, lying jerks out there who will stop at nothing to get what they want which means lying and cheating!

    I am so sorry for those people who have been duped and deceived and were scammed out of money. I think it’s a horrific that someone would make another person think they are in love with you in order to scam thousands out of the other person. They should be sent to jail for the rest of their life! Jerks!

    Good luck and I hope that if you are still trying to recover lost money that I hope your luck will turn around. Remember karma will come back to bite them! Just a matter of time!

    Great blog!! I would love to be on the other end and catch these jerks in the act and help bust these scammers!

    Comment by yogagirl | April 3, 2008 | Reply

  5. I found out I was recently scammed by a man in Nigeria. He got $80,000 out of me. I am shocked that I gave him this much money! My family says I was brain-washed. I ended up in a severe depression over this. I did not have the $80,000 but got it from maxing out my credit cards and taking another mortgage out on my house, as well as depleting my retirement accounts. I am now working on filing bankruptcy. What can I do to report this? I got a name and picture? I have a name of the person I sent money to in Enugu, Nigeria. Plus phone numbers. I need help and information.


    Crystal Holmen

    Comment by C. H. | April 14, 2008 | Reply

    • Hi there Crystal

      I’ve been trolling through some sites on the net and found your article. I wonder if you are still at this email address. I to have been scammed badly just over the past six months – like you..feeling brain washed by this cockroache. I have sent monies to Enugu also vis Western Union and wonder if there is any remote chance that this creep is the same person. I have entered my info on Romance Scams/Nigeria ..if you use the name Jason Knudson he should come up…also known as David Clark and a whole heap of other names.I’d love to hear from you and to find out how you are doing in tracking this devilman…surely someone has to put him out of action. Be warned …the website does show a short video of someone they suspect is him and it really is crude. Check the site out and let me know what you think. Take care as I know the feeling all too well !K

      Comment by Karen | March 15, 2010 | Reply

      • atimes, the scammers use different ID’s but end up being the same person. or could be part of a team. the keyword is to avoid them altogether. I doubt if romance scams or any other site can get a true picture of a scammer, and even if they do, what good will it do? the scammers are many, their victims are many and their methods are not dealing with mere kids.these are guys who have a lot at stake-there’s a lot of money to be made from victims.the best thing to do is to avoid them altogether.just my 2pence of advice.

        Comment by alanprince | March 25, 2010

  6. Hi, Alan, I had been looking for you and wonder how I can send private email to you.

    I am one of the latest victim and lost USD180K to scammers. I am in great financial distress but doing all I can to handle the situation.

    I have an idea to share and would like to hear your opinion about it.

    Thank you and look forward to your email.



    Comment by mblog123 | May 2, 2008 | Reply


    Comment by MIGI MIGI | July 4, 2008 | Reply

  8. why are thee so many scammers out there? I was scammed recently and lost alot of money to a man suppose to be a man of God. He works for unicef and csc and he lived here in nc but had to go to Osun State to do research on children for unicef, then had to have emergency surgery and so on. why does this happen to good people? how can we stop it? The first two scammers I quickly identified but this one was very good, using his so call daughter to talk to me.

    Comment by Tamie | September 7, 2008 | Reply

  9. I had the same thing happen,the names were, stepintolove on a site seniorpeoplemeet,that was his handle and a michael clinton and a walter bragas,saying he had a daughter and had her talk to me,he than got around to asking for 3000.00 for surgery for his daughter. all 3 men were one in the same,i never sent a penny to them. Thank god norma

    Comment by norma | October 16, 2008 | Reply

  10. I thought you all might be interested in a case study we did on Craig’s List personals about fake ads.


    Comment by Tom Smiley | November 2, 2008 | Reply

  11. Yes,….
    my heart is also broken, because of a nigerian romance scammer. Look on my site.
    Will I ever get a chance to find this man?
    Will I?

    Comment by katinka | February 12, 2009 | Reply

    • You could try and see if you can contact the EFCC with details of your case. See if they will help out.

      Comment by alanprince | March 3, 2009 | Reply

  12. I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

    Comment by Michael Tim | February 28, 2009 | Reply

  13. I have been on tag since last summer of 2008 site called tagged, found man name Alex is email is in africa stated to me that engineer working on contract was robbed hurt in hospital needed money never sent money to him never again heard from him either. There is another man Chris Tower who is was in UK asking for money to be wired from america to nigeria for him never sent money never heard from him. There is a man named Camillo Ferrari he is italian has daughter name Juliet Ferrari that is 16 years old he stated that he is oil rig engineer daughter lives with grandmom that Juliet got in car accident on her way going to school wreckless driver hit her sent some money and previous sent gifts to her from Minnesota claims she had birthday states that he has money here in America will be marrying me need to help with purchasing his daughter ticket he needs $100.00 guess dumb not sure what to do. He has written me charming poetry unbelievable spent time on chat line yahoo here is is email his cell phone is 0112348037843335, daugher is cell phone is 0112348068461118, lastly one more name is Danny weston is civil engineer works in Nigeria has asked me to send him money claims he got robbed on his way going to work stole his cell phone and $700.00, needed help paying his hotel which never sent money, now is stating he is going to get paid from UK needs money wired to my account that he is coming to marry me. I truly want to find good man but not at expense of being broke Please tell me are these man scammers????

    Comment by Ana Redwing | April 20, 2009 | Reply

    • You can see it plainly for yourself from these details that the guy is a scammer.break off all communication with him ASAP.

      Comment by alanprince | April 22, 2009 | Reply

      • Please have the decency to not use people’s last names’ on this site. I think eveyrone has been thru enough..and you should be smarter than that.

        Comment by Pat | August 5, 2009

  14. I recently joined I was contacted by a man who claimed to be an American citizen, but raised in Germany. He said his wife died five years ago, and he has a 10 year old son. He claimed that he lived the past two years in Nebraska, but was in Lagos Nigeria Africa to build a “log home.” He soon fell “in love” with me and was due to come home in a few weeks, when suddenly he and his son were ambushed on the way to work and all his money was stolen. His son was struck with a rock and needed a blood transfusion and if he didn’t get money, his son would die. I told him that I didn’t have any money and he said OK. The next day I received an email begging for the money, and I told him I would contact the Red Cross, they probably could help and asked him for the name of the hospital, address and phone number. He wrote back today that he would get me the information from the doctor. I am trying to keep him busy talking to get more info out of him, as I am certainly not going to send him any money, but what can I do to help others from scammers like this. I reported him to, but there isn’t much they can do. He had wonderful pictures of “him and his son,” and he was very convincing. He called me a couple of times and I did not think he had a German accent at all, it sounded more Nigerian. Anyway, thought I would share, I can’t believe anybody would send money to these “fakes.” It has all been very disapointing and it makes one wonder if you can trust anybody.

    Comment by Cindy Kenny | May 14, 2009 | Reply

    • I have been talking to him the past few days too. Man I was so stupid. What should I do?

      Comment by pmv | December 8, 2009 | Reply

      • Has any one been in contact with a debby Nkrumah , or a mr henry Oppong ,? i got caught up in a love scam, and it all started from face book , advertising dating sites , Think it was match com,, Man i got hit bad , very tricky people , They were using a voice male cellphone, turns out they were men , using a models photos, and they are on Skype using her photos and vides as well , i contacted 5 ladies on Skype , all using Josie Ann Miller as a bait , the scammers even opened there cam to me as i waited 6 days , before they showed them selves to me , a nice we nest of young men , But how to get in touch with Skype to have them removed ,,,,?They gave me a lot of advice , and told me never to open ones cam to any one over in africa , as there are many Evil people who will snap you ,,,, and you will lose every thing , so be warned , its a very real Warning and people are shy to say any thing about it , and as to how much they had sent , i was lucky , i now have a lot of information on many groups of men pretending to be woman , Even smart people get sucked in , its all about timing , and some times we do get lonely and look for attentions . These people are clever , and just rape peoples emotions , and of corse our pockets if we don’t wake up to whats going on ,,,,
        They may be fakes , but they are hurting a lot of people , all over the world , Lonely , unloved , over tired, and working men and woman , who come home to know one , so seek company on line , , unfortunately ! they are hunting , for there pray , and they are getting very clever , ?????we can find them ? but we need to spend time , also we need to use the technology, that the police use , But they don’t wish to get involved with online love fraud , its very wide spread , and hard to stop , but it can be achieved , we just need the right people and the technology at our disposal , I have 7days off from my job , every 7 days , on ,& on then 7 off ,
        we can’t protect every one from being foolish , but we can try to slow down the rate at which, this type of fraud is being carried out and committed , These people have a very nice life style , at the expense of others ,I got a little close for comfort , to one lot , and was threatened , Ohh! your dead !!, was part of the message , i chased these people around the net for days , but i need help with , how to ??? on the computer , and bye using soft ware , that can be considered a breach of confidentiality , but if used for the good , we can stop these people , Or do we just let them go ? and user be ware ,,,,,,,Or if any ones out here who’s committed for no other reason , other than to protect venerable people ,,,,,May be can provide a nice service ,and exposé this type of action ,,,
        Its hard to emagen ? a life with out trust,,,,,we all need it ,,,,

        Comment by Robert Stewart | December 22, 2011

  15. Has anyone met a man on myspace or any other website, named Allen Joseph Brown? He was supposedly born in Chicago, January 11, 1972. Moved to Arlington, VA about 7 years ago. Although he says he recently purchased a house in OR, he claims to be working with an orphanage in Ota, Nigeria at the moment [complete with pics of him and the kids]. He uses a yahoo email address. If he is on the up and up, I don’t want to ruin him here, but I would appreciate it if anyone thinks they may have run into him, to let me know.

    Comment by Renee King | July 23, 2009 | Reply


      Comment by KELLIE SHEPHERD | August 29, 2009 | Reply

      • OMG, my sister-in-law is talking to this guy also. same exact story line, he started saying he loves her after just a few days, same exact M.O. we tried telling her he was full of crap, but she isn’t really listening.

        Comment by Allen Walker | October 5, 2009

      • Kellie – Your experience with Allen crossed my mind while checking to see if there was anything new. I hope you have been able to put your life back together. I am so sorry you had to go through that. I would like to see what website he sent you to for the orphanage to see if it includes the pics he sent to me. I look forward to your reply.

        Comment by Renee | August 5, 2010

      • just a note here-it’s easy nowadays to design any type of site-bank,orphanage,care home and so on. and with that site, it’s possible to deceive even more people into being scammed.

        Comment by alanprince | August 9, 2010

      • This guy is still at it, still using the same name Allen Joseph Brown. He still claims he’s in Nigeria, which might be quite true. But he says he was raised in an orphanage in Chicago, and now lives in Oklahoma. But now he claims to be gay, or is pretending to be so in order to scam gay men. He wrote a long story about his first lover, whom he thought was his one and only true love for life, but who soon started beating and abusing him, and how scared he was and how much he cried. Now he claims he has been single for years but is lonely and looking for another guy to love. He writes either with all capitals or all little letters, and puts three or four periods …. at the end of every phrase and sentence.

        Comment by Lennie | October 6, 2011

      • Oh for pity sakes Lennie … Allen is a real piece of work. Someone should ask him whatever happened to the house he supposedly bought for “us” [him, Tola the little girl from the orphanage, and me — LOL ] in Agate Beach, OR. I had deleted him from my IM list, but it still shows up along my email listing, and his pic has changed quite a bit. Can’t tell if it is just because the pic is so small, or if it is a different guy. Hair is darker, different hair style [not showing a little spiky on top anymore, etc.] I hesitated to put my initial comment on here, but now seeing those of you who have been approached by him, I am glad I did.

        Comment by Renee | October 6, 2011

      • Some say stay away , , For get about it , If i may make a suggestion ,?If you have the time , play his game and wast his time ,,,,,wizen up and make a plan , to give him the run around , Or just Off all your communications to this fellow , if i was computer savvy ,,,,,id send him a little surprise ,,,, that would render his nice little computer to a gibbering mess,,,, thats what they need ,,
        there are ways to do this for shaw ,,,,

        Comment by Robert Stewart | December 22, 2011

      • He is claiming to be a gay man now and has posted photos on gay websites using a very attractive guy. Thank you to this site for providing a valuable service. I only had to deal with this for 1 day. The Nigeria part really tipped me off. Here is the email I received this morning:

        “hello sexy
        how you doing this very lovely day?
        so baby there is something i want to tell you…
        dont know how you will take it …
        dont know if you will chat with me after you read it but i have the tell you

        dont know where to start from…i just pray you understand…
        ok… here it goes

        am allen joseph(joey) brown…
        37yrs now … was born in holland but later moved to the states and grew up in chitown(chicago).. in the missionary home…
        was told that i was found my the road side when i was 3months old
        and was raised by the church for most of my teen yrs
        ‘was abused alot of times ,.. not going into details in that

        left the church and started working as a store keeper and later an account clerk …
        until i found myself in an investment firm .. where i was taught and now doing what am doing…

        dont know my parents and i dont care where they are .,..
        growing up without a family was difficult but i survived…

        knew i love been with boys .. but wasnt open…until i was 30yrs
        never been married … and dont have kids … was busy trying to build a life for me and trying
        to be independent
        and the first man i had was nice and loving
        didnt know that wasnt his real nature …
        decided to date him but didnt rush into bed with him…
        and when i decided to give him all of me ….
        i thought i have found the man i will spend the rest of my life with…

        was happy for a while until he started using drugs and getting drunk ,.. beating me
        and most cases raping me …
        didnt want to leave him … but he got worst daily .,..
        and the day he pointed a gun to me when he got high … i got scared .. cried my ass off while he abused me …

        and i left him after then….
        moved to VA.. stated there for a while …. with a friend from the missionary .. but i didnt like his life style
        he was also into drugs …

        and now i am staying alone this time for a change and i have been living a quiet life
        most people around me dont know i am gay … they just think i neat and quiet
        and i never wanted to get into a relationship anymore becos of my first relationship
        but i am lonely now … and i am out there … a lil worried and scared ,, but believing true love is still out there
        am not saying i dont have my flaws … i have alot of them … but i have a good heart and
        all i want is to be loved… and thats my weakness and also my strength,,,

        so thats me in a nut shell…
        am a financial analyst now and also love helping kids ,, especially orphans
        becos i know what its like not to have a family
        and i am a lil religious .. pray , go to church and try to help people around me
        thats all… not tooo religious and i dont judge people or what they do ..
        if you dont want to be with me i will understand ….
        and i know by now you will be scared and not want to chat anymore ..
        i am sorry if i am not that perfect man you are looking for

        have a lovely day …
        and i hope you find what you are looking for …

        allen J brown

        sorry for the typos ,. didnt read back

        note… by the way i am in nigeria now
        working on a gas project thats why i cant see you in person for now
        if thats also an issue with you let me know sexy and i will understand ..
        but not like i will be here for long … just work and am back home

        Comment by Lee | January 28, 2012

    • Hello I have encountered this same Allen Joseph Brown on My YearBook he also goes by the name of Joseph Allen still in Nigeria, loves me too very much an says he works with orphan kids and is an orphan himself. Claims he is Financial Analyst and was trying to tell me I could profit if I invested with him I could turn my paycheck into thousands in three days. He is very handsome and very charming I could and would of spent the rest of my life with him then i got to checking and know he was not telling me the truth, and I asked him why me? He is a very good lier. He has email address with yahoo. From Arlington Virginia, Oh how I let him sweet talk me but I did not let him have any of my money. Thought I would share my encounter.

      Comment by Dianna Andrews | January 17, 2010 | Reply

      • Dianna – This HAS to be the same guy. He told me he lived in Arlington some years back. Also tried to get to my heart about some little girl we could adopt when we got married. Interesting how she just happened to die due to heart disease in a hospital in Arlington while he was supposed to be bringing her home to the US. I tried looking him up on MyYearbook, but couldn’t find him. Originally, he approached me on MySpace. Would still love to see him get what’s coming.

        Comment by Renee | August 5, 2010

      • glad that you are prepared for him. these guys will use anything to hit people. just imagine using a poor child’s case to win your heart.

        Comment by alanprince | August 9, 2010

  16. I met a very charming guy on a Christian website. He was a missionary in Africa who was widowed 6 years ago, and has a 12 year old son. He was very charming, and very “in love” with me very quickly. He said all the right things that a missionary should say. Seemed to know about the Bible.
    Then a friend of a friend from CAL. said she and her co-workers, had talked to a man with the same stats.
    Then asked them for money because they were coming to thier state, and needed money for a Visa.
    He has not asked for money yet, and became very offended that I would question him.
    Please let me know if you have heard about this scam.

    Thank you,

    Comment by Lisa | July 28, 2009 | Reply

    • Lisa –

      I have not run into this situation, but I know the fear and insecurities that will be there until you have proof re: your situation. Having grown up as the daughter of a minister, sometimes I am too trusting. For you and I both, I pray that God will protect us, and deliver the men we hope these guys to be. Allen has not asked for money, but for my patience until he can find the resources on his end to get money to fly home to the states. I wish you well.

      Comment by Renee King | July 28, 2009 | Reply


    Comment by KELLIE SHEPHERD | August 29, 2009 | Reply

  18. Hello all!
    Just an update on my missionary from Africa. The one who knew all about God? Well, he said he was in love with me, and could not live with out me. And how much he missed me. (We had not emailed for 2 weeks.)
    We chatted that night, then he got disconected. When he was reconected, he said he got a phone call saying his 12 year old son was very sick. He was worried sick about his son.
    The next day, I got an email for him, the said he was going to do something he swore he would never do.
    His son had to have surgery, and he need $850.00, or they would not opperate. “Send anything you can” he said. He knew I had just lost my job, and was suviving on unemployment, and a part time job.
    I wrote back and told him I could not, but I would be praying for him.
    I have not heard from him again!! I guess love is only wallet deep!!
    My warning, no one can fall in love with some one they DON’T KNOW!! If they do, something is wrong with them!!!
    Don’t fall for the lie!!
    I did not give money. but I did get my feelings hurt. I did not fall for the I love you thing, but he seemed to know SO much about the Bible~!! I thought I found someone who was in love with Jesus, just like me.
    I guess he was reading off a que card. Or maybe he got his info from the net.
    I still pray for him…..who ever he is.
    Be careful out there,

    Comment by Lisa | August 30, 2009 | Reply

  19. Hello fellow victams,
    I wanted to let you know, I have found a patern in how these people write. The first BIG give away,
    is they speak a little backwards.
    They will say, “I am John by name.”
    And not, “My name is JOhn.”
    They almost ALWAYS are widowers, with a child. Most of the time, they are 12 years old.
    They send very long emails. And are very confident.

    When I write an email to someone I don’t know, I don’t tell them my life story.
    I don’t give out my personal email. They do….every time.
    They also use a lot of adjetives.
    “I am loving, caring, giving, kind, passionant, etc”
    Some say “I live in the U.S.” Even though their profile says the live in Dallas Texas. Where else would Texas be?
    A lot of them say there are working in Africa, on bridges, as engeniers, or missionaries.
    A lot of them are very Christian.

    If you confront them about the possibility of them being a scam, they get very defensive.
    No matter how long you talk to them, it always ends up the same way. “I NEED MONEY.”
    Most of the time it is $850.00.
    Also, a lot of them are born in England. Mine was born in LOndon….He still calls me. Even just this morning. BUt I don’t answer. There number a lot of times, is very long. Starting with a +023 and others.

    Be careful out there!
    Don’t trust to quickly.
    Don’t give out your personal emails, or phone number to quickly.
    Not every one are scammers, just learn how to spot them.
    And if they are to good to be true…..they prob are!!

    Blessings, wisdom, and safty be with you!
    Keep Growing IN HIM!!!

    Comment by Lisa | November 27, 2009 | Reply

    • Most of the time they almost NEVER spell their words right instead of these they say this,instead of I am they usually say Am and they do fall in love ever so easily they have nothing else to offer I guess and then low and behold its the same sob story.Either beaten badly,Robbed in an accident in a Coma or Mother needs surgery and they will tell you how many US Dollars they need always a scam be careful and be on guard at all times when you get an email or im from a stranger and remember behind the computer you can be whomever you want I met one he was not from Nigeria but he was from west Africa and we would chat often and after 8 Months he tattooed my Name on his body I had no Idea that we were that serious Now all he seems to be concerned about is when Am I coming to visit him can you say greencard I CAN.

      Comment by Tamm | January 22, 2010 | Reply

      • Amen Tamm,
        Oh how I wish there was a way to warn all these ladies, and even men about scammers. Maybe someone could start a forward. And ask everyone to forward it on. Not cz there hair will fall out, or they will have their dream come true, (give me a break!) but say send this on to help rid the world of these evil people, who break hearts and steal money. And warn people to be alert, to learn to read the warning signs. Even if it goes to a married person, they will send it to a single friend.
        I will start one. How bout you?
        Did you know that my scammer still tries to contact me. I have deleted him from my yahoo. But he still calls me. I don’t answer!!
        Stay safe Tamm!
        Keep growing in HIM!

        Comment by Lisa | January 23, 2010

  20. My name is Robert Frost. I just ran across this site and I would like to leave you with my personal story of Identity Theft (my face). My goal is to help stop as many scams as possible. It’s now been 2 1/2 years since my modeling pics and race car driving pics were pirated by scammers. It is believed that these photos (approximately 20 stolen) are know as the most proliferated in Internet history used in Romance Scams. These photos have been found on hundreds of websites and thousands of fake profiles. I have interviewed with CBS News, Fox News (regional), and a variety of international news outlets including radio.

    Where I was once a victim of ID Theft on a global level I now consider myself an advocate in fighting against ID Theft, Romance Scams, and Internet Predators. You can easily research and know the truth for yourself by Google; robert frost romance scams. You can also see the CBS News video at;

    Moving forward our strategic mission is to 1) Generate global awareness 2) Educate 3) Expose Scammers and 4) Get my face back (figuratively by gaining recognition in mainstream public).

    A book is underway and a website will be launched in January due to the extensive amount of scamming activity on virtually every social and dating site. I do not want to support any particular social website with my profile as most content is untrustworthy and where Internet crimes are perpetrated daily against innocent and unsuspecting people. Most websites do little to curb this activity. I do work with some anti-scam websites notably

    Stay safe and with hopes of a healthy and prosperous 2010!!!

    Robert Frost

    Comment by Robert Frost | January 3, 2010 | Reply

    • Dear Robert,
      I was searching sites, trying to find out how I can put forward a complaint. I am at the moment in the middle of being scammed, and want to know, who do I tell? Where do I go? Trying to get into a dating site to make the complaint has proved to be difficult. Are there any shortcuts?
      Feeling very… stupid.

      Comment by alex | February 12, 2010 | Reply

      • Hello fellow victom.
        I read your message, I am sorry that you have been scammed. I know the pain.
        To answer your question, most websits have a “Report user”. Although some site do not.
        That is my best suggestion. I know it is frustating. I wish there was a way to catch these people. To warn other people.
        They are so dumb! They say the same things every time. Learn the warning signs. They are very boastful.
        If you think about it, what real guy starts out (or gal) “I am loving , kind, caring, gental, etc.”
        AND, They fall in love with you on the first email.
        Be careful out there! Dating sites are a good tool, but with everythig out there, you must learn the warning signs.
        Be safe!
        Keep growing in HIM!

        Comment by Lisa | February 14, 2010

  21. WOW, I don’t feel like I am the only one that was taken. I am in the midst of a possible scam. I keeping asking questions.I have removed the emotional component to the emails. I believe the person suspects that I know something. They keep emailing though.
    Be careful out there !

    Comment by Denise | March 5, 2010 | Reply

  22. I’m at the end of a scam bigger than my life savings plus ! Emotion over-rode logic right from the beginning. First contact was via an international dating site- ‘true love comes from a pure heart, clear conscience and ….” you may have seen this before ! He was articulate consistent and not at all pushy for the money !! That was catch number one followed thereafter for 6 months by daily phone calls and messenger chats. I didn’t see it…until I checked an accidental number called from Nigeria(the other number has the fake UK dial code) and got the barking dogs and other very interesting after dark background noises ! Am still in shock and recovery mode…Police don’t want to know.Robert Frost – how can we help to get this book on the international circuit ? PLEASE – ENOUGH of these cockroaches

    Comment by WMatilda | March 15, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Matilda.I’m sorry to hear about your case.these guys cause people like you a lot of pain and hurt.hope you can get over it fast enough. talking about your experience will surely help, and you should consider joining forums and groups to share your experience. You could also tell people about the book on this site . It’s been around for 4 years now and will be of help. meanwhile, please cut off all communication with these guys in order not to fall victim again. regards

      Comment by alanprince | March 25, 2010 | Reply

    • I’m sorry about your losses.hope you’ve been able to recover a defeat these guys, just inform those you know about this blog. and please, try to take some time off online dating in order to fully recover. regards.

      Comment by alanprince | April 16, 2010 | Reply

  23. I am sorry to hear of all these scams and of the hurt it has caused you all. is a site that can help avoid the traps for others, so please publish as much as you can there. Alan would you contact Robert Frost who has a MySpace profile etc and is the model and racing driver whose pictures are often stolen by scammers. I have got to know him quite well via internet, and will direct him to your pages.

    Comment by Master Baiter | April 4, 2010 | Reply

  24. Please take to your knowledge, before you ask for help regarding a UK supplier selling mobile phones, electronics or computer!
    If the given phone or fax number that starts with +4470 it is a link number that connects you with anywhere in the world, but not to a real UK supplier or person!
    The same you can expect when the phone or fax starts with +4487, that is a computer service provider or National link number with equal effect !
    All following Modifications like +44070, +44087 or 70…, 070, 87…, 087 without Country Code for connections to the UK are same,
    These numbers are mostly used by fraudsters to hide their Place of residence, you can be 100% sure that it is a fraud!
    Generally all Geographic landlines in the United Kingdom incl. Northern Ireland start from abroad with +441 or +442 and will be followed by 8/9 digits!
    All mobile phone numbers and other combinations of numbers are not comprehensible if they are used by a fraudster,
    No real company will only provide a mobile number !
    For a worldwide destination check of phone and fax numbers, you can use, up to ten searches a day free:
    +44703 is always a forward to Nigeria, and there are others to Malaysia etc.

    Comment by Master Baiter | April 4, 2010 | Reply

  25. Don’t laugh – but I’m a very intelligent business woman. I have been communicating for a few weeks with a very nice Irish gentleman I met on an internet dating website. He wasn’t able to meet the first time we set up a place and time due to business he had to take care of. The second time he was called by his agent to London to discuss buying/selling gold and next thing you know he’s in Ghana! Right…I haven’t lost any money because I started smelling something funny when he started telling me how much he loves me and how how he never thought he’d feel this way again in his life. I reminded him love takes all seasons, I’m not perfect, all that. He sent me poetry, ecards, told me he told his daughter in college about me, etc. Today he finally asked to send packages to my work and/or home. I wish we could catch these people but imagine I’m a little speck compared to all the complaints organizations like the FBI, etc. receive. Probably, Mr. Robert Frost is a handsome man. My match wasn’t handsome but came across as truly a kind, caring, honest man. It would have been nice if they had sent me pictures of a handsome guy — this one no doubt probably has a wife and 6 kids. 🙂 My point is I’m not stupid and would never send money to someone I had not even met previously. However, Max Cole, as he is named has really messed with my heart and it would be very easy for these bad boys to scam other women. So – that’s the story of my imaginary boyfriend. I am going to make a report to the FBI…and then I’ll stop my end of this charade.

    Comment by Connie | April 14, 2010 | Reply

    • Connie, no one will laugh at you.rather,all will be glad that you saw through him in time before losing money. others have not been so lucky. my advice is that you cut off all contact with him. that will help you to get over the whole incident. you can also search here to understand other peoples’ experiences with the FBI. wishing you success in your quest to find true love. regards

      Comment by alanprince | April 16, 2010 | Reply

      • Hi Alan – I did cut off contact and have never heard back from this romance scammer. The sad thing is that there are so many stories – I’m certain probably only a few of which are being shared here on your awesome website. I’m sure you know, Alan, that he FBI has formed a joint organization called ic3 due to so many internet scam problems. They don’t really take on many of these scams until it’s too late for the victims — in other words after the victims have lost a lot of money. I am amazed to read here how many people have sent money to these people. Just goes to show they are really good at what they do — and as you advised the best thing to do is to immediately cut all times. And – sorry to say that probably no man is so attentive or falls in love as quickly as these people do. If it smells unusual it most definitely probably is not real.

        Comment by Connie | May 8, 2010

  26. Hello, I was on this site once before and found my scammer on the list. I am communicating with two guys right now that are both professing love and adoration and haven’t even met me. I did a search On btoh men and found nothing. That concerns me as their names are not showing up. I have that feeling in my gut. If anyone has experience with them please let me know. Oh, and they both are connected on Yahoo with a woman named Mitz.
    Jeremy Philip Rowley and the other man is Tony Hall. Both are currently in London. I even went so far as to track flights to see if Tony was telling me the truth. He left Monday 4-19 in the am.
    Please, someone confirm these for me.

    Comment by Dee | April 20, 2010 | Reply

    • Dee,the signs are too obvious. Love is never rushed into except there are ulterior motives.maybe you should bait them, test them to see who they really are.don’t let your heart feel for these guys yet.

      Comment by alanprince | May 4, 2010 | Reply

      • Dear Alan Prince

        Could you please delete my comments on this blog which I have asked you to do months ago as I do not wish my information to be on google with my name as googling it comes up with it and inadvertently signed up with my Facebook page.

        July 18, April 3 2012

        Please delete the comments.

        Thank you


        Comment by Fiona Scambuster | April 3, 2012

  27. My dear friend Dee,
    Why call you you friend? BC anyone who is a fellow victom is a kindred spirit. (c:
    If you have been on line dating for long, you can learn to reconize who is real and who is fake. Ask yourself this. Are YOU “in love” with these men you have never met?? Prob not. Then ask yourself, “What kind of person, “falls in love” with someone they have never met? Someone desparate, or mentaly imbalenced. Either way, you don’t want or need either.

    A few clues are this. They say, “I am John By Name”
    Who says that?? Another thing, is in their profile, they brag on themself. “I am strong, goodlooking, kind, caring, romantic…Etc” I know guys, REAL guys who have profiles. And they even say that is cheesie. Another thing, thye say “I am looking for a serious realationship.” Or “I want a serious realationship with you.” Give me a break.
    The next thing will they will ask you for money. $800-$850 usualy. I did not give money, but I knew when he asked, he was a scam. It only cost me my hurt feelings.
    Do what you want as far as dropping them. But just be aware, and ready for it.
    DO NOT GIVE TO MUCH PERSONAL INFO!! He had my home & cell and email. It took a long time for him to stop calling and writing.
    Becareful Dee!!
    Keep Growing in HIM!

    Comment by Lisa | April 21, 2010 | Reply

    • well said Lisa.just to note that no one should give out their phone numbers in a hurry.cheers

      Comment by alanprince | May 4, 2010 | Reply

  28. Thank you Allan I’m real sick of these nigerian romance scammer the one that thought he was scamming me still calls but I dont answer I wised up I hope and prat that some more people will to comment by lisa

    Comment by lisa | May 8, 2010 | Reply

  29. I am on my second scam. I decided to play along, since I know it is a scam. Some of the responses I get are actually somewhat harsh and could be taken as abusive. I am sensitive to these small thinfs coming from an abusive relationship. I have never given him anyhting other than the email address so he hasn’t got my last name, not my address – oh, I think he might have the phone number – but he has never called. Plus my number is a cell so it isn’t like on the AT&T phone list.

    Anyway, after reading some of this stuff on line – I’m going to stop all communications with him. His email is He professes to have a son Coby. Coby’s email is coby_hall212. Be safe and keep private things private.


    Comment by De | May 8, 2010 | Reply

  30. Good for you De remember never to confront the scammer just delete, ignore, and block his ass he doesnt have a son name colby most scammers use that same line to get to your heart they are full of bs comment by Melissa

    Comment by melissa | August 6, 2010 | Reply

    • hello said this man scammed you?which i know he did not scam You..he told you he has a son and yes he has a son..I am his lawyer and your comment has put a bad image on him, what you said about him is fake and not real,well contact me in my mail and tell me how he scammed you because he never took anything from you and he is not a fake and he is real..You people who does not have work to do please just get busy with you work and not spoil someone else image Okay.

      Comment by larry | December 20, 2010 | Reply

      • If he is so called working over in Nigeria he is a scammer………

        Comment by Nana | December 25, 2010

  31. Hey everyone just found out some new information on scammers been talking to one for a while now well they are getting smatter as far as copying your wrughting instead of i now the top one have learned to use I also instead of am tom or john by name the one who contacted me today started his e mail like the one I had previously sent to him by saying hey how are you so ladies and gentlemen please be carefull also the same scammer that you may chat with for a while will also try to scamm you under different profiles be carefull comment by melissa

    Comment by melissa | August 10, 2010 | Reply

  32. sorry guys misspelled the word wrighting comment by melissa

    Comment by melissa | August 10, 2010 | Reply

  33. To Whom It May Concern/Victims of Romance Scams:

    I am going to share with you an information of a man named David Eric, from Serbia but he said he is a business man currently living in London.

    I want to trace his real identity if he is really a con artist from Nigeria. His using this number: +447950265820 and the other one is +447031875007

    Is there a way to trace this person? I am not sure if this is really his picture and real name. Im not sure of African accents when they speak in English.

    I still want to know the truth. Kindly email me if you have some advise.

    Thank you.

    Sincerely yours,

    Michelle Galvez

    Comment by Mich Galvez | August 21, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Michelle,
      I think he is a con artist. He contacted me as well using the above number +447950265820. He claimed that his name is David Eric, from Netherlands and works as a Project Manager. He says that he travels to Malaysia frequently to purchase vet injection. He is DEFINITELY a con man!!! Other number he uses are +601166211502 and +447950265820.

      Comment by Julia M Nardi | February 28, 2011 | Reply

  34. Before I respond to your email & subscribe to this website, does it cost money to join? Thanks!

    Comment by Carol | August 26, 2010 | Reply

  35. Before I respond to your invitation & subscribe to this website, does it cost money to join?

    Comment by Carol | August 26, 2010 | Reply

    • there is absolutely no fee to’s free to use.

      Comment by alanprince | August 26, 2010 | Reply

  36. Hi everyone,
    This looks like a very helpful site. I located my scammer on the love scam website with a thread that runs like the one below. The same Mike Smith (, also on Facebook under Mike Smith). Your photo gallery is amazing. How did you find the real scammers? How can I post the photo of Mike Smith? Thanks, Carol

    I believe this same guy is working me. Goes my the name Michael Robinson Smith I had just registered at and he IMs me and ask that I speak with him in Yahoo IM. He tells me he is coming off of and I should to as he believes fate brought us together. Here’s the story line: widowed 4 years and wants to experience that love again. Wife died of cancer. She was an artist he met in Paris and they knew great love. He is Italian. Was orphaned as a child and adopted by an Italian father and American mother and grew up here. He lives in South Beach, FL. Is an engineer in construction. In the process of opening an antiques shop and has gone to Lagos, Nigeria on a shopping trip. Supposed to be there as we speak buying African stuff for his ‘antique’ shop. Chatted with him for two weeks during which time I became “what he was looking for”. Sent me poems and professions of what a loving, caring, person, he was. Anytime I tried to get more details about him and his life the sweet-talk would flow and I could not get a straight answer. When I pressed the point his background story expanded and became more amazing. Nothing concrete even when he kept asking “Do you have anything you want to ask me?” At first, I was charmed by him, but cautious and more than a bit skeptical. He asked what kind of car did I drive, what were my views about money in a relationship. I kept my answers generic. He wanted to send me flowers and asked for an address and phone number. I would only give him my work address and number. Yesterday was two weeks and I received the flowers. He allegedly left for Lagos on Saturday with his son. He called to see if I got the flowers, said he would send pictures of their day at the beach. He asked if I had international calling. I said no. He gave me his phone number and said surprise him. I opened the pictures and became quite suspicious. I can’t go into all the things he said that caused me to wonder, but I could tell these were no pictures taken that day. They were close up shots of his ‘son’ but he supposedly took the pictures and his picture is all dressed up. All of this happened so fast, just two weeks. While we were still chatting I called him. It was only as I was calling the number it hit me! Geezanages! I am calling Nigeria! This ain’t kosher. I asked about the number he gave me and asked if this were a direct line to his room. He said yes. LOL. I think he must have catapulted off whatever he was sitting on when I called. He was so shocked. I called on Skype to his phone so he didn’t see a number. The voice was young, the accent was not American and I could hardly understand him. “Who’s this?” he asked. When I identified myself he started blabbering how shocked and happy and thrilled he was, and how he could hardly talk. There was a lot of noise and talking and local music in the background. I played along as if I were oblivious, said I could not hear him well and went back online. The I said my boss was calling with an emergency and I had to go. I immediately went online and began a search for Nigerian scammers. I was shocked at what I found. I mean, they operate off a script.The storyline is basic with a few variations. He was supposed to to return to the US next Monday. I realize now the next stage was either going to be – I was mugged, customs held my goods, or my son is sick and in the hospital, or some such stuff to scam me. Close call. I deleted him and set up email blocks. Good riddance! Another thing … I quite suspect that there is more than one person pretending to be this one persona as during the two weeks we chatted online/emailed I distinctly felt the personality I was interacting with was not the same hence I don’t think the guy who answered the phone was the same as the one I was chatting with. It’s an organized scan, I believe.

    Comment by Oxygenwoman | August 27, 2010 | Reply

  37. i want to report this email that want to scam me and lie to
    she posses she lives in America and she likes kids and i will like to tell everyone she is a fake and she like doing that alot.she took away 4.500 from me

    Comment by denise | September 19, 2010 | Reply

  38. i want to report this email that want to scam me and lie to me.
    she posses she lives in America and she likes kids and i will like to tell everyone she is a fake and she like doing that alot.she took away 4.500 from me

    Comment by denise | October 15, 2010 | Reply

  39. trying to find my wife over there please help me find her looking in most of that area please help me find her give her this messsage i love her please understand this .

    Comment by MICHAEL A GREEN | November 2, 2010 | Reply

  40. Very interested in romance scams or helping raise awareness/education etc – please get back to me

    Comment by wayne | January 3, 2011 | Reply

  41. Not sure if im in a long term scam. Sucks big time not knowing.

    Comment by joe | January 21, 2011 | Reply

  42. another new name to add to the list
    samson reynolds
    email is
    uses Professional Singlesonline website.
    Just got the standard format letter this morning. Unfortunately for him I told him i was bankrupt & looking for a rich american.

    cheers Lorraine.

    Comment by lorraine Lee | January 22, 2011 | Reply

  43. has anyone heard of diane lynch from el paso,tx? her email address is she is or says she is 26 yrs old. Her father is from the US but passed away when she was 5, her mother is from Nigeria and is sick in the hospital. That is why she’s there. I stumbled across this website by googling her name. I am not sure what to do. Help!

    Comment by jason | January 25, 2011 | Reply

    • I would stay as far away as possible from her.

      Comment by oxygenwoman | January 25, 2011 | Reply

  44. Yes i had some questions for you mr. prince
    i wanna if smartdate is a scam site because
    when i go on it to meet beautiful women and
    it seems that everytime they message me on it
    they sending emails and them to yahoo messenger…once i add them they keep asking for money and claim that there mom is sick in a hospital so i wanna know is this a scam?

    please email me back asap

    Comment by Raheem Holmes | March 16, 2011 | Reply

  45. can you please tell me who is diane lynch is from el paso, tx i find this girl on smartdate
    and she send me a email to add her on yahoo
    messenger and asking for money i dont know
    who this woman is that’s her email here she said she’s 26
    so i wonder if you had any details on this woman
    is she real or a scammer claim that she is in nigeria.

    Comment by Raheem Holmes | March 16, 2011 | Reply

  46. I hope their are internet dating sites I can go to and not to be scram for money.where their are honest caring loving peoples looking for a friendship that will be a longtime relationship.

    Comment by teresa burton | April 11, 2011 | Reply

  47. I’ve been scammed by a guy calling himself Kerry Lebron on Facebook he declared his love for me right away he ssys he ssys he is from london has 2 small. Children his wife died from cancer and he’s looking for a new mommy for them he had to travel from London to Africa for business where he was attacked and robbed of everything now Wants money to pay for hotel or they Will kill him he had. The number 4475794457 but they stole his laptop, phone, luggage everything. He now uses a 234 number that the hotel manager loaned him

    Comment by Karen zarate | July 15, 2011 | Reply

  48. I am currently speaking with a Mark Philip Holmes, e-mail address He has not asked for anything yet and we have been talking several weeks but he lied and said he lived in the next town from me but now I find out he is actually living “he say” in London. Let me know.

    Comment by Jennifer | October 7, 2011 | Reply

  49. To further explain. He says he is a British Citizen however his accent seems either French or Italian. He says he is coming here in late October for a month to find a place to live and then will be on a 5 year work permit renewable for another 5 years. He professes to be a geologist that digs for gemstones. I am getting the willys for sure about this cat. Any info would be helpful. He says his wife died 5 years ago from lung cancer and has no children.

    Comment by Jennifer | October 7, 2011 | Reply

  50. Hello Alan,
    What steps need to be taken if someone has wrongly posted derogatory information on your post about an individual? I have a male friend (American Citizen not Nigerian) and long time colleague who had false information posted about himself on your blog from an ex girlfriend. I believe that in one of the postings made in 2009 she revealed to an inquirer that she had been making seperate entries as different women which was done out of spite. The ex girlfriend and this man had been together for 2-3 years and ended their relationship in 2009. The last posting occured in 2009 and all from the same individual who at times used different computers to post (info revealed to a mutual associate). Does my friend need to get legal help to remove these negative blogs about him or is there another outlet that will yield positive results. It is so easy for a person to misrepresent themselves and slander the name of an innocent person. My friend has ignored the blogs for the past two years against advice by his friends, but now because of social networking he is finding it difficult and embarrising to address this concern to potential employers and business associates. Please advise in this matter so that this person can get their life and dignity back in order…Thanks

    Comment by Renee McKinney | February 16, 2012 | Reply

    • Hi. I think you could ask a friendly lawyer about what to do in this case.let me know how it goes.

      Comment by alanprince | February 23, 2012 | Reply

  51. If this true and the woman has told lies about your friend, I suggest he seeeks legal guidance because this could completely ruin his life. If he has the emans to do so, tell him to sue for defamation of character. That is so disgusting.

    Comment by Shadeylady | February 18, 2012 | Reply

  52. Just to ask anyone using or reading on this site, do any of you know a willian_straton using yahoo? says he is telecommunications Contractor. I am waiting for the usual punch line as we speak. He is using a Nigerian phone number so am aware of what he is. Just waiting to expose him to scamwarners administration and have his pictures posted.

    Comment by Shadeylady | February 18, 2012 | Reply

  53. Alan Price ; BLOG here is malicious and unconstitutional in the US without the right to rebuttal of people placing persons in harm of race crimes and hate crimes against innocent people whom have done nothing wrong; He is allowing scandal and slander to become rampant on the www & internet sites ; disregard any information or referrals from this site due to the fact it does not allow a rebuttal to verify the crimes of slander committed ; USA Citizen

    Comment by Harris | March 16, 2012 | Reply

    •, aka Donald Searcy is a victim to a unverifiable identity crime and innocent to harmful comments made to this site on and about Jan 2008. Removal of comments are not honored and disregarded. No proof of illicit acts of illegal activities are recorded in public record and this site remains to allow illegal scandal and comments without rebuttal ; Available. Slander and malicious acts are being committed. USA Citizen

      Comment by Harris | March 16, 2012 | Reply

      • Harris you need to knock it the hell off!!!!!! Thanks to sites like this, fools ,phonies, frauds, crooks ,scam artists like Donald are put on blast and the public is put on notice.. Harris is either Donald himself or the stupid ass female that he recently married in 2013, so you can play that innocent .hell no he is not innocent…He is lost!!!!!!! married or not his wife better sleep with one eye open!!!!!! the dummy

        Comment by notadummy | August 7, 2016

      • hahahahahahahaha Slander..Harris you don’t know the meaning of the word….are the negative words used in you comment…describes Donald to a t.

        Comment by notadummy | August 7, 2016

      • Alan Did this fool mention race crimes…Donald has fraud dozens of women from Atl to Cali…got 11 kids and don’t take care of them…. every word that comes out his mouth is a lie. He is the devil…loves only himself…Thank you Alan for giving us the voice to let others know about these scam artists….Donald is not a victimizer not a victim,

        Comment by notadummy | August 7, 2016

      • Donald Searcy has the most posts than any other loser on this site. The only crime that has been committed is by Donald.. He has stolen a lot of money …Rape by theft is his crime and fraud…He is a wanted man….

        Comment by notadummy | August 7, 2016

      • And tell Donald that Avis Poole Ashton’s mother is not dead .he lied about both his very own mother and the mother of his son being dead. Harris if you are Cassandra.. his stupid wife. Girl you better wake the hell up. Stop protecting this idiot. it only makes you look stupid as hell. If this is Donald. You are still a loser and you will never be truly happy with anyone. Love and happiness is for the people who deserve it. You dumbass do not!!!!

        Comment by notadummy | August 7, 2016

  54. A suposed oil rig contractor had a hudge debt to pay to a mayor of a city and family,because a local died in an accident on the oil rig. They were in a difficult situation, because the mayor of the city halted the work and therefore they couldnt collect pay for the job and pay the mayor and family. He asked for money and airfare. Anyone heard of Larry Paget?

    Comment by linda | October 15, 2012 | Reply

  55. I was recently scammed from July 11 2012 through Dec. 7, 2013, I sent over $10,000.00. This is the first time I have spoken of this, I have been too embarrassed by the entire episode. I’m a bright female and I wasn’t desperate to find love. However this man was so good at what he did, he pulled me in 110% and I allowed myself to be scammed. He went by the name of Mike Caldwell, email addy He was an expert at what he did….very practiced.

    Comment by Susan Axelrod | March 14, 2013 | Reply

  56. Fantastic beat ! I would like to apprentice at the same
    time as you amend your web site, how can i subscribe for
    a weblog web site? The account aided me a applicable deal.
    I were tiny bit familiar of this your broadcast offered shiny transparent concept

    Comment by online dating site for free | July 19, 2013 | Reply

  57. Ok, I’ve been talking to a guy I’ve met in on dec 13th, 2013, and we’ve emailing, texting, he says he loves me, he is telling me he’s on business in Brazil. The thing Is he told me I work too much, ( and I do, (60hrs or more a week and that when I finally get to meet him that I won’t have time to spend with him, so he talked me into opening up a LLC through, where I have to go to 3 banks to open up 3 checking accounts and get debit card an credit cards, and it will be selling logistics. Anyway he is going by the nam Michael Hall 49 yrs old now living in Port Authur Texas, but does Business in Brazil and Chili, still not sure it’s a scam, can someone please let me know if you’ve heard of this guy, Thanks

    Comment by Dena | January 21, 2014 | Reply

    • Hi.try and read as many of the posts on this site. it’s a scam.

      Comment by alanprince | February 6, 2014 | Reply

    • Better to turn away , No matter what they say , There are so many cleaver people out there ,, there are gropes of people who work on , people who go on NZ dating sites , then find out the person they are communicating to are from over seas , some times they will use voice over machines , turns a mans voice to a woman’s , They work as teams on one poor unsuspecting person , who is venerable and in need of Love , Between this group they will suck people in too Deep emotionally , that the person wont wish to turn away or back out , Do Not expose ones self using web cams please , There are Reasons for this ,?????& they use tapes / Videos as well .. theres a lot People need to be aware of , ,,,,

      I used seven Days of my time off work and found several gropes , sitting in front of several computer moniters , well dressed / Rolex watches , all the trimmings It took Hours and hours to find out how the do there scamming business, , There are sophisticated means to track and trace these people , i need some one or two people who are very good at computers , i have the way , but i need the persons to do what i want to enable the scammers to be revealed & there Location , it can be dun ,, So Keep away from computer dateing unless you know what your doing , TRUST IS ERNT

      Comment by Robert Stewart | February 7, 2014 | Reply

  58. i received a message from a young lady that had me believing that she really loved me. i feel like such a fool to the tune of $2000.00 that i foolishly sent her over time. stay true to yourself and when it sounds to good to be true then it is.

    Comment by Ruben | September 9, 2014 | Reply

  59. Registered on and received message from John Bruce, as lonely as I am, I replied to his message and we started being friends and chatted for 6months which he he is off to Malaysia for shopping, I received a gift box frm him when he was in Malysia, later he he is off to Ghana to trade in gold.
    Later he told me Ghana is a goldcoast and have found cheap gold and needs loan of $32,000, I insisted I dont have such money and he how much I have and I sent him $12,000 through the Bank.
    Later he said he want money to buy air ticket, which I sent $450 and later I received a call from someone in the Ghana Immigration saying John Bruce has been arrested for smuggling gold and I was supposed to pay money for his bail, I suspected scam and contacted the Embassy that redirected me the Ghana Crime Unit(info.ghanapoluce @ which I reported and the scammer by real name John Adu is on investigation.
    Beware of scam!

    Comment by Ann Meyer | October 22, 2014 | Reply

  60. Good morning everyone.

    I recently registered on; a woman suddenly contacted me on Nov. 22. Her nick is “Ready4specialman”:

    My friend Franklin who isn’t into internet dating came across your profile through my account and he’s been all over me about getting in touch with you, he said you seem like a woman whom has found balance in all aspect of Life which is a hard thing to come by these days. He’s 6’2′ tall, 50years old, Widower, a good Listener, Good Looking and all rounded a complete Guy, I didn’t tell him I was going to contact you, but thought I take a chance, you never know until you try, it might be worth it in the end. I think that is the best way to meet people thru other people. take a chance and e-mail him, he’ll share a picture and more information with you, his direct e-mail id is: franklinmitz at Y A H O O Dot COM , Hope you can decode that lol as the site wouldn’t let it go through direct.
    Wish you both luck and thanks for your understanding.

    here’s my first reaction:
    Re: hello
    are you kidding me, Karen?

    Then she commented:
    Re: hello
    No am not. I think you both match. There is no harm trying he is also a nice person and lives in florida too. Maybe you can give your email address and I will give him to contact you with his photo and more details.

    Re: hello
    well, it sounds (very!) strange. but…
    my email address is xxxxx at yahoo dot com.

    xxx. (and I wrote my name)

    Then I wrote an email to Franklin and around 2:00AM he wrote me back. a looooong email – first alarm bell 🙂 He said he’s a civil engineer, bla bla bla.
    He called me “sweety”, “princess”, “gorgeous” and used to close the emails with “sincerly yours”. He never called my name, neither replied my questions.
    Emails had attachments, his pics (very handsome!

    Yesterday afternoon, after his third email, I replied “you’re a fake. stop writing me”.
    He replied “HOW do you mean?”
    Me: I mean you’re not a real person. The way you write, you never answer my questions, never say my name…. You’re not American. Where do you write from?

    He stopped.
    And her girlfriend “Karen” is no more on

    apologize my English. I’m an Italian lady in her early 50s 🙂

    Comment by inmyearly50 | November 25, 2014 | Reply

  61. Checking background

    Comment by sheryl diekoff | March 17, 2015 | Reply

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